We live in strange and uncertain times. However, amidst the ongoing pandemic, we’ll strive to bring you a mixture of fun and good news stories in our daily digest. Each day we’ll trawl through Instagram, Twitter and elsewhere so that y’all don’t have to.

This is the Daily Digest for Tuesday 17 March.

Eurovision 2020 news: 17 March

Ulrikke: The Quarantine Musical

Norway’s singer Ulrikke needs your “Attention” — for some light-hearted relief! She’s currently penned up at home with her manager and boyfriend Christoffer Gunnestad as part of quarantine measures to slow the spread of Covid-19. But the pair are making the most of their time by filming a series of IGTV musicals. Among other things, we’ve seen them singing about Tindr and riffing on personal hygiene. In her most recent video, Ulrikke wakes up, brushes her teeth, works from home and takes some selfies. As she writes: “New day in quarantine, and more musicals for the people!” Keep ’em coming! (William)

Little Big perform “Uno” on Radio NRJ

Russian sensation Little Big travelled to the studios of Radio NRJ in Moscow, where they performed their Eurovision 2020 entry “Uno”. Lead vocalist Sofya Tayurskaya and frontman Ilya Prusikin again proved that they can deliver live. (Renske)

Gjon’s Tears cracks the Swiss charts

Switzerland’s Gjon’s Tears has become the latest Eurovision act to enter the Swiss charts before the song contest. Entering at #100, “Respondez-moi” is growing in popularity in the Alpine country. It is the first time that Gjon has entered the Swiss charts, after topping the Albanian Top Channel charts in 2018 with his song “Babi”. Previously, shortly after Sanremo, Diodato peaked at #36 in the Schweizer Hitparade, before falling out of the charts one week later. (Renske)

“Cleopatra” hits two million on YouTube

On the same day that “Cleopatra” hit streaming platforms like Spotify, Azerbaijan’s Efendi celebrated another milestone on YouTube. The official music video for the dramatic banger has passed the two million views threshold. Efendi will surely rack up similar numbers on other platforms very soon. Now get streaming and feel your most regal self! (Lucy)

James Newman celebrates one million views on YouTube

Efendi isn’t the only one racking up views. The UK’s James Newman is celebrating one million hits on his official music video. His Instagram post includes moments from his video, featuring Dutch guru and extreme athlete Wim Hof. The milestone sees him already overtake the total reached by last year’s British entry “Bigger Than Us” by Michael Rice. And it is a much quicker ascent than 2018’s SuRie or 2017’s Lucie Jones achieved. Congratulations, James! (Lucy)

Diodato goes platinum in Italy

Quarantined Italians sing his song from their balconies, to keep hope alive and exorcise a difficult moment. And for Diodato, there is yet more moving news. “Fai rumore”, his Sanremo 2020 winning entry, has been certified platinum in Italy — combined sales and equivalent streams of over 70,000. The FIMI chart is littered with Sanremo acts, with Pinguini Tattici Nucleari, Fasma, Elettra Lamborghini, Francesco Gabbani and Achille Lauro also inside the top twenty. (Cristian)

Reminder from Tom Leeb: “Restez chez vous!”

France’s acoustic king is doing his bit for public health. He’s reminded his fellow Frenchies — and the rest of us too — to stay at home to help slow the spread of Covid-19. He did so with a black-and-white recording of himself singing his song “Sun” — in an empty swimming pool. We’re happy to stay home so long as we can listen to this… (William)

“Divlji vjetre” takes Damir Kedžo to the top of the Croatian charts

Damir Kedžo is no stranger to chart success in Croatia. The star already has three number-one charting singles to his name. But, now he can add another to that list after his Eurovision 2020 entry “Divlji vjetre” entered the HR Top 40 at number one. In response to the song’s success, Kedžo said he was overjoyed: “From day one, I believed in this song endlessly. The song always comes first. For people to connect with her and to mean something to them. I have to say I’m overjoyed with the reactions to the song…Thank you, dear people, for choosing, loving and listening to Divlji vjetre. All this means a lot to me and is an extra wind in the back in preparation for Eurovision”. (Jonathan)

