What better time than the day of the Barbara Dex Award for us to revisit the red carpet fashion at this year’s Eurovision opening ceremony.  Three weeks ago, Vienna was awash with glitz and glamour as the stars descended on the Wiener Rathaus. We asked y’all to vote for your favourites, and now the results are in. Sit back and soak up the eleganza! 

Best Dressed

1. Albania’s Elhaida Dani

Elhaida Eurovision Red Carpet
Photo: wiwibloggs

William: Albania’s Elhaida Dani, wearing this gorgeous yellow wedding cake. I just love how it cinches at the waist. You’ve got the flowers. And you’ve got that beautiful bodice, train… I don’t know how to describe it – the bell at the bottom, whatever. Let them eat cake!

Denise: I like the fact that she wore the big dress, she was like “oh, there’s the red carpet. I’m going to dress like I’m on the red carpet”. Instead of some others who thought it was a picnic in the park. But the dress itself was just a little too much.

Padraig: I thought it was really nice, because it brought some Hollywood glamour to the red carpet. The yellow gown flowed out, and she just looked very much like a film star. Maybe not an A-list film star, but if you were a random Viennese citizen and bumped into her, you’d think “who’s this superstar?”.

Sami: She really brought the sun to the red carpet. It was nice that she made some effort to put something special on … compared to someone like Austria.

2. Spain’s Edurne

Photo: wiwibloggs
Photo: wiwibloggs

William: This is my personal favourite. She was rocking this black and white cheetah print, Jose Fuentes gown. She had these strawberry golden locks, she had a neck piece dangling just above her cleavage, leading you down to where you want to go. I’m loving it. I’m living it!

Denise: I wanna have it! It looked amazing and was perfect for her body. Also, the hair, the make-up, I mean in general it looked so, so good. This is what I want to see on the red carpet!

Padraig: It also helps that the person wearing the dress was Edurne. Because Edurne could probably have walked up in a garbage bag, she’d look glamorous in anything. It definitely is a red carpet dress, the cheetah print maybe is a bit over the top.

Sami: I like this much more than Elhaida’s dress, there’s something more. There’s the print and the necklace, it’s perfect. I think she worked the red carpet best.

3. Georgia’s Nina Sublatti

Photo: Nina Sublatti
Photo: Nina Sublatti

William: She was giving us fierce vampire androgyny. I like how this is very elegant Vampire Diaries. Black is the new pink. Black is a statement. It is simplicity. It gives you other worldly, outer space, inter-galactic realness. She is serving you darkness, which is a mix of all colours. Yes!

Denise: It’s Nina! It looks great, but it isn’t something I want in my closet. Perfect for her. And if you look at it and hear “Warrior” while she’s walking down the red carpet, the whole package is really, really good.

Padraig: While she looks great in the suit, you have to think about where she’s wearing it. If she rocked up in the office wearing that, she’d turn heads. But then walking down the red carpet you’re like “why is she wearing that? This is a red carpet, she’s just here in a power-suit. Why?”

Sami: Monika (from Lithuania) rocked this look much better. The whole Georgian delegation looked so boring, all in black. No thank you.

4. Norway’s Mørland & Debrah Scarlett

Photo: wiwibloggs
Photo: wiwibloggs

William: On stage she rocked a pure white look. Here she is working a dark black look. I love that it shows her contrast. She can do good-evil, light-dark, bitch-angel. It’s fantastic. The red hair is on fire! The beautiful neck piece! This was flawless. She really stayed true to her edgy, edgy realness.

Denise: It looked so good. It’s so chic, and elegant. And her hair makes it even more perfect. It was all about her, he also looked good, but she was amazing.

Padraig: She looked nearly like a 1920s film star. You kind of wondered why she wore that dress on the red carpet and didn’t keep it for the stage. Because it would have been a much better dress for her to wear instead of that white mess. She definitely outshone Mørland.

Sami: Everywhere they went, they looked stunning together. Of course, Debrah stole the show, but they looked good as a couple.

5. Sweden’s Måns Zelmerlöw

Photo: Andres Putting (EBU)
Photo: Andres Putting (EBU)

William: He told us on the red carpet that this took him just a few minutes to pick. But you know what? He’s got good instincts, because it fits him so well. It exposes his chest, that manliness, that hair creeping over. He’s not afraid to own it, to show who he is and what he’s got!

Denise: He can wear anything and still look good. The blue really suits him, but I would have preferred the old fashioned black suit.

Padraig: I think the colour adds a lot. The red carpet can be really dull when you’re looking at the men in tuxes. Måns at least showed a bit of innovation almost to wear the blue suit. And he looked really, really good.

Sami: It would be so boring if everybody just wore a black suit. I don’t know if Måns was the best, but he always looks good.

Eurovision 2015 red carpet: Best dressed

Worst Dressed

36. France’s Lisa Angell


Photo: wiwibloggs
Photo: wiwibloggs

William: She appears to be wearing a black trash bag. This is very simple, housewife picking her kids up at school. It’s not very red carpet. I happen to like it. I think wearing the sombre tones sends a message of consistency with her Eurovision 2015 performance. But it’s not glamour.

