Minus One feat. Ivi Adamou and Evridiki Alter Ego

On 31 May 2016, Cyprus’ fashion elite descended on the island’s Convention Centre for MTN Madwalk 2016. The show featured the latest style creations from both local and international designers. However, the night belonged to three veterans of the Eurovision stage, as Ivi Adamou and Evridiki joined Minus One for a very special rendition of “Alter Ego”.

Fantastic, amazing and brilliant are just some of the adjectives which could be used to describe the performance. But not perfect. Much and all as we “La La Love” Ivi Adamou, she is very much a pop vocalist. Compared to Francois Micheletto’s usual growl, the Eurovision 2012 representative comes across a little tame as she sings the song’s opening lines. By contrast, three-time Eurovision entrant Evridiki is a much better fit. The 1992, 1994 and 2007 singer is well used to singing rock numbers, and it shows. Her delivery is much grittier and in keeping with the wild lupine-inspired nature of the Eurovision 2016 entry.

Vocals aside, they make little effort to harmonise — but then neither did Helena Paparizou and Sergey Lazarev during their recent duet. But our biggest issue is with the trio’s strutting skills, or lack thereof. Just as they break into “caught in the middle of, the dawn and the sunrise” for the second time, they attempt a triumphant march down the catwalk. Instead of slick strutting, we get some haphazard striding. Ivi, we expected better!

Nevertheless, the energy is infectious and can’t be faulted. For that reason alone, the whole thing slays!

Minus One feat. Ivi Adamou and Evridiki “Alter Ego”

This isn’t the first time Minus One have delivered an alternative “Alter Ego”. In Stockholm, they performed a piano version with Montenegro’s Highway.

Minus One and Highway “Alter Ego” piano version

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DJ Tiggeh
DJ Tiggeh
5 years ago

Evridiki looks stunning.

Maru fr
Maru fr
5 years ago

Super!!! With female voices this song sounds even more cool! 😀