Kaliopi, perhaps our favourite Macedonian no-nonsense diva, appreciates quality. After serving Europe Balkan-rock-realness with “Crno I Belo” at Eurovision 2012, she’s chosen the right tracks for her voice and kept the critical acclaim rolling in. Cue her latest single “Jutro”.

Like her Eurovision entry, this atmospheric ballad was composed and produced by her former husband, Romeo Grill. Acoustic and sublime, “Jutro” is tender in tone and delivery. Her smoky vocals take flight by oozing vulnerability. It proves she’s not a one-trick pony. She can belt out high-register rock, but also slow things down where appropriate.


Visually this cradles Eden in the backdrop courtesy of the lovely Lake Orhid. Her ex-husband plays the guitar in the music video, facilitating a chemistry that nods to their past. What’s more, Kaliopi works the fashion stakes here. Very few pop stars can rock a fringe, leather and chiffon all at once. But Kaliopi most definitely can!


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Hanner McSinny/Calvin
Hanner McSinny/Calvin
6 years ago

It doesn’t quite reach the heights of her last single, but it’s still nice. In my mind, Kaliopi can do no wrong.