She’s the Spanish sensation who made Europe dance at Eurovision 2016 with the catchy beat and inspirational message of her song “Say Yay!”

And on Friday Barei heated things up again with the release of her latest single “Wasn’t Me”.

In the electro-lounge track Barei sings about the trials and tribulations of love, and how she’s left disappointed after believing that a certain romance could flourish. The title makes it clear it wasn’t her fault things went awry — and the song becomes her digital reckoning.

Over the weekend she summed up the message of the song on her Twitter feed:

“How many times have you wanted to keep moving forward with something that was already over? To what extent have you believed in something that would never happen? It wasn’t you but it had to happen. It wasn’t easy, but it was better. Love is unpredictable, a chance… and there will always be someone you miss kissing.” We hear you!

The song makes it sound like Barei is in pain, but never fear: she is a warrior.

After parting ways with Universal, the record label that signed her after Objetivo Eurovision 2016, she’s standing on her own two feet and has created her own label – BareiMusic. SLAY amiga!  

Her latest track continues the contemporary, euro-pop line she treaded on her recent single “IDNTBY (I Don’t Need To Be You)”.

In that song, she sent a fierce message about bullying, penning the track in support of kids.

The two tracks will both appear on an upcoming album she plans to release this fall. She’ll gift us two more tracks — one each Friday — between now and July 7.

They are “Forget It” and “Worry Worry” featuring the famous Spanish rapper and singer Porta! Just so you know, that’s:

  • June 30 – “Forget It”
  • July 7 – “Worry Worry” (with Porta)

If you can’t stop biting your nail polish in excitement, then make sure to party at World Pride 2017 in Madrid.

Barei will sing and present her new tracks as she launches her tour across Spain!

What do you think about “Wasn’t Me”? Are you excited about the new songs Barei has coming soon? Share your thoughts in the comments section below! 




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6 years ago

Can’t wait for the full album!! 😀