Eurovision 2015 Building Bridges Vienna

The Eurovision Song Contest is all about the artists and their songs. But aside from these contributions, there is always some exceptional theme music.

Every year the responsible host broadcaster puts a lot of thought into the entire creative agenda. But who came up with the most innovative theme music? From “Share the Moment” to “Dare to Dream”, there is a lot to choose from.

Some months back, we asked you to vote for your favourite Eurovision theme music of the 2010s. And now the results are in!

After counting a total of 1,742 votes, we can confirm that Vienna 2015’s “Building Bridges” composition is your favourite Eurovision theme music of the 2010s.

Vienna 2015’s “Building Bridges” is your favourite Eurovision theme music of the 2010s

The theme music for “Building Bridges” in Vienna combined modern aspects of previous tracks used in the 2013 and 2014 contests, while also including a more orchestral and classic melody. This links with the musical history of host city Vienna. Lyrics were added for the grand final performance by the hosts.

The orchestral piece topped the poll with 292 votes or 16.76% of all votes cast.

Our second-placed theme is from one year earlier — Copenhagen 2014’s “#JoinUs” music.

“#JoinUs” was a contemporary fanfare that proved popular with the fans. The bombastic melody is extremely memorable, creating a massive sense of occasion.

It amassed 268 votes or 15.38% of all votes cast.

Lisbon 2018’s nostalgic “All Aboard” melody completes the top three.

Kicking off with a horn, the 2018 theme song is a notable counterpoint to the modern and contemporary tracks produced over previous years. However, it sounds like a classic piece of music that comes across as very heartfelt and genuine and fits well with the overall approach taken for the 2018 contest in Portugal.

It picked up 265 votes, which amounts to 15.21% of all votes cast.

Poll results: What is your favourite Eurovision theme music of the 2010s?

  1. 2015: “Building Bridges” 16.76% (292 votes)
  2. 2014: “#joinus” 15.38% (268 votes)
  3. 2018: “All Aboard!” 15.21% (265 votes)
  4. 2016: “Come Together” 13.26% (231 votes)
  5. 2019: “Dare To Dream” 12.11% (211 votes)
  6. 2011: “Feel Your Heart Beat!” 7.81% (136 votes)
  7. 2013: “We Are One” 6.49% (113 votes)
  8. 2012: “Light Your Fire!” 6.03% (105 votes)
  9. 2017: “Celebrate Diversity” 3.85% (67 votes)
  10. 2010: “Share The Moment” 3.1% (54 votes)

Total Votes: 1,742

Is “Building Bridges” really the best Eurovision theme music of the 2010s? Which theme did you vote for? Let us know in the comments.

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3 years ago

The Vienna edition is still one of the best in recent years.

3 years ago
Reply to  oscillate

For the theme, the theme melody, and for the opening for sure

3 years ago
Reply to  Marionette

I would argue that it had the best songs too……think of Belgium, Latvia, Estonia, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Serbia, Russia. Also I think Latvia more than deserved to win, I’m still not a big fan of heroes….

3 years ago
Reply to  Fionn

Sure, but don’t thank the organizers for the great songs

3 years ago


3 years ago

Was it normal that there was pretty no theme music for this year before the cancellation? I mean even the music videos for songs on the youtube channel weren’t introduced by a little new sound to go with the logo as it was the case the years before ; this was quite disappointing and frustating to be honest. On the other hand, I noticed they created a short new theme which they used each weekend during the national final season to present the differents shows of the saturday evening in their Insta stories, but that’s it.