Summer is always the quiet period for Eurovision fans as we wait for national finals to start once again. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of past Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers and performers associated with both Eurovision itself and the various national selections are thriving.

Here is a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released in the last week or so.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2020 | Week 35

Emma – “Latina”

Emma may have given Italy their lowest placing at Eurovision during the 2010s, but the star has continued to conquer the Italian music industry in the years since her participation in 2014. Her new single is “Latina” and it marks a change in direction for Emma. While the Italian singer is known most for her rock-styling, “Latina” leans more towards the alternative-pop category. In a post on Instagram, Emma revealed that she first heard the song on her birthday and had an instant connection with it: “I got excited … it was unexpected … and I felt everyone’s desire to go into uncharted waters … I like challenges, I like trying to find out how far I can go .. Latina is just that .. a strong and direct song .. that smells of freedom .. I feel projected into a new dimension and I am ready for this new change …”.

Carola (feat. Zara Larsson) – “Säg Mig Var Du Står”

Swedish superstar Zara Larsson has regularly commented that Eurovision 1991 champion Carola is one of her biggest idols. So when broadcaster TV4 asked her to put on a late night concert at an empty Gröna Lund theme park in Stockholm over the summer, Larsson decided to ask Carola to join her for a duet. The duo performed “Säg Mig Var Du Står” (“Tell Me Where You Stand”), which originally comes from Carola’s 1983 debut album Främling. The performance proved to be popular, so the Swedish stars have now released the song as a single. Unfortunately, you’ll only be able to find it on streaming services in the Nordics, but a non-geoblocked audio has been uploaded unlisted to YouTube.

Taking to Instagram, Larsson noted: “A dream comes true, I release a song with my first and biggest idol. Carola thank you for wanting to share the #latenightconcert scene on TV4 with me and thank you for giving me the honour of singing with you on one of my favourite songs throughout the world.”

Luca Dayz (feat. Snoop Dogg, Tina Karol & LOE) – “Blow Your Mind”

A collaboration between Ukrainian singer Tina Karol and American rapper Snoop Dogg may not have been on people’s 2020 bingo cards, but that’s exactly what we’ve been gifted. The two stars both feature on the new single “Blow Your Mind” by R&B singer Luca Dayz. It’s a smooth mid-tempo hip-hop track that Dayz notes took three years to come together. Eurovision 2006 alum Karol provides vocals for the song’s second verse and also shows off her talents with some whistle tones later on in the song.

NFIX & CANDICE (feat. Benny Cristo) – “Perfect Summer Nights”

Czech Republic’s Benny Cristo isn’t letting the summer party spirit end any time soon. The Eurovision 2020 act has teamed up with Czech music producers nFix & Candice on “Perfect Summer Nights”. It’s a re-working of their previous 2017 collaboration. A full-on club-dance song, the track is definitely for those that want to party away the remaining warm summer nights.

If you want a more relaxed song from Cristo, the star also collaborated with Czech duo HILLS 97 at the start of August. Their single “Máma Říkala” (“Mum said”) is a laid-back indie-pop track, with Cristo providing a featured verse.

Sertab Erener – “Kafanı Yorma”

In the middle of an often stressful year, Sertab Erener has come to tell us “don’t worry about it”. The 2003 Eurovision champ does what she does best, delivering an upbeat Turkish pop tune. It comes with a simple but fun video. It seems to take a huge cue from what a lot of us have been doing in 2020 — staying at home. Serhat dances around the garden, capturing the energy of the song. It’s enough to make us want to put on a frock and join in the fun! (Robyn)

Tom Leeb – “you got something”

He won’t be representing France at Eurovision 2021, but Tom Leeb has plenty of other projects going on. His latest release is “you got something”. It’s a gentle ballad, with just Tom’s voice and an acoustic guitar. The song has a sad theme, with Tom concluding “And no matter how I feel, you may never fall for me.” Indeed, the lyrics are entirely in English, a reminder that Tom is a fluent speaker and can write and deliver heartfelt lyrics in his second language. (Robyn)

NAVIBAND – “Девочка в белом”

Their song “Iншымi” became one of the songs that helped the Belarusians through upsetting times. Since then, NAVIBAND have also actively taken part in the peaceful protests, performing alongside the Chains of Solidarity. Women have taken up an important role in the events in Belarus since the start. To those women, NAVIBAND’s Ksenia has written an ode: “Девочка в белом”, which translates to “Girl in White”, refering to the Woman in White movement in Belarus. She sings: “I believe there won’t be any more fear/ Our strength is impeccable/ A proud girl in white”. (Renske)