Denise: I think it’s a shame that she’s so low. She’s not a grandma, but for her age, this is really appropriate. I think Lisa isn’t a woman who wants all the jewellery and all the sequins. She just wants black and simple. And it looked, not amazing, but good for her.

Padraig: I think it’s the same problem she had with her song, that it was just dull and meh. People didn’t care about either, and forgot about it and didn’t vote.

Sami: It’s just forgettable, nothing special. This is just boring.

37. Austria’s The Makemakes

Photo: Andres Putting (EBU)
Photo: Andres Putting (EBU)

William: They looked a little hobo-chic, maybe a little dirty. It was definitely true to their rock roots. Long hair, unwashed. But they were very fragrant when they actually come close to you, they’re not dirty at all. I respect that they’re keeping true to their look – Topshop on sale, bargain bin. Is it a red carpet look? No.

Denise: Just leave the chic from hobo-chic. They already looked a little like hobos, and this made it even worse. One had a tiger shirt, it’s just so trashy. No, no.

Padraig: It’s like the were running late at rehearsals, and they just sent them out there in their everyday clothes. It wasn’t impressive for the red carpet.

Sami: If you go to the red carpet you have to bring something special, you don’t just wear your everyday clothes.

38. Moldova’s Eduard Romanyuta

Eduard Romanyuta Moldova Eurovision

William: He showed up with his security detail of backing dancers and backing vocalists, one of whom exposed her midriff. While Eduard walked around in chains. He is on to something, because this is a crime against fashion. The fashion police would lock him up. This just does not scream Ukrainian oligarch.

Denise: I think it’s good that he wants to translate his performance onto the red carpet, but this is an example of a really bad way of doing it. And it wasn’t that hot that day, and I was like “oh my god, that girl must be so cold, she’s been walking in her underwear for an hour!”

Padraig: I think it was an outfit in the wrong place at the wrong time. If he was doing an album signing in a local shopping centre, you could show up like that. But on the red carpet it just looked completely out of place. You don’t come dressed up as what you’re planning to do on stage.

Sami: If you are a big superstar like Lady Gaga, you can do something special on the red carpet. But not if you are Eduard Romanyuta. I don’t like it at all. What he was wearing was awful. The worst dresser on the red carpet.

39. Finland’s Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät (PKN)

Photo: Andres Putting (EBU)
Photo: Andres Putting (EBU)

William: We have to make an exception for them. They do have special needs. They were just wearing what they wear, which is fine. We can’t hold them to the same fashion stakes. They’re punks at the end of the day, and punks are not going to reform for the red carpet.

Denise: They didn’t feel the pressure of all the people wearing suits. No it’s not good, but hey, if they like it, who am I to say that they should wear a suit?

Padraig: You’d like to think they’re punks, but that punks could come up with their own twist on the red carpet. Or at least have a new costume. They just seemed to live in those outfits.

Sami: At least they looked like a punk group. It was their style, but it was boring.

40. Montenegro’s Knez

Photo: wiwibloggs
Photo: wiwibloggs

William: He looked nice, serving funeral, cocktail bar realness. Simple black shirt, black pants, black jacket, no hair. There was no thought put into this. He clearly just went to his closet and said “I’m going to wear black, because black is easy”. And I can’t blame him. What was he going to do? Show up in Bojana’s feathers?

Denise: It is really simple, and I think he’s had the same problem as Lisa. I don’t think he deserved last place – Eduard was way worse.

Padraig: He was just wearing all black, and even if he’d just had a white shirt to brighten it up it might have made a difference. But he just looked like a creepy throwback from Saturday Night Fever.

Sami: It’s not that he looks bad. It’s something like he’d wear for a concert. Not the worst, but I understand why it came last.

Eurovision 2015 red carpet: worst dressed


In order to determine the hits and misses on this year’s red carpet, we decided to add a little twist. We included a reader poll as normal, but we also included a “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” rating system. We’ve combined both to come up with the final result. You can see the full combined ranking below, followed by the poll and rating results.

Combined Results
  1. Albania
  2. Spain
  3. Georgia
  4. Norway
  5. Sweden
  6. Poland
  7. Greece
  8. Estonia
  9. Latvia
  10. Armenia
  11. Germany
  12. Russia
  13. Belgium
  14. Lithuania
  15. Malta
  16. San Marino
  17. Azerbaijan
  18. Italy
  19. United Kingdom
  20. Slovenia
  21. Switzerland
  22. Romania
  23. Israel
  24. Portugal
  25. FYR Macedonia
  26. Serbia
  27. The Netherlands
  28. Cyprus
  29. Belarus
  30. Ireland
  31. Iceland
  32. The Czech Republic
  33. Australia
  34. Denmark
  35. Hungary
  36. France
  37. Austria
  38. Moldova
  39. Finland
  40. Montenegro
Poll Results

