The Eurovision 2020 season may have officially come to a close, but the music will always continue. A number of past Eurovision artists are thankfully still producing new music for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers and performers associated with both Eurovision itself and the various national selections are thriving.

Here is a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released in the last week or so.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2020 | Week 21

Diodato – “Un’altra estate”

After winning Festival della canzone italiana di Sanremo 2020, Diodato was set to represent Italy at Eurovision 2020. Although that did not happen in the end, the Italian star is continuing on with his music career and has now released his new single “Un’altra estate” (“Another summer”). A mid-tempo soft-rock song, the mixture of drums and electric guitars creates an uplifting yet reflective sound. Upon the track’s release, Diodato took to Instagram to reveal more about how nature influenced the song:

“One of the things that impressed and intrigued me the most during this lockdown period was what my window showed me. I saw the last days of winter already tell about the spring that would have come, while there was a painful cold in our hearts, a frost that still struggles to melt now. Nature went on despite our absence and precisely thanks to it, it took back its spaces, its scents. Powerful and motionless at once, spring seemed to encourage us, almost teasing in a cruel way or perhaps just to show us the way to come back with a different awareness.”

VAL – “Частицы счастья”

Belarus chose male-female duo VAL to represent them at Eurovision 2020. The two stars have now dropped their new single “Частицы счастья” (“Particles of happiness”). Slower than their Eurovision entry “Da vidna”, both Vlad and Lera get an opportunity to show off their rapping skills in the two verses. Mixing things up further, there’s also a saxophone solo two-thirds of the way through, before an organ rounds off the ending. Speaking on Facebook upon the song’s release, the duo said they hope to keep experimenting with their music:

“Many of you probably have heard that we’re not afraid to step out the comfort zone and experiment with our music. Earlier we did only little baby steps to experimentation, but now it’s the first big step towards that kind of music. The music which makes you feel like you’re on a roller coaster, or you’re watching action thriller. To be honest, we’re a bit tired of sameness that’s often heard in modern music, so we’re doing our best to create completely new experience for you.”

Daði Freyr – “Where We Wanna Be”

Daði Freyr was chosen to represent Iceland in the Eurovision Song Contest that never was with the song “Think About Things”. But, the star’s spirits haven’t decreased and Daði has now released the new song “Where We Wanna Be”. Like his earlier tracks, “Where We Wanna Be” has a retro vibe infused with fun lyrics and a catchy tune. The song gives you both the signature sounds of the 80s and a fair share of disco beats. The song release was accompanied by a true home-made video, literally shot in his own living room. The video is simple but it clearly indicates that one can make a fun music video despite being in lockdown. A creative way to use what you got. Read more about the song here. (Steinunn)

Samanta Tīna – “I Got The Power”

Life is music and Samanta Tīna continues to be a composer. The Latvian star has released her new single “I Got The Power”, co-written with Eurovision 2015 singer Aminata Savadogo. And with it, Samanta Tīna continues her message of strength and empowerment for woman. Like her Eurovision 2020 song “Still Breathing” — which examined the pressure that working women face — “I Got The Power” also tackles a strong feminist topic. Samanta starts by asserting, “Don’t tell me how I should look or what I should wear / I set my trends on my own, don’t need you there”. Read more about the song here. (Robyn)

VoColor (feat. Eldar) – “Until The End”

Eldar Gasimov brought the Eurovision trophy home to Azerbaijan in 2011 alongside his duet partner Nigar Jamal. The Eurovision champion has now teamed up with Swedish-Greek electro-pop producers VoColor for the new song “Until The End”. Providing vocals for the song, Eldar sings about wanting to get out of a bad situation: “I don’t want to be trapped inside a world so fake where it all goes wrong / I don’t want to stay here, let me leave again / I don’t want to fight, I don’t fight until the end”.

maNga – “Zor”

Many Eurovision fans hope for Turkey to return to the contest soon, particularly when they delivered bands such as maNga, who secured the silver medal at Eurovision 2010. The band have naturally been apart from each other during the current coronavirus lockdown, but that hasn’t stopped them from remotely releasing the new song “Zor” (“Hard”). For the music video, they asked fans to submit their own clips of them singing and performing the song, which they’ve edited all together.

