She is one of Italy’s most successful singer-songwriters and rocked the stage at Eurovision 2014. After taking a short break from her career for health reasons, Emma is now back in the spotlight following the release of her sixth studio album Fortuna (Luck).

The LP consists of fourteen tracks, including lead single “Io Sono Bella” (“I Am Beautiful”), which peaked on top of the Italian airplay charts. Meanwhile, Fortuna itself went straight to number one on the Italian album chart within its first week of release.

Along with the new album release, Marrone also announced an instore tour where fans were able to meet the singer and get signed copies of the record.

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La gioia che provo è infinita. Non ho mai dato niente per scontato nella mia vita e questo primo posto me lo godo fino in fondo. Grazie FORTUNA sei appena nato e mi stai ripagando di tutte le fatiche e le notti passate in bianco. Grazie alla mia famiglia @polydoritalia per il sostegno!! Grazie a @dardust @lucamattioni @elisatoffoli @andrea_ringo_rigonat @frenetico @orang3fsu e a tutti gli autori e i musicisti che hanno collaborato alla realizzazione di questo disco. Un bacio sul cuore a @vascorossi un grazie speciale a @marsonaudio Grazie a tutti gli amici di @friendsandpartners E alla mia @verocorno e @talofaro Grazie a chi come me ama FORTUNA! E a tutte le persone che mi hanno scelta?? Vi amo.

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Fortuna: Full of deep emotions

The opening track – which goes by the album title Fortuna – is an uptempo song with a striving guitar chorus. It provides a great preview of what’s to come on the record. In the lyrics, Marrone touches upon a relationship that people told her wouldn’t work out. Emma still decides to precede with it, saying that she’s fine and ultimately grows stronger because of it.

Lead single “Io sono bella” follows next. As mentioned by wiwiblogger Jonathan in our initial review: “The song has a strong pop-rock beat throughout, which is driven by staccato electric guitar riffs right from the start. Emma’s rough and distinct vocals accompany this instrumentation perfectly, and her attitude and personality really shine through.”

“Stupida Allegria” (“Stupid Joy”) kicks off with a guitar-led verse, but the chorus features various electronic elements that create an overall different sound to the previous tracks. Lyrically, the song discusses another interesting subject, with Emma touching upon a toxic relationship. The Eurovision alum knows that it’s unlikely to end well, yet she keeps coming back to it and calls it her “stupid joy”.

Emma – Fortuna

The ballad “Luci Blu” (“Blue Lights”) puts emphasis on the Italian star’s vocal performance. The chorus hits an emotional peak, with Emma’s voice soaring to new heights. Meanwhile, “Quando L’amore Finisce” (“When Love Ends”) is an impulsive ode to the end of a relationship. In the track, which is led by her trademark electronic guitar and electronic instrumentation, Emma talks about the emotions and feelings that describe the final moment of letting go.

The sixth track, “Alibi”, starts off steadily but picks up in tempo after the first chorus. The text draws upon another relationship that seems to go in the wrong direction every time the couple meet. From this, Marrone makes an important realisation and understands that this particular relationship is not meant to be.

From the first second of “Mascara”, it becomes clear that the track is another creative mark on Fortuna. The mid-tempo song is made up of numerous sounds of someone shouting. But, these sound effects still come together and nicely fit the overall sound of the track.

“I Grandi Progetti” (“The Great Projects”) starts off with a slow verse only accompanied by a piano. The song soon begins to build and the emotional chorus showcases a more reflective and thoughtful side to the “La Mia Città” singer. “Manifesto” is another uptempo track that gives an insight into Emma’s past romantic experiences. Meanwhile, “Succede Che” (“What Happens”) comes to life in the chorus, which grabs the listener with it’s catchy beat and production. The somewhat tropical influences become more prominent in the final chorus.

“Dimmelo Veramente” (“Tell Me Really”) starts off with an electronic beat that is sustained throughout most of the track. Lyrically, Marrone depicts the feeling of getting lost in the crowds and not dealing with your personal struggles. However, the Italian star clearly states it’s always better to speak out, even you think the matter at hand is not important. The tracks “Corri” (“Run”) and “Basti Solo Tu” (“Only You Suffice”) also see the Italian singer go down an emotional path.

Closing out the record is “A Mano Disarmata”. In the song, Emma delivers a message of standing up and fighting even when you might not be as powerful as those you’re going up against. Emma’s own courage and will to keep on going helps with the symbolism of the song’s important message. Finally, there’s even an instrumental outro that sets the final note to the record.

Overall, there’s a lot of variety on Fortuna, from uptempo tracks like “Io Sono Bella” to the big ballad of “I grandi progetti”. As with her previous work, the star reinvents her sound by combining different elements with her well-recognisable voice.

However, running throughout the LP is an important message about perseverance and not letting the low points in your life stop you from achieving success. It’s a statement that has extra meaning in account of Emma’s recent health struggles. As she told her fans on Instagram: “you win and you lose but it’s worth trying”.

What do you think about Emma‘s new studio album Fortuna? Are you happy to see the singer heading into new  stylistic directions?

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3 years ago

I thought she’d taken a break from music ?

Polegend Godgarina
3 years ago

she sold 16,370 units in the first week, issa nice number n she’ll go gold before the end of the year. congrats !

Mr. Vanilla Bean
Mr. Vanilla Bean
3 years ago

I am still convinced this is the one mistake that Italy made. The stage was definitely rocked by others in 2014. Sometimes, even great messages don’t make for great music.

3 years ago

See, this is why I love different tastes so much. For me it was the best Italian entry in the 2010s and I still love rocking and dancing through the flat to “La Mia Citta” 😀
(Although the live was a bit much walking, but dynamic after all)

Mr. Vanilla Bean
Mr. Vanilla Bean
3 years ago
Reply to  ESCFan2009

Well, I am glad you enjoyed it so much. Then it served a purpose after all. I did like the laurel wreath she was wearing. At least I think it was a laurel wreath. It was cute.