Barei Porta

She may have been silent for almost a year after Eurovision 2016, but this summer Barei has been flooding our Spotify playlists with new music.

And, with the release of her upcoming album this fall, the “Say yay!” singer continues to tease with new song after new song.

On Friday the Spanish star brought new colour to her palette with “Worry, Worry” — her tropical collaboration with rapper Porta.

Summery, breezy and on-trend, it speaks of overcoming a torturous relationship. The island sound has an intoxicating feel, and reminds you of stumbling out of the club drunk and heading to the beach to finish up the night. Wink, wink…

Barei – “Worry, worry” feat. Porta

The song opens with Barei throwing those tropical beats and delivering some breathy sex vocals. She shows a more romantic side than we’re used to. She sings that she used to make her lover worry with her behaviour, but now she’s ready to change and wants him to explain how to fix it. She wants to learn.

Porta joins her with a rap in Spanish after the second chorus. Apparently he hasn’t learned, saying that he can’t live without her and that he can never tell her no. “I want you to be my adventure companion,” he says. Awww.

And yes, you Spaniards are right: Porta is the same guy who broke the internet circa 2006 with his Dragon Ball rap. He still exists!

The single comes with a lyric video made with drawings that include giant ants, carrots and two pencil portraits of Barei and Porta. Serve that Daniel Kajmakoski realness!

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“Worry, Worry” is Barei’s fourth taster of her upcoming album. It’s the third song she has released in the past three weeks, following “Forget it” and “Wasn’t Me“. We’re loving this hyperactivity!

How much do you like “Worry, Worry”? Do you like Barei’s tropical vibe or should she throw the piña colada to the floor and go back to the dancefloor? Tell us in the comment section below!