Tamara Todevska & Robert Bilbilov – “Svetot e …”

In 2019, Tamara Todevska became the first North Macedonian Eurovision star to reach the grand final of the contest for seven years. She eventually won the jury vote and finished seventh overall. Todevska recently released the new duet “Svetot e …” (“The world is …”) alongside music producer Robert Bilbilov. The song delivers positive vibes, with the chorus utilising a nice mix of percussion and trumpets. All the clips for the accompanying music video were shot at home in lockdown. Fellow North Macedonian Eurovision stars Vasil (2020) and Tijana Dapčević (2014) also make an appearance.

Kalomira – “Gia Mia Zoi”

Kalomira remains the last Greek artist to reach the podium at Eurovision, after picking up the bronze medal in 2008. The star has now released “Gia Mia Zoi” (“For a lifetime”). It’s an uplifting track with a recurring percussion beat that feels natural to clap your hands along too. On Instagram, Kalomira noted that “It’s a song I wrote when I was really down and felt the light of God guide me through my difficult time”. The Greek star has also released an English version of the song, titled “You’re Not Alone”.

Laura Tesoro – “Hold On”

Despite opening the grand final of Eurovision 2016, Laura Tesoro still managed to give Belgium a top ten placing at the contest. The star’s latest single is “Hold On”, which comes from the star’s recent album Limits. The outro of the LP, the song is a slow and contemplative guitar-driven track all about holding on and waiting for better times ahead. Tesoro mentioned on Instagram that writing “Hold On” helped her through some difficult times and she hopes that it could help others as well:

“This is a song I had to write. And it had to be on the album, no doubt. Didn’t really care if anyone would like it, cause I did. It was exactly what I wanted it to be. Never thought it would be a single but here it is and I hope it helps you get through some s***. Cause writing it sure helped me.”

Alekseev – “Ревность”

Belarus’ Eurovision 2017 star Alekseev has made it a small tradition to release new music on his birthday each year – 18 May. This year, the Ukrainian singer dropped “Ревность” (“Jealousy”) for his fans. A dark-pop track, it’s got enough of a solid beat to allow the listener to lightly dance along. Speaking about the track in the video’s description, Alekseev revealed more about the song’s meaning:

“Jealousy is good or bad? At least frivolously, if we are talking about such a great feeling as love! Do not interfere with its manifestation when necessary, but do not give it the main role on the path to great happiness. This is just a contrasting episode in your story; don’t attach much importance to it.”

Sebalter – Gente Simpatica

Sebalter is one of only three Swiss Eurovsion stars to qualify to the final during the 2010s, eventually placing thirteenth in 2014. The star has now released his new album Gente Simpatica (Nice People). There are nine songs on the LP, including previous singles “La Fine dell’Estate” and title song “Gente Simpatica”. Overall, the album sees Sebalter moving down a more synth-electro path; but, there’s still elements of the folk-pop that fans fell in love with in 2014.

Sevak – “Пламя”

Sevak represented Armenia at Eurovision in 2018. He’s continued his music career since the contest and his new song is “Пламя” (“Flame”). Relatively short at 2:37 minutes in length, Sevak makes sure to hit the listener with the hook straight away. The Armenian star sings about a lost love, who he compares to a diminishing flame: “All the memory of you is like a flame / I am your lighthouse and there is no edge in you … Oh burned, your flame burned out”.

