Excitement is building ahead of tonight’s Eurovision: You Decide show, where the United Kingdom will decide its Eurovision 2016 representative. Ahead of the big event, we had the chance to catch up with one of the contestants, Bianca, who will perform “Shine a Little Light”.

With the likes of Kylie Minogue supporting her on Twitter, Bianca is definitely one of the favourites for tonight’s show. We find out how she’s feeling and what it’s like to be part of the Eurovision experience.

Hi Bianca! Thanks for speaking with us. Would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?

Well, my name is Bianca and I was born and grew up in Nottingham. I started off as a cellist and then decided I wanted to be a singer. I was in a girlband called Parade and we had a top 10 single called Louder. After being in the group, I started writing and recording as a solo artist and released my debut EP last year. I’ve also done backing vocals for a few artists including Leona’s Christmas single ‘One More Sleep’ and Cher’s album.

So, what was the process like getting involved in Eurovision: You Decide?

It was a bit of an accident really. “Shine A Little Light” was already being considered as a Eurovision entry, but they had nobody to sing it. The song still had Leona’s vocals on it, as she co wrote it. It definitely made me put more pressure on myself when I first recorded it, because her vocals were originally on the track and she’s obviously amazing. I was working with Biff and Ash (a couple of the writers of the song) on something else, so I was asked if I wanted to put a vocal down on it. I obviously jumped at the chance and now here we are in the final six!

bianca shine a little light uk eurovisionHow does it feel being part of that final six? What was it like having to keep the news a secret for so long?

Incredible. I’m a massive Eurovision fan so this really is like a dream for me. I’m having the best time. Still don’t quite believe it. I’ve known since January so I guess it’s not too long. It’s been a nightmare not being able to tell anyone though. Particularly my close friends. I’m so happy everybody now knows.

Your previous single “Hi-5” has a different sound to your Eurovision song. Do you have a particular genre or style you prefer to sing, or are you still trying different things?

Not really. I mean I really love 80’s pop music and big ballads. But I’ve always been someone that just loves great catchy songs, rather than focusing on a specific genre of music. A great song is a great song, regardless of genre, so I’m always happy and willing to experiment with different styles.

What message would you like people to take from “Shine a Little Light”?

I would hope that it’s a song that everyone can connect to and that it will make them feel happy. The message of the song is quite positive, as it’s celebrating those people or things that make us feel happy, even when we’re having a really bad time of it.

Finally, is there any message you’d like to send to our readers?

A massive thank you to everybody that has supported Shine A Little Light so far. I’m so appreciative of all the lovely comments. And if it is your favourite song and you enjoy my performance on the night, then please vote. It would mean the world.

Thank you Bianca and good luck!

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4 years ago

I hope she wins. her song is the only one that gives me any kind of “top 10 song” feeling

4 years ago

she is good on image

4 years ago

I like her. I think she can pull something cool if well-stage and revamped. The only song I’d consider for ESC.