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Damiru Kedži nisu strani uspjesi na listi HR Top 40. Pjesma Poljubi me sad je u prvom tjednu ove godine zauzela prvo mjesto, singl Vidi se izdaleka je svojim dolaskom u eter ostvario najviši ulaz i ubrzo zauzeo prvo mjesto. „Šlag na kraju“ stiže s prošlotjednim podacima – njegova nova pjesma Divlji vjetre ovog tjedna nosi titulu najvišeg ulaza i zauzima tron liste. Na ovogodišnjoj Dori pjesma u izdanju Croatia Recordsa osvojila je srca publike te su Kedžu odlu?ili poslati na Eurosong. Zbog takvog uspjeha nije bilo sumnje da ?e pjesma zasjati i na listi HR Top 40. Podsje?amo da je po?etkom ove godine Kedžo osvojio prestižnu nagradu Top.HR Music Award za izvo?a?a godine. Kedžo je presretan s reakcijama na svoju pjesmu. Uspjesi s Divlji vjetre se samo nižu, od pobjede na Dori, trendinga na Youtube pa sve do prvog mjesta na HR Top 40. Povodom vijesti o poziciji na vrhu, Kedžo je ponosno izjavio: „Od prvog dana sam vjerovao beskrajno u ovu pjesmu. Pjesma mi je uvijek na prvom mjestu. Da se ljudi s njom spoje i da im nešto zna?i. Moram re?i da sam presretan reakcijama na pjesmu. Pogotovo recenzijama Eurovision blogova i ?injenici da je pjesma u trendingu na YouTubeu otkad sam je otpjevao. Pjesmu je izabrala publika svojim glasovima i sad kad vidim da ju publika voli i sluša, presretan sam . Najljepše je kad pjesma na?e put do srca publike, jer to je jedini smisao bavljenja glazbom. Hvala dragi ljudi, na tome što ste birali, što volite i slušate Divlji vjetre. Sve ovo puno mi zna?i i dodatni je vjetar u le?a u pripremama za nastup na Euroviziji.“, poru?io je Damir Kedžo.

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The Mamas hit the top spot in the Swedish charts

They were the unexpected victors at Melodifestivalen 2020. But surprise or not, Sweden is rowing behind The Mamas. “Move” has shot to the top of the latest Sverigetopplistan countdown. It’s a chart countdown that’s overflowing with Melfest talent. The top ten alone includes entries from Dotter (#2), Anis don Demina (#4), Hanna Ferm (#7), Paul Ray (#8) and Anna Bergendahl (#9). There are 12 more competing songs dotted throughout the remaining top 100 singles. (Padraig)

Destiny would like her hugs back

And we finish with a sweet message from Malta’s Junior Eurovision queen who is now ready to serve all of her love at Eurovision. Destiny Chukunyere clearly believes in silver linings, as she gave thanks for the extra time she now has with her family. She shared a cute snap with her brother and sister and encouraged everyone to band together in these difficult times. She reminded her fans that when it’s all over they’ll be able to hug each other freely once more — and she can’t wait! (William)

Additional contributions from Cristian, Jonathan, Lucy, Renske and William.

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mr 305 # dale
mr 305 # dale
1 year ago

it’s actually tinder not tindr

1 year ago

My last breath…surprisingly apt

Eurovision, is it love or hatred?
Eurovision, is it love or hatred?
1 year ago

Nobody can’t deny that Tom is very talented, I’m french and I dislike the first version of his song but after all the hatred he got, we have to say it and admit it, he is a gifted guy.
I wish courage from France to all people who are in confinement like me, moreover alone it will be very hard, to all people who suffer, to all our neighbors Spanish Italian German Swiss Belgian English also severely affected, we are all together and we will manage to kill this fu…king virus. Hope. Peace.

1 year ago

Congrats Efendi! 2 Million views in only 6 days, wow!
Btw, Destin’s siblings are so cute 🙂

1 year ago

Ulrikkes manager is not her boyfriend. He is gay lol

Anne Stine
Anne Stine
1 year ago
Reply to  Ingrid

Why tf did two people downvote this, when it’s the truth hahah