Lena Katina – “Убей меня нежно”

Girl-group t.A.T.u represented Russia at Eurovision 2003, finishing in third place. Since splitting up, Lena Katina has continued a solo career of her own. She’s now released the new song “Убей меня нежно” (“Kill me gently”). The track is a mid-tempo offering with production that results in a slightly eerie feel to it. Katina sings about how she becomes sinful when around her lover: “Slowly we go crazy / And darkness came down to the city / And when GMT is zero / Show me what love is / La-la-la-la, kill me gently / La-la-la I’m sinful”.

Donna McCaul – “K.E.W.L”

One half of Ireland’s Eurovision 2005 duo, Donna McCaul sang “Love?” with her brother Joe at the contest in Kyiv. The Irish singer has now released the new song “K.E.W.L”, which is an acronym for “Kill ‘Em With Love”. The song calls on people to come together and treat every human being with respect and kindness. The accompanying music video features clips of Donna playing at the piano, images of the destruction being done to Earth, but also snippets of people helping others.

Gaitana – “Спасибо”

There have been many past Eurovision stars that have released songs over the last few months dedicated to the healthcare workers that have been helping treat people with COVID-19. One of the latest to do so is Ukraine’s Eurovision 2012 star Gaitana. She’s released the mid-tempo ballad “Спасибо” (“Thanks”). The Ukrainian singer told her followers on Instagram that “This song is a thank you to all the doctors and paramedics who are sacrificing themselves to save our lives every minute. Now they need our support and help more than ever.”

Amber – “Viva Malta”

In Malta, one song that has become an almost unofficial anthem of the coronavirus pandemic is Freddie Portelli’s “Viva Malta”. The Viva Malta Challenge has since been inspired, with people from across the country asked to perform their own version of the song. One past Eurovision star who has taken up the challenge is Amber, who represented Malta at the 2015 contest. Moving away from the folk-rock original, Amber’s version of the song is a piano-driven ballad with added orchestral and choral flairs.

Swedish all stars – “Vi Håller ut”

In addition to solo efforts, many artists have come together over recent weeks to create songs dedicated to those fighting COVID-19. Now it’s the turn of some of Sweden’s past Eurovision and Melodifestivalen stars. Titled “Vi Håller ut” (“We endure”), almost 50 artists have joined forces on the song. The line-up includes Swedish Eurovision acts Jessica Andersson (2003) and Robin Bengtsson (2017), in addition to Melodifestivalen stars Sarah Dawn Finer, Mariette, Dolly Style, Mahan Moin, Therese Grankvist, Magnus Carlsson, Joacim Cans, Sean Banan and Erik Høiby (The Lovers Of Valdaro).

Lisa Ajax – “Jag Måste”

Lisa Ajax has competed at Melodifestivalen on three occasions – 2016, 2017 and 2019. Having only released English-language songs since starting her music career, Ajax has now switched things up by dropping the Swedish-language track “Jag Måste” (“I have to”). A contemporary pop ballad, the Swedish star sings about doing what she has to in order to move on from a bad relationship: “Because you’re not, you’re not good to me / Just want to forget, just forget / Everything we had, everything we did / So me, I have to do what I have to”.

Anis Don Demina (feat. Timbuktu) – “Naken”

After failing to qualify through the semi-final during his first appearance at Melodifestivalen in 2019, Anis Don Demina made waves when returning in 2020 – finishing fifth in the grand final. The Swedish artist’s newest release is “Naken”, alongside rapper Timbuktu. Fun and catchy like many of Don Demina’s previous singles, the lyrics see the two artists moving on from a past relationship that they say wasn’t worth their time: “Everything I gave, but got nothing back / You took up all my time, it was wasted yeah / Everything I said, but didn’t get an answer / Nonchalant attitude, went from beautiful to just yeah / Are you staying with someone else naked”.

ISA – “Walk Like Jesus”

Two-time Melfest star ISA (2015 and 2016) has continued her musical evolution since last appearing at the contest. The Swedish star has now released the short but sharp track “Walk Like Jesus”. Although only 2:12 minutes in length, there’s a persistent drum beat from 0:32 onward that helps give the track more of a lasting impression on the listener.

Which song is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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