Kállay Saunders, anatu and Zubi (feat. Fernando Saunders) – “too far”

There’s no disputing that András Kállay-Saunders is one of Hungary’s most talented contemporary acts, but he has good genes. András is the son of the accomplished American singer and producer Fernando Saunders, who joins his son on the cruisy R&B jam “too far”. The song feels like the best side of 2020, a relaxing, romantic tune with some stellar harmonies. Also appearing on the song is the electronic musician anatu and the singer Zubi. From the past comes the future. (Robyn)

Batomae (feat. ela.) – “Meine Rise”

Following the release of her debut solo album earlier this year, ela. has now given her voice to the work of fellow German artist Batomae. The Eurovision 2014 alum and former Elaiza member features on the new single “Meine Reise” (“My Journey”). It’s a guitar-driven indie-pop track that gently builds with the addition of further percussion beats. Providing vocals for the second verse, ela. also sings the chorus alongside Batomae, where the pair’s vocals blend well together. The accompanying music video features the two German singers meeting up with other friends and enjoying time together.

Sunstroke Project – “Shake It”

Sunstroke Project secured third place at Eurovision 2017 with their deliberately playful and kitsch take on a marriage proposal. With “Shake It” they keep a good thing going — this time tackling the notion of infatuation. Lead singer ‎Sergei Yalovitsky opens with the rhyming of “fire” and “desire” before begging his lady to “play with him” (we’re fairly certain he isn’t talking about football, even if a ball rolls by). Perhaps as an Easter Egg for fans, the lyrics reference their ESC 2017 hit: “Hey mamma, you’re burning hot lava.” Musically this track leans more mainstream than some of their earlier offerings. The tongue-in-cheek spirit is there, but the song has polish and a more refined finish — even as saxophonist Sergey Stepanov honks it home. Funk, disco, dance, pop — it’s all here and ready for repeat spins. (William)

Katrina (from Katrina & The Waves) – Hearts, Loves & Babys

Hearts, Loves and Babys is a self-written, ten-track album that delves into Katrina’s world — and what a world it is. It’s filled with pop-rock numbers that retrace her relationships and her life, which she has navigated with her wise takes on matters from love to loss. Although it’s autobiographical, many of the themes are universal. Katrina is a poet of the every day — where we live and die, thrive and survive, and fight for our place between those extremes. Unlike most albums that pack in filler among the gems, Katrina doesn’t have to. A master editor, she’s stocked it only with what matters and what can live on its own. Read our full album preview here. (Deban)

To coincide with the LP’s release, the Eurovision 1997 champion has also released a new music video for her recent single “I Want To Love Again”, which Katrina had previously submitted to the United Kingdom’s Eurovision 2020 internal selection process.

Olga Seryabkina – “Не стыдно”

Russia’s Olga Serabkina has been carving her own path since leaving Eurovision 2007 girl-group Serebro. Her latest solo single is “Не стыдно” (“Not ashamed”). A dark alternative-pop track, the chorus is underlined by a repetitive riff that gives it urgency and drive. Lyrically, Seryabkina sings about how she’s not ashamed of the desire she has for her loved one: “Come on dance just for me / And I’m yours / Again, again I can’t sleep, I’m flying to you as a bird”.

Chingiz Mustafayev – “Dayan zaman”

Despite delivering the contemporary pop song “Truth” at Eurovision 2019, Chingiz Mustafayev has since returned to releasing music that’s more in line with his stripped-back acoustic style. At the start of the month, the Azeri singer-songwriter released “Dayan zaman”, which is underlined by a light melody of traditional percussion instruments. Mustafayev revealed more about the song’s meaning in the audio video’s description:

“There are moments when a person wants to escape from the crowd and become alienated. This kind of alienation is associated with rediscovering oneself, getting rid of illusions and searching for one’s real world. You want time to stop. You are neither looking for the past nor dreaming of the future. “The present moment” is just worth it for you. In this void, you are already looking for puzzles for the rest of your life. But every time something is missing. As a result, the map is incomplete. It becomes impossible to find the missing parts. The song “Stop Time” comes from my inner world.”

Intars Busulis, Abonementa Orchestra and GG Choir – “Slieksnis”

Intars Busulis’ voice is set to be heard on a regular basis on Latvian television channel TV3 over the coming weeks. The Eurovision 2009 alum’s latest single, “Slieksnis” (“Threshold”), will be the main theme music for new TV programme Nemīlētie (Unloved). Busulis is joined on the song by the Abonementa Orchestra and GG Choir. A slow guitar-driven ballad, the choir’s backing helps the track swell and grow. The accompanying video for the song features clips from the forthcoming television series.

