In 2016, Iveta Mukuchyan sent a “LoveWave” throughout the Eurovision community and left a permanent mark on the contest. Her career has continued in an upward trajectory ever since, with a vast catalogue of new music in her repertoire. In 2018, she gave us “Siraharvel Em Qez” and even dropped a World Cup-themed song during the summer. And with her latest project — the epic single and video “Margo” — the queen finally has her crown.

“Margo: The Journey of a Woman” — Iveta Mukuchyan

Iveta’s Eurovision legacy is her trend-setting dramatic staging and her highly experimental brand of music. In her latest project, she is taking her experimentation to another level.

This is no fast food music for a pop diva — the meaning is deep and the execution is crisp and tantalising.

Iveta rocks many different looks throughout the music video, transforming from dark femme fatale to a traditional Armenian goddess. Her many looks showcase different angles of her personality and her femininity, enhancing the message of the piece — and the woman within.

We are all complex characters and our many faces are influenced by those who came before us. Do our predecessors sometimes whisper motives and meanings into our ears from beyond? Do we see and feel them for what they were, or do we imbue and extract the meaning we seek? The video may give you something to chew on.

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She may have produced an extremely artistic piece in the video but that is not all. Iveta has a written message to accompany the piece, accessible in the description of the video and also through her numerous Instagram posts promoting the video. She starts the piece with “I want to take you on a journey with me” and she does just that.

The message touches upon many interesting themes and emotions. Some important phrases throughout the piece include the lines “Fear causing the motivating force to wear a mask and hide my vulnerability” and “To create the life of dreams I must do the shadow work first”. Iveta explores the darker aspects of her persona and works through her inner feelings.

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The chilling conclusion to the piece is “Margo died before I was born”. The eerie conclusion has us intrigued to know what will unfold in part 2.

What do you think of “Margo”? Are you intrigued by the journey Iveta is taking us on? Let us know in the comments below.

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