Bella Paige — Australia’s first ever Junior Eurovision contestant — is a star on the rise! At just 14, she has already won gold medals in Taekwondo and is making major waves with music. After emerging as a runner up in The Voice Kids (Australia), she landed a record deal with Universal Music. Not bad for someone who still can’t drive…

We were totes curious to learn where she got all that fabulous, so we sent wiwiblogger William to meet Bella’s mother Tanja at the Opening Ceremony party. Tanja tell us that whilst Bella remains cool, calm and collected, she is a typical mum — she gets nervous, she worries, and she loves, loves, loves her little girl. And her other one: she tells us about Bella’s older sister!

Junior Eurovision 2015: Bella Paige’s mother Tanja

The spirit of Building Bridges is particularly pertinent with Australia. Bella’s family comes from Macedonia, and Tanja, who was born in the Balkan nation, recounts her migration narrative. Asked if she has advice for other parents, Tanja says no: “Bella was easy from the moment she was born. I can’t take too much credit. She’s very well behaved. I guess I’m lucky.”


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6 years ago

they really look the same. 😮