It’s one of the many countries who are returning to a national final format this year. Now Czech Television is teasing fans with arty black and white photos of the six artist who’ll be competing in the Czech Republic‘s new national final. But they’ve only given fans a glimpse of the artists’ legs.

The six pics were revealed on Facebook. The official Czech Eurovision account asked fans if they knew who would be participating in the Czech national final.

Kdo pozná um?lce, kte?í se p?íští rok v lednu poperou o ú?ast na Eurovision Song Contest? ?

Posted by Eurovision Song Contest Czech Republic on Wednesday, December 13, 2017

As to be expected, fans have been hard at work putting their Eurovision forensic skills to the test and have come up with six names to match the shoes.

Jakub Ondra

Jakub is one of the two artists already confirmed by CT as participating in the contest. He’ll be competing with the song “Reasons to Love You”.

Jakub told Czech publication Frontman that he was surprised to have been selected. He added, I signed up for it with this song that is the most catchy I’ve ever written. So I’m curious and I’m going to surprise you. Of course, I would like it if it came out and I could go on to represent the Czech Republic in Lisbon.”

He’s been identified as the one wearing dark boots with black skinny jeans.

Mikolas Josef

The other act to have been previously confirmed is Mikolas Josef. He earlier confirmed that he had submitted his song “Lie to Me” to the selection process.

He hoped to represent his country last year, but lost out to Martina Barta in the behind-the-scenes negotiations. But his passion remains, as he showed in an interview last November when he said his only goal would be victory at Eurovision. He also mentioned that he would love to incorporate some of his other talents — including breakdancing and gymnastics — into a potential ESC performance.

Fans have spotted Miklos as the guy wearing white sneakers, stepping up onto the stool.


This isn’t Dasha’s first attempt at Eurovision. In early 2016, she was announced as being shortlisted for Stockholm, but ultimately lost out to Gabriela Guncikova.

Dagmar Sobkova (aka Dasha) is the most established artist on the list, having kicked off her career way back in 1996 when she won a junior song contest. She has a strong voice and is known for her acting talents — and an ability to bring the drama.

She song for Eurovision hasn’t been confirmed, but last month she released the three-minute-long song “Verim hvezdám” (I believe the stars).

Dasha is thought to be the person wearing the very striking pair of knee-high boots.

Honza Zampa (Eddie Stoilow)

Honza Zampa is the lead singer of the folk-pop group Eddie Stoilow. The Czech band has been performing since 2003 and has released the albums Sorry and Jupiter. They have also released a number of popular singles.

As a solo artist, Honza has contributed guest vocals in collaborations with other artists. And tellingly, in recent months he’s made posts on his Facebook related to Eurovision and the Czech selection.

Fans have identified him as the one sitting on the stool, holding a microphone stand.

Victor (Doctor Victor)

Victor is the founder and lead singer of the rock ‘n’ rock roll band Doctor Victor. The group is known for delivering gritty garage rock with a modern twist.

Doctor Victor placed second in the Global Battle of the Bands contest in 2014. Last year they released their debut album 1st Prescription and were selected as the opening act for rock legends AC/DC’s Prague concert.

Victor was identified by just his hand and a few tassles of a very rock ‘n’ roll looking jacket.


Annabelle was born in Belgium but is now based in the Czech Republic. As well as being a singer and songwriter, she also works as a “plus size alternative model” with an edgy tattooed style.

Annabelle’s song hasn’t been confirmed, but it’s thought to be her new single “Septembre”. Annabelle’s Belgium origins are clear — the song is performed in French. But sending a song to Eurovision en français worked for neighbouring Austria in 2016.

Annabelle has been ID’d as the person wearing on-trend ripped jeans.

What do you think of the rumoured acts for the Czech national final? Who would you like to see in Lisbon? Share your thoughts below!


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4 years ago

omg dasha voiced tiana in the czech dub of princess and the frog
wig flew out the door

4 years ago

Dear Robyn, please delete your ”It’s/He’s/She’s … Now…”-template. You can do much better than that. 🙂

4 years ago
Reply to  magija

I don’t see anything wrong with using those pronouns for an introductory paragraph.

4 years ago

Inis Neziri – ‘Piedestal”

4 years ago

Strong pack of songs. Annabelle’s reminds me Amandine from France 2013.
Jakub’s and Mikolas’ songs are very radio-friendly and current, things could change at Eurovision with entries like this, a threat to the Swedish Empire.
Personally, I like “Septembre” is my fav, but I see more potential in “Lie to Me” and “Reasons to Love You”.
Let’s wait for the other two songs. Jakub’s song leaked yesterday, btw.

4 years ago
Reply to  Jo

“Lie to me” is clearly inspired by Moldova’a entry last year, produced in a more modern way.

4 years ago
Reply to  VlaD

Why because it has a saxophone in it….. I would have to disagree

Polegend Godgarina
4 years ago

Omg skinny legend Dasha, she just came back with a new album and it DELIVERS.