FYR Macedonia’s Ivana & Magdalena told us they were tired this morning, but it didn’t show during their second rehearsal of “Pletenka”. The girls unveiled their costumes and have opted for everyday streetwear — their goal is to be relatable and kid-friendly…just like Primark! They also braided their hair. It’s not just the title of their song, but also a symbol of the unity between friends — they are “knotted” together like proper soul sisters.

Junior Eurovision 2015: F.Y.R. Macedonia’s second rehearsal

Our thoughts on their first rehearsal:

If Turbo-Folk could be rendered kid-friendly, it might sound something like Ivana & Magdalena’s “Pletenka”. During their first rehearsal at Junior Eurovisino 2015 they threw it down with the help of three (very tiny) dancers, who flip, kick and spin like they’re the fiercest club kids in Skopje. LED hearts and Ivana & Magdalena’s sweet delivery make sure this stays sufficiently juvenile and youth-oriented. The song’s opening is particularly strong and a welcome change of pace from the other acts. It sounds — and I mean this in a good way — like a Eurovision dance entry from Eastern Europe in the early 2000s. At times the girls struggle with their vocals and harmonies, but we’re sure these are just teething problems. Tomorrow is another day.

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Photo: EBU (Elena Volotova & Vladimir Dudakliev)