Benjamin Ingrosso Ofenbach Paradise

What’s this? “Paradise”, a new collaboration between Sweden’s Eurovision 2018 singer Benjamin Ingrosso and French DJ duo Ofenbach.

When did it drop? Ten days ago, on 24 August.

Tell us more: “Bom, bom-bom, bom-bom-bom-bom-bom-bom-bom”, purrs Benjamin. And given the manner of his delivery, he isn’t the only one going “bom”. As always, the “Dance You Off” singer is effortlessly cool, although, this time around he sounds less boy next door and more man about town. As a certain Svetlana Loboda would say, “You are so sexy BOM!”.

“Paradise” boasts heavy Americana influences set to Eurodance beats, something which existing Ofenbach fans will be familiar with. Even the lyrics reference the US, “You bringing along the California vibe / Yeah, you impersonating everything I like / Oh, no-no-no”.

It’s possibly the catchiest and most instant of Benjamin’s singles so far. One might even go so far as suggesting it’s his best.

Posting to Instagram upon the song’s release, Benjamin wrote:

“FINALLY this banger is out today!!! Had so much fun writing this one and singing it ofc! Thanks @ofenbachmusic for this collab! BOM BOM BOM BOMBOMBOMBOMBOMBOOMBOM”

And the music video? So far, there isn’t one. But given both Benjamin and Ofenbach’s track records, we should reasonably expect them to publish a clip soon .

Ofenbach feat. Benjamin Ingrosso “Paradise” (Official Audio)

Who are Ofenbach? Ofenbach just might be the hottest DJs to emerge from France since David Guetta and Martin Solvig broke into the mainstream in the early 2000s. Consisting of Dorian Lo and César de Rummel, their biggest hit to date is the 2017 Nick Waterhouse collaboration “Katchi”. It topped the charts in multiple territories and has currently amassed over 120 million views. They’re also known for “Be Mine”.

Benjamin Ingrosso at Eurovision: After reaching Sweden’s Melodifestivalen final upon his 2017 debut, Benjamin Ingrosso returned and won the whole thing one year later. At Eurovision, “Dance You Off” continued Sweden’s impressive top ten streak, although the final scoreboard doesn’t paint a complete picture. While juries lapped up the futuristic staged number and ranked it second, viewers were less keen, placing it fourth from bottom.

Here’s what Deban said in the Wiwi Jury:

Benjamin Ingrosso throws down sex without getting dirty.”Dance You Off” is a polished slice of pop sprinkled with modern funk. Ingrosso is seen alone on stage, but he OWNS every frame! His magnetic eyes hook you in, as he falsettos through his self-composed hit. His super slick choreography blends well with the incredible set design. Hopefully, he’ll come to Lisbon with the most fascinating light design to ever feature at Eurovision.

What has he been up to since? Benjamin’s barely stopped since Lisbon. “Paradise” is already his third post-Eurovision project. First came his collaboration with FELIX SANDMAN “Tror Du Att Han Bryr Sig”, a Swedish-language reworking of his 2017 single “Do You Think About Me”. “I Wouldn’t Know” followed in July, while his debut album is scheduled to for a 28 September release.

What do you think of “Paradise”? Would you like to hear more like this from Benjamin? Let us know in the comments below.


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