Throughout October, Iveta Mukuchyan has embarked on “The Journey of a Woman”. The series has spanned two parts so far, going from “Margo” to “Rich Bitch“. As we wait for the third instalment of the series, we turn our attention to another Iveta project in the form of her latest single. “The Journey of a Woman” is not the only thing Iveta has been working on and on November 18 she released “Hayastani Aghchigner” (“Armenian Girls”).

“Hayastani Aghchigner” — Iveta Mukuchyan

Iveta sings about the uniqueness of Armenian girls, saying that they are incomparable. The song features a big pop drop featuring traditional Armenian instrumentation. Iveta works some slick choreography throughout the piece, accompanying the music to perfection.

The song is reminiscent of Iveta’s work on “Hayastan Jan“, in which she used similar traditional Armenian instrumentation and sang about the wonders of her country. She exudes the same national pride in this piece, celebrating the beautiful and powerful women of her country.

The music video features Armenian girls, traditional Armenian costumes, Armenian music and Armenian dance. Celebrating every aspect of her culture, Iveta pays tribute to her country’s fierce females. Eurovision fans will be familiar with amazing Armenian girls — from the likes of Sirusho and Eva Rivas to Iveta Mukuchyan herself. Iveta works a number of looks throughout the music video, straddling traditional Armenian styles with modern fashion. A timeless beauty!

Speaking exclusively to wiwibloggs, Iveta told us that the concept of the music video is “to represent Armenian girls as they are today — modern, high fashion, understanding, a little crazy, intelligent and each one is and will always be a queen”. The lyrics are taken from one of Iveta’s favourite poems from Armenian poet Hovhannes Shiraz, which also shares the same title.

Iveta also told us that she wanted to showcase Armenian paintings and enlisted artist Minas Avetisyan and his work on the blouses of the dancers. The outfits were designed by Mery Stepanyan and brought together with Iveta’s vision.

Iveta also exclusively confirmed that the third part of “The Journey of a Woman” trilogy will be released at the beginning of 2019.

What do you think of “Armenian Girls”? Who do you want to see flying the Armenian flag in Tel Aviv? Let us know in the comments below.

“Hayastani Aghchigner” lyrics translation — Iveta Mukuchyan

Each one plain and simple
Each one sweet by name
They bring back
Each one sweet to the eye

One is the star, one is the light
One is sweet by the sun’s light
They decorate my Armenia
The beautiful girls of Armenia

Armenian girls
Armenian girls
There are none like you

My Sevan, from the shore
With eyes black from the water
Similar to them, decorated
There are hands which make wine

Like the warmth
There are the songs of Komitas
Even from the rocks they draw light
The strong girls of Armenia

Armenian girls
Armenian girls
There are none like you

There are none

Armenian girls
Armenian girls
There are none like you

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