When we last saw Iveta Mukuchyan in “Margo” — the first part in “The Journey of a Woman” video series — she was stepping away from a mirror, having seen the fiery diva within.

Now, crown in tact, she’s stepping out and into the world — but it’s not clear if the world is ready for her. “I know you heard the rumours,” she says for all to hear. “The bad bitch is back in town…I worked too hard for my fame to have you stamp on my name…now we’re playing by my rules.” Oh snap!

The B-word seems to be used as an act of reclamation. While people hurl it to insult her, this diva is turning the tables. It might as well stand for Beauty In Total Control of Herself.

The song has a brassy opening — both in terms of Queen Iveta’s entrance, but also the instrumentation which features some deep tuba and trombone sounds. Iveta stomps into the scene and all eyes are most definitely on her.

And that continues as she moves from orange pussy bow top to urban black hot pants with matching thigh-high boots (with a spike, obviously) and pink dreads. At times the music leans heavily street and R&B and we see Iveta grinding against the trunk of a car.

These outfits emerge in a variety of settings — from earthy tavern to village street party to a gambling session where Iveta deals in knives. The video ends with regal Margo looking somewhat nervously at what appears to be a castle.

Is the queen about to return to her throne? Or is she crossing a wall into the North because winter is coming? We’ll find out in Part Three….

Are you loving this over-the-top video series? Which look is your favourite? And what do you think is going to happen next? Let us know down below.

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5 years ago

Well said. haha