Today would’ve seen the artists of Eurovision 2020 take to the stage in Rotterdam for the grand final. Unfortunately it wasn’t to be, with the contest being cancelled in March. That hasn’t stopped the talented artists of Eurovision 2020 from releasing new music this week.

While we may all be missing Eurovision today in particular, some of this music is bound to make us feel a bit better.

Roxen — “Spune-mi”

The “Alcohol You” songstress delivers a music video which isn’t exactly sober. There’s a chair on fire, a tattooed man wearing unbuttoned overalls and our Romanian diva working her best poses. Musically, the song is markedly different from her Eurovision entry, presenting an upbeat dance number with easy listening vibes. Roxen also presents a great idea for self-isolation entertainment — jumping on a mattress by her garage. This is another wonderful example of Roxen’s artistry.

The Mamas — “Let It Be”

“Let It Be” is a natural progression of what we’ve come to expect from these ladies. There’s sass and soul in equal measure, staying faithful to the genre. “Let It Be” is a catchy number with an instantly memorable hook and this is sure to get your feet tapping along in no time. There ain’t no mountain they wouldn’t move.

Ben & Tan — “Summer Nights”

Much like “Yes”, “Summer Nights” is easy listening yet memorable. The song is quite simple lyrically, making it easy to follow along and enjoy. An anthemic instrumental hook drives the song through to the bridge and Ben & Tan’s voices combine for an enchanting final chorus.

James Newman — “Enough”

“Enough” feels very current and meaningful given the current global pandemic. The music video depicts scenes of London devoid of life and as James sings “I’m not giving up”, there are sentiments presented that we can all relate to. The song is emotional and atmospheric, delivering an uplifting feeling.

Athena Manoukian — “Dolla”

Athena serves attitude for days. “Dolla” is current and fresh. Despite a very repetitive chorus, the song has staying power, with a catchy hook that’s hard to shake. The “Chains on You” singer has carved out her niche in the Eurovision world and “Dolla” sounds like a natural continuation and wholesome addition to her repertoire.

What do you think of the new music from the Eurovision 2020 artists? What songs are you listening to from this year’s artists? Let us know in the comments below.

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3 years ago

‘Let It Be’ is the perfect sentiment for the morning after Shine A light

3 years ago

Nice songs. Athena’s ditty is so catchy. Loving it