Litesound – “Беларускаму люду”

In addition to NAVIBAND, a number of other past Belarusian Eurovision stars have been influenced by recent events in the country. This includes the country’s Eurovision 2012 act Litesound. During the week of voting in the 2020 presidential election at the start of August, the band released “Беларускаму люду” (“To the Belarusian people”). The song is an interpretation of a poem written by Yakub Kolas in 1921, which called on the people of Belarus to write their own destiny: “Shut up, silence, song of suffering / Stir up, our land! / The Belarusian people! Tear your chains! / Sing a new song!”. Litesound note in the lyrics video’s description:

“Everything has its own cycle, events tend to repeat themselves, different generations of people experience the same feelings. Proof of this is the stunning poem “To the Belarusian people” written by Yakub Kolas exactly 100 years ago. This work, along with the events taking place in modern Belarus, inspired the Litesound group to record a manifesto song addressed to the Belarusian people at this difficult hour for our country.”

The Hardkiss (feat. MONATIK) – “Кобра”

What’s better than a song released by one standout Ukrainian act? How about a song released by two collaborating together. Vidbir 2016 runners-up The Hardkiss have called in Eurovision 2017 semi-final one opening act MONATIK to feature on the new single “Кобра” (“Cobra”). While MONATIK is best known for foot-tapping pop songs, he fully enters The Hardkiss’ rock genre for this track. The lyrics of “Кобра” are all about a mysterious woman who is said to be dangerous for those who attempt to court her: “Dangerous are familiar strangers / When cobra is in love, she doesn’t sleep … Sharpening the daggers / Her soul is devoid of mercy”.

Agoney – Libertad

It’s been two and a half years since the class of Operación Triunfo 2017 left the academy, but it’s not until now that the sixth-place finisher — and Eurovision Gala contestant — Agoney has released his debut album, Libertad. He’s taken his time producing the album, and the end result reflects the many facets of Agoney and lets him show off the full extent of his impressive vocal talents. Every track feels considered and crafted with intense expressions of emotion. Agoney explores different genres, from pop, to R&B to pop-rock to an absolute electro-pop banger. A very welcome debut.

Ahead of Libertad’s release, Agoney dropped new single “Edén”, a modern R&B ballad that delivers a strong message to a toxic ex. The song uses masculine grammar, making it clear he’s singing about a guy — a refreshing theme for modern Spanish pop. (Robyn)

Nika Zorjan – “Svima Po mojito”

A regular face at Slovenia’s EMA, Nika Zorjan is bringing some summer fun with her new single “Svima po mojito”. The song had its release delayed due to the coronavirus, but it’s finally here to keep the summer spirit alive with its poolside party vibes. The song lyrics are in Croatian, written by acclaimed Croatian songwriter Nenad Ninčević. The song was produced by Raay, from Slovenia’s Eurovision 2015 act Maraaya. (Robyn)

Liis Lemsalu – “Halb või hea”

It’s been just under a year since Liis Lemsalu released her last single. But thankfully, the four-time Eesti Laul contestant is now back with her new song “Halb või hea” (“Bad or good”). A mid-tempo pop song, the track has a nice late-summer feel to it. The Estonian singer explains more about the song in the music video’s description: “”Halb või hea” is about how we can never be sure if a situation is just bad or good. Life has a habit of giving answers with a slight delay, and things are not always just black and white.”. The video features Lemsalu in a stable with some horses and also frolicking through the surrounding wheat fields.

JÆGER – “You F***ing Coward”

Fans of Melodi Grand Prix in Norway will be happy to know that “How About Mars” singer JÆGER remains firmly on Planet Earth — and in the recording studio. She’s released “You F***ing Coward” — the second track from her EP My First Extended Play. Musically this is airy, dreamy, light and whimsical. But the lyrics are dark, cutting and very much directed at Mr Wrong: “You just left me and forgot me and now you’re screwing every girl in the city, you’re disgusting, you’re obnoxious, so stay the hell away from me.” Her team describes the song this way: “Everybody has had that one ex that completely turns their world upside down and leaves them utterly heartbroken and furious. In this case, JÆGER has not decided to hold back on her feelings of anger and betrayal.” His loss. Our girl is on a path to stardom. (William)

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Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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Apropos of Katrina being here (with her dope new single), I figured it’d be fun to share this fun project I just worked on: my favorite Eurovision songs by year.

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