In October she shared the devastating news that she had cancer, but promised her fans — and herself — that she would beat it. And on Wednesday Melodifestivalen 2018 contestant Renaida Braun made clear that she’s on the path to doing exactly that.

She uploaded a joyous Insta pic of herself outside of Karolinska University Hospital, one of Europe’s top medical centres. The caption explained that her recent procedure — to remove a malignant tumour from her neck — was a success, and that she does not need radiation treatment.

“The cancer didn’t spread and doctors believe they got everything removed,” she wrote. “This means that I don’t need further care. Now I will only be checked monthly for five years — then I will be declared healthy if nothing changes.”

“So happy and grateful, what a f*cking climax. A few weeks ago I did not know how it would end.”

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Jaaaaaa, JAG BEHÖVER INTE STRÅLAS!!! Cancern hann inte spridas och läkarna tror att de fick bort allt. Det betyder att jag för tillfället inte behöver fortsatt vård. Nu ska jag bara kontrolleras månadsvis i fem år sen blir jag friskförklarad om inget ändrar sig. Asså kan ni fatta?? Så glad och tacksam, vilket jävla klimax. För några veckor sen visste jag inte hur det skulle sluta men skulle alldrig kunna tro att det skulle gå så här ofattbart bra! Vet inte vad jag ska säga förutom tack. Gick igenom en så tung period i mitt liv och allt kändes så overkligt och hemskt, men sen kom ni med era fantastiska kommentarer och kärlek. Jag är så otroligt tacksam och verkligen sprudlar av glädje just nu. Vill krama varenda en utav er. Trodde aldrig att jag hade så många underbara människor omkring mig ?????? Tänker att jag sätter ihop en liten video där jag kan svara på frågor som jag fått från er och samtidigt berätta om hela processen. Men för nu vill jag bara säga tack, tack, TACK! Ni betyder så mycket??

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She went on to say that the support she received from friends, family and fans is what kept her going.

“Don’t know what to say except thank you. I went through such a difficult period in my life and everything felt so unreal and horrible, but then you came up with your amazing comments and love. I am so incredibly grateful and really bursting with joy right now. Want to hug every one of you. Never thought I had so many wonderful people around me.”


Among those who threw their love behind the “All The Feels” hitmaker were her fellow Scandipop stars.

Writing on Renaida’s Insta post announcing her battle with cancer, Melodifestivalen winner and Eurovision alum Jessica Andersson said: “All love to you! You are in my thoughts.”

Noted choreographer and stage director Sacha Jean-Baptise said: “Love from my heart. We are so many that are here with you.”

Mariette said: “You’re the strongest. Thinking of you.”

If you’re interested in learning how you can help support research that combats cancer and supports those living with it, you can visit Cancer Research — just one of many cancer charities around the world.

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Roy Moreno
Roy Moreno
4 years ago

Fantastic news!
Lots of love to you, Renaida <3

4 years ago

I’m soo happy for her, f*ck this cancer sh*t. 😀

4 years ago

Very happy for her, the community is sending you love Renaida!