Eurovision wouldn’t be Eurovision without the gorgeous staging to match the music. It’s sad that the 41 fantastic songs of Eurovision 2020 didn’t get the justice of presentation on the big stage. It didn’t mean they didn’t get their moment in the spotlight, however, as they were all performed in the comfortable homes of the Eurovision stars. It’s not common that we get to see the places where our musicians live and work, and it is certainly worthy of merit. There’s nothing more special than the space a musician makes their magic happen!

As such, as part of the 2020 VMAs, Vision Music Awards, we asked you to vote for the act you thought had the Best Interior Design.

Elisa from Portugal played the guitar on her beautifully-made bed. Latvia’s Samanta Tīna delivered a fiery performance in her spacious living room and on a balcony garden. Slovenia’s Ana Soklič sang from a gorgeous beach.

But after counting over 1,000 votes, we can now reveal which stars you felt had the best home décor.

VMAs 2020: Bulgaria’s VICTORIA wins Best Interior Design

The “Tears Getting Sober” singer picks up her third 2020 VMA. She notched up 97 votes, which is 8.94% of the total. VICTORIA is known for her mystical voice and ethereal music, and her home design fit perfectly. As part of Eurovision Home Concerts, she sang her Eurovision song in a modestly coloured room with a sofa, a small table and an armchair for our star. The main feature, however, was the lighting, which was provided by lights hung all around her band. It made the performance all the more intimate and effective. No bright colours or glitter, but matching perfectly with the vibe of the song. Also, there was a dog at her feet. It was cute as hell.

The Bulgarian star also participated in The Wiwi Jam at Home where she sang from an abandoned warehouse. Once again, the lack of colour was an asset to her performance and let her amazing voice shine through. This continued in her own online concert, which was illuminated entirely by candles as she sat in her couch in her living room. So simple, so powerful, so special. This kind of staging would bode very well for her this May.

Second place goes to Daði Freyr, with 61 votes (5.62%). His Eurovision Home Concerts performance featured the Icelandic star singing in his recording studio, which contained a respectable amount of musical equipment.

However, perhaps his best interior was that of his van, from which he performed Jam in Your Van. It was complete with pink and green lighting that brought the party vibe from Iceland to the world.

Third, and missing out on the silver by just one vote, goes to Switzerland’s Gjon’s Tears with 60 votes (5.53%). He performed “Répondez-moi” in front of a blue, white, red and yellow art deco background for Eurovision Home Concerts.

This home art display was seen in greater detail during The Wiwi Jam at Home, where he also showed off his massive piano.

Fourth place went to Norway’s Ulrikke, who performed “Attention” and “Heroes” in front of her spiral staircase and window. The lighting in that house was spectacular, with some spherical fairy lights and light bulbs attached to the staircase. Truly some fancy interior design, we approve!

And rounding out the top five is Romania’s Roxen, whose Eurovision Home Concerts performance made some fancy use of projectors. It certainly blended well with her Eurovision song “Alcohol You”, and suggests interesting things for the young star in May.

Full results: Best Interior Design

  1. Bulgaria: VICTORIA – 97 votes (8.94%)
  2. Iceland: Daði Freyr & Gagnamagnið – 61 votes (5.62%)
  3. Switzerland: Gjon’s Tears – 60 votes (5.53%)
  4. Norway: Ulrikke Brandstorp – 57 votes (5.25%)
  5. Romania: Roxen – 51 votes (4.70%)
  6. Latvia: Samanta Tīna – 47 votes (4.33%)
  7. Greece: Stefania – 42 votes (3.87%)
  8. San Marino: Senhit – 42 votes (3.87%)
  9. Albania: Arilena Ara – 39 votes (3.59%)
  10. Russia: Little Big – 38 votes (3.50%)
  11. Italy: Diodato – 34 votes (3.13%)
  12. Ukraine: Go_A – 34 votes (3.13%)
  13. Azerbaijan: Samira Efendi – 32 votes (2.95%)
  14. Lithuania: The Roop – 29 votes (2.67%)
  15. Sweden: The Mamas – 28 votes (2.58%)
  16. Serbia: Hurricane – 26 votes (2.40%)
  17. Australia: Montaigne – 25 votes (2.30%)
  18. Ireland: Lesley Roy – 25 votes (2.30%)
  19. Slovenia: Ana Soklič – 23 votes (2.12%)
  20. Israel: Eden Alene – 21 votes (1.94%)
  21. Netherlands: Jeangu Macrooy – 21 votes (1.94%)
  22. France: Tom Leeb – 20 votes (1.84%)
  23. Malta: Destiny Chukunyere – 20 votes (1.84%)
  24. Armenia: Athena Manoukian – 19 votes (1.75%)
  25. Finland: Aksel Kankaanranta – 19 votes (1.75%)
  26. Portugal: Elisa – 19 votes (1.75%)
  27. United Kingdom: James Newman – 18 votes (1.66%)
  28. Croatia: Damir Kedžo – 16 votes (1.47%)
  29. Estonia: Uku Suviste – 16 votes (1.47%)
  30. Spain: Blas Cantó – 16 votes (1.47%)
  31. Germany: Ben Dolic – 14 votes (1.29%)
  32. Poland: Alicja Szemplińska – 13 votes (1.20%)
  33. Cyprus: Sandro – 10 votes (0.92%)
  34. Denmark: Ben & Tan – 10 votes (0.92%)
  35. North Macedonia: Vasil – 9 votes (0.83%)
  36. Belarus: V.A.L – 8 votes (0.74%)
  37. Czech Republic: 7 votes (0.65%)
  38. Natalia Gordienko – 6 votes (0.55%)
  39. Austria: Vincent Bueno – 5 votes (0.46%)
  40. Belgium: Hooverphonic – 4 votes (0.37%)
  41. Georgia: Tornike Kipiani – 4 votes (0.37%)

Total votes: 1,065 votes

What do you think of the results? Do you like VICTORIA’s understated lighting? Let us know below!

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