She might have not gone to Eurovision, but Maruv can still count a victory in her personal scoreboard, as “Siren Song” has won the 2019 edition of the OGAE Video Contest.

Ukraine’s Maruv wins OGAE Video Contest 2019 with “Siren Song”

The OGAE Video Contest is just one of the annual competitions organised by the OGAE — the Organisation Générale des Amateurs de l’Eurovision, or General Organisation of Eurovision Fans.

Each national branch of the OGAE network competes with an original song and respective music video released in their countries over the past 12 months. Unlike the OGAE Song Contest, the song can be in any language. Currently, both France and Russia have the most victories, with three each.

While Eurovision songs are not permitted to participate, Maruv was a special case: She won Vidbir 2019, which gave her the right to represent Ukraine in Tel Aviv, but she did not end up going to Eurovision due to a high-profile contractual scandal, so “Siren Song” song was eligible.

With her provocative choreography and risque scenes, Maruv won the contest for Ukraine, their second victory after another Eurovision alum LOBODA, won it in 2005 with “I Will Forget You”.

Also on the podium is another Eurovision alum, Loïc Nottet with “On Fire”. Poland’s synth-pop songstress Daria Zawiałow is third with “Szarówka”. Plenty of other former Eurovision participants were in the running, including Mahmood, Ira Losco, and reigning Video Contest Champion Mikolas Josef.

The full scoreboard is as follows, and the full results can be watched here:

OGAE Video Contest 2019 Results

1. Ukraine – Maruv – “Siren Song” (174 points)
2. Belgium – Loïc Nottet -“On Fire” (140 points)
3. Poland – Daria Zawiałow – “Szarówka” (117 points)
4. Italy – Mahmood – “Barrio” (114 points)
5. Rest of the World (USA) – Panic! At The Disco – “High Hopes” (103 points)
6. Germany – Michael Schulte – “Never Let You Down” (101 points)
7. Russia – Leningrad “i_$uss” (95 points)
8. Sweden – Avicii (ft. Chris Martin) – “Heaven” (94 points)
9. France – Zazie – “Speed” (62 points)
10. Australia – PNAU (ft. Kira Divine & Marques Toliver) -“Soldi Gold” (61 points)
11. Greece – Eleni Foureira – “Tómame” (60 points)
12. Czech Republic – Mikolas Josef (ft. Fito Blanko & Frankie J) – “Acapella” (57 points)
13. Malta – Ira Losco – “Hey Now” (39 points)
14. North Macedonia – Robert Bilbilov – “Cudni Mesta” (37 points
15. Cyprus – Anna Vissi & Yiota Yianna – “Ósoi agapáne den pethaínoune” (32 points)
16. United Kingdom – Jack Savoretti (ft. Mika) -“Youth and Love” (31 points)
17. Armenia – Srbuk – “Half a Goddess” (30 points)
18. Estonia – Tommy Cash – “Little Molly” (24 points)
19. Hungary – Lotfi Begi & Irie Maffia – “Friends” (15 points)
20. Croatia – Jelena Rozga – “Moje Proljece” (13 points)
21. Latvia – Dons -“Lūdzu vēl neaizej” (12 points)
22. Turkey – Mabel Matiz – “Comme Un Animal” (12 points)
23. Bulgaria – Alma – “Perfect” (9 points)
24. Portugal – BLAYA (ft. Laton & No Maka) – “Só Love” (7 points)
25. Serbia – Danijela Karić & Elena Risteska – “Srca se pogreše” (0 points)

Who were your favourites in the OGAE Video Contest 2019?

We asked you to vote for your favourite OGAE Video Contest 2019 entry in our own reader poll. The results contrast significantly from the official one reached by OGAE members.

  1. Serbia: Danijela Karić & Elena Risteska – “Srca se pogreše” 28.89% (1,078 votes)
  2. Italy: Mahmood – “Barrio” 23.1% (862 votes)
  3. Greece: Eleni Foureira – “Tómame” 9.22% (344 votes)
  4. Belgium: Loïc Nottet – “On Fire” 7.15% (267 votes)
  5. North Macedonia: Robert Bilbilov – “Cudni Mesta” 6.46% (241 votes)
  6. Ukraine: MARUV – “Siren Song” 5.01% (187 votes)
  7. Armenia: Srbuk – “Half a Goddess” 2.97% (111 votes)
  8. Czech Republic: Mikolas Josef (ft. Fito Blanko & Frankie J) – “Acapella” 2.09% (78 votes)
  9. RoW (USA): Panic! At The Disco – “High Hopes” 1.66% (62 votes)
  10. Poland: Daria Zawiałow – “Szarówka” 1.37% (51 votes)
  11. Sweden: Avicii (ft. Chris Martin) – “Heaven” 1.21% (45 votes)
  12. France: Zazie – “Speed” 1.15% (43 votes)
  13. Bulgaria: Alma – “Perfect” 1.1% (41 votes)
  14. Germany: Michael Schulte – “Never Let You Down” 1.07% (40 votes)
  15. Turkey: Mabel Matiz – “Comme Un Animal” 0.96% (36 votes)
  16. Croatia: Jelena Rozga – “Moje Proljece” 0.96% (36 votes)
  17. Malta: Ira Losco – “Hey Now” 0.94% (35 votes)
  18. Russia: Leningrad – “i_$uss” 0.83% (31 votes)
  19. Australia: PNAU (ft. Kira Divine & Marques Toliver) – “Soldi Gold” 0.8% (30 votes)
  20. Cyprus: Anna Vissi & Yiota Yianna – “Ósoi agapáne den pethaínoune” 0.78% (29 votes)
  21. United Kingdom: Jack Savoretti (ft. Mika) – “Youth and Love” 0.59% (22 votes)
  22. Portugal: BLAYA (ft. Laton & No Maka) – “Só Love” 0.56% (21 votes)
  23. Estonia: Tommy Cash – “Little Molly” 0.46% (17 votes)
  24. Hungary: Lofi Begi & Irie Maffia – “Friends” 0.35% (13 votes)
  25. Latvia: Dons – “Lūdzu vēl neaizej” 0.32% (12 votes)Total Votes: 3,732

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At first I was surprised OGAE Lithuania doesn’t compete in the OGAE contests but now I’m kinda glad there’s no Lithuanian contribution in any of them, you only win with popular singers/groups/songs or artists related to ESC


Somehow I don’t think Maruv won because of her video…

Ioa Ioa
Ioa Ioa

I still dont understand why this contest even exist. A lot of people just vote for the song and not the video. And if not, it’s a sure thing the song itself affects the result, even a little.

And of course, like most OGAE contests, Eurovision stars do considerably better than they deserve.


Once again, random and pointless. Siren song’s video is amazing tho.


Can’t say I’m too surprised with the win for Siren Song, but the music video will never live up to the live performance at Vidbir. As for Loïc, I was less impressed by the MV for On Fire when conpared to those for Mud Blood and especially Million Eyes, which are miles ahead.


I can kinda understand OGAE Song Contest premise, even though I don’t like it all that much, but a MUSIC VIDEO contest? How pointless is that?


Welp, I’m kind of proud of Polish entry tbh. Song that has nothing to do with ESC ending up in top 5 with Maruv, Loic, Mahmood and Panic!AtTheDisco is something.


Loic should’ve won.


Serbia first on the poll, last in real life hahah
All and all ogae should be banned they don’t bring anything to the contest except drag it down and bring it to a bad name!