1. Georgia: Nina Sublatti 15% (958 votes)
2. Albania: Elhaida Dani 13.68% (874 votes)
3. Spain: Edurne 10.98% (701 votes)
4. Sweden: Måns Zelmerlöw 5.04% (322 votes)
5. Norway: Mørland & Debrah Scarlett 4.62% (295 votes)
6. Malta: Amber 4.4% (281 votes)
7. Armenia: Genealogy 4.09% (261 votes)
8. Greece: Maria-Elena Kyriakou 3.55% (227 votes)
9. Estonia: Elina & Stig 3.48% (222 votes)
10. Russia: Polina Gagarina 2.85% (182 votes)
11. Belgium: Loïc Nottet 2.33% (149 votes)
12. Poland: Monika Kuszynska 2.3% (147 votes)
13. Lithuania: Monika & Vaidas 2.22% (142 votes)
14. Latvia: Aminata 2.16% (138 votes)
15. Germany: Ann Sophie 2.08% (133 votes)
16. Italy: Il Volo 2% (128 votes)
17. Slovenia: Maraaya 1.94% (124 votes)
18. UK: Electro Velvet 1.49% (95 votes)
19. Azerbaijan: Elnur Huseynov 1.46% (93 votes)
20. Portugal: Leonor Andrade 1.28% (82 votes)
21. Israel: Nadav Guedj 1.14% (73 votes)
22. Serbia: Bojana Stamenov 1.13% (72 votes)
23. San Marino: Michele Perniola and Anita 1.02% (65 votes)
24. Switzerland: Mélanie René 1.02% (65 votes)
25. FYR Macedonia: Daniel Kajmakoski 0.97% (62 votes)
26. Romania: Voltaj 0.89% (57 votes)
27. Iceland: María Ólafsdóttir 0.77% (49 votes)
28. Ireland: Molly Sterling 0.74% (47 votes)
29. The Netherlands: Trijntje Oosterhuis 0.69% (44 votes)
30. Czech Republic: Marta & Vaclav 0.67% (43 votes)
31. Cyprus: Giannis Karagiannis 0.66% (42 votes)
32. Hungary: Boggie 0.61% (39 votes)
33. Belarus: Uzari and Maimuna 0.59% (38 votes)
34. Australia: Guy Sebastian 0.58% (37 votes)
35. France: Lisa Angell 0.44% (28 votes)
36. Moldova: Eduard Romanyuta 0.31% (20 votes)
37. Denmark: Anti Social Media 0.28% (18 votes)
38. Austria: The MakeMakes 0.2% (13 votes)
39. Finland: Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät 0.17% (11 votes)
40. Montenegro: Knez 0.16% (10 votes)

Total Votes: 6,387

Thumbs Up Rating

Ranking – Country – % thumbs up vs thumbs down

1. Poland 81
2. Spain 77
3. Albania 76
4. Norway 75
5. Georgia 67
6. Latvia 65
= Greece 65
8. Germany 64
9. Sweden 63
10. San Marino 61
11. Lithuania 59
= Estonia 59
13. Belgium 55
14. Russia 54
15. Switzerland 52
= Azerbaijan 52
= Armenia 52
18. United Kingdom 50
19. Italy 49
20. Romania 47
21. Slovenia 46
22. Malta 43
23. FYR Macedonia 41
24. Cyprus 38
= Belarus 38
26. The Netherlands 35
= Israel 35
28. Portugal 34
29. Serbia 32
= Denmark 32
31. Ireland 30
32. Australia 29
33. The Czech Republic 28
34. France 27
35. Iceland 25
= Hungary 25
37. Austria 23
38. Montenegro 19
39. Finland 18
40. Moldova 11


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8 years ago

Edurne is so beautiful!

8 years ago

Well I completely agree with Elhaida – she looked amazing. Eduard was amazing though and at least he has a sense of humour gosh

8 years ago

Rockers & punks are not going to conform to dress standards so they dressed accordingly.
There is no excuse for wearing dull, black clothes. That is just being lazy. It is bad enough that people dress like that every day but to dress like that on the red carpet is unforgivable. I love Lisa & Knez’s songs but have no praise for their red carpet looks.

8 years ago

It would have been nice if there were less press there to allow the FANS to be able to see the artists on the red carpet

8 years ago

Mans, Endurne, Genealogy and the Norwegian duo were the most tastefully dressed.

8 years ago


8 years ago

Knez’s were among the likes of other entrants’ dresses. Just like my previous comment from the other article, they are all simple and conservative. It could only mean that it lacks that appeal or stand-out factor as we all know it.

Callum Nowacki
Callum Nowacki
8 years ago

Knez dressed appropriately and dressed accordingly to himself. Does that really deserve last place? Sigh.

8 years ago

i thought Elhaida’s dress was so kitsch -.-

8 years ago

Swedens Måns was the best.

8 years ago

Yay, Poland!