After the ten finalists for Evrovizijska Melodija (EMA) 2016 were announced last month, Slovenia’s state broadcaster RTV Slovenija has now revealed the song titles and the composers behind the entries. 

But EMA are keeping quiet about what the songs themselves will sound like. They won’t be released until closer to when the competition starts on 27 February.

In keeping with the large number of artists making (or hoping to make) a Eurovision comeback in 2016, EMA also sees the return of a couple of its previous ESC stars.

Regina came 21st in 1996 with “Dan najlepših sanj”, while Nuša Derenda brought Slovenia its top-equal placing even when she came seventh with “Energy” in 2001. They’ll each be aiming to make a comeback 20 and 15 years respectively after their first appearance on the Eurovision stage.

The broadcaster also recently shared this photo of the stage for 2016, bringing plenty of glamour in the process of finding Maraaya’s successor.

Stage in the making. #DSZG #ema2016 #Eurovision #escslovenia

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The EMA final will be held on 27 February, hosted by the multi-talented Klemen Slakonja, who also hosted in 2011 and 2012.

EMA 2016 Song Titles

Anja Baš – “What If”

Composer: Anja Baš
Lyrics: Anja Baš
Arrangement: Anja Baš and Franci Zabukovec

Anja Kotar – “Too Cool”

Composer: Anja Kotar
Lyrics: Anja Kotar
Arrangement: Pascal Guyon

D Base – “Spet Živ”

Composer: Alex Volasko
Lyrics: David Domjanich, Nejc Žehelj, Benjamin Dolich and Alex Volasko
Arrangement: Alex Volasko

ManuElla – “Blue and Red”

Composers: Manuella Brechko and Marjan Hvala
Lyrics: Leon Oblak
Arrangement: Marjan Hvala

Nuša Derenda – “Tip Top”

Composers: Žiga Pirnat and Andraz Gliha
Lyrics: Žiga Pirnat
Arrangement: Žiga Pirnat

Raiven – “Crno Bel”

Composers: Tadej Košic and Jernej Kržich
Lyrics: Sara Briški Cirman
Arrangement: Tadej Košic and Jernej Kržich

Regina – “Alive In Every Way”

Composers: Aleksander Kogoj and Jon Dobrun
Lyrics: Jon Dobrun
Arrangement: Aleksander Kogoj

San DI EGO – “Brez Tebe”

Composer: Nino Ošlak
Lyrics: Igor Pirkovich
Arrangement: Matija Ajdich, Martin Rozman and Jure Doles

Sebastijan Lukovnjak – “Tales of Tomorrow”

Composer: Martin Bezjak
Lyrics: Tadej Jambrovic
Arrangement: Martin Bezjak

Žan Serchich – “Summer Story”

Composer: Žan Serchich
Lyrics: Žan Serchich
Arrangement: Žan Serchich

Photo: RTV Slovenija/DSZG


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7 years ago

Intreresting only Aleksander Kogoj had song at Eurovison 1996. No name like Matjaz Vlasic composer of song from 1998,2001,2006,2011 , Maraaya and Raay composer of song from 2014,2015