The Eurovision 2021 season is hotting up. Over the course of the next few months, we will all fall in and out of love with scores of new national final and Eurovision entries. But that doesn’t mean we forget about the artists from past contests.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers and performers associated with both Eurovision itself and the various national selections are thriving.

Here is a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released in the last week or so.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2021 | Week 9

LOBODA – “Родной”

After dabbling in rave-pop, Ukrainian superSTAR LOBODA has returned to a more standard Russian pop sound for her new single “Родной” (Dear). There’s a catchy contemporary beat running underneath the track, but there’s also an element of emotional fragility in the song. This goes along with the theme of the lyrics, in which the Eurovision 2009 star sings about reconnecting with a ex-lover she hasn’t spoken to in years: “My dear friend / Well, how I missed you / How many cold winters / You didn’t call at night”. The music video is relatively understated as far as LOBODA’s videos go – we see two people that used to be together who are debating about whether to text one another again despite the individual lives they have since built up. LOBODA spoke more about the song in a post on Instagram:

“The song “Родной” has been waiting for its time for a long time. And, just recently, I felt that I wanted to sing it. I think this is a story that could have happened to each of us. We meet, fall in love, lose. Life is often stronger than love. And it lasts much longer.”

Madame Monsieur – “Cœurs abîmés”

The 80s synth-pop musical trend is still going strong and now it has reached French duo Madame Monsieur. The Eurovision 2018 group’s latest song is “Cœurs abîmés” (Damaged hearts) and it fully hops on board the trend, delivering a catchy retro sound. In the lyrics, the duo’s vocalist Émilie Satt encourages those whose hearts have been hurt by past relationships to come out at night and set their emotions free: “Hey babe / Let the tears flow, it’s allowed under the artificial moon / Let the salt go to mix with other salts … What do we have when night falls? / What is going on in our hearts, in our damaged hearts? / In our damaged hearts”.

Francesca Michielin – FEAT (Fuori dagli spazi)

Ahead of her second place finish at Festival di Sanremo 2021 on Saturday Sunday, Francesca Michielin gifted fans with another musical treat and released her new album. FEAT (Fuori dagli spazi) [FEAT (Out of space)] is the deluxe version of her 2020 album of a similar name that was also filled with collaborations between the Eurovision 2016 star and other Italian singers. This new LP features four new singles, including her Sanremo 2021 entry “Chiamami Per Nome” with Fedez.

Sofi Marinova and Lorenzo – “Maskite Svalete”

In 2012, Sofi Marinova brought the turbo-folk genre to the Eurovision stage. And the Bulgarian star continues to deliver this upbeat party sound with her new singles. Sofi has collaborated with her son Lorenzo for the new track “Maskite Svalete” (Take off the masks). While the lyrics may talk about not suppressing your voice and singing at full volume, we would actively encourage you to keep your masks ON during the ongoing pandemic.

Iveta Mukuchyan – “Kenatsd Khmem”

Iveta Mukuchyan is delivering a truly emotional performance for her new single. “Kenatsd Khmem” (I would drink to you) is a tear-jerking song that lets the Armenian singer’s rich vocals shine. Starting off as a piano-ballad, the song then adds in orchestral instrumentation and a trumpet solo during the bridge. The song itself is a cover of “Kenatst misht khmem”, which was originally performed by Araksia Varderesyan. Lyrically, the track details how Iveta will continue to support her lover, even if they went off with someone else for a time: “I would always drink to you, to you / I’d keep on lighting the way for you all night long, and wait for you ever long”.

AISEL – “Drama”

AISEL is living for the “Drama” in her new single. Despite the title, the song itself delivers a more low-key dramatic sound. It’s a steady track with an air of mystery and intrigue surrounding the entire three minutes. Things pick up momentarily during the second half of each chorus, where a more danceable beat is thrown into the production.

Ani Lorak – “Наполовину”

Ani Lorak is caught in a love triangle for her new single “Наполовину” (Half). It’s a passionate ballad that the Ukrainian star delivers with conviction and emotion. Lyrically, the Eurovision 2008 silver medallist is no longer content with just half of her lover, and decides to bid them farewell: “Half mine, I turned into a bird / Half mine, I came to say goodbye / Half mine, be happy, do you hear / But not at any cost, if the third is superfluous”. The music video sees Lorak’s lover come and see her in a show, but it’s slightly awkward that he’s come with the other member of the triangle. Lorak commented more on Instagram about what the song meant to her:

“This is a special song for me about a strong-willed personality who went through mistakes and disappointments, but, nevertheless, was able to keep the light in herself. May mutual sincere love always win in your life.”

AVA (feat. Connect-R) – “Emotii”

Connect-R is an in demand artist. As well as releasing his own new music, the rapper has taken the time to feature on “Emotii” (Emotions), the new song by AVA. A mid-tempo hip-hop offering, Moldova’s Eurovision 2006 star provides a rap verse for song. This adds some dynamism in between AVA’s emotional vocal delivery.

Lior Narkis – “חיבוק”

Eurovision 2003 star Lior Narkis is looking forward to the moment that he can embrace his friends again following the easing of Covid-19 restrictions. In his new song “חיבוק” (Hug), the Israeli singer hopes that they won’t have to be separated any longer: “So let’s bring a hug, hug, hug, hug, hug / My heart is exploding now like a refinery / Every moment of prayer is like a song of hope / That we will know no more longing and distance”. Narkis delivers an upbeat ethno-pop track with the aim of lifting people’s spirits and getting them in the mood for dancing once again.

Samra – “Göz”

Samra’s musical evolution has led her towards a hip-hop sound. This continues full force with her latest single “Göz” (Eye). It’s a catchy track with a dramatic electric-guitar ending that sees the Azerbaijani star declaring all eyes are on her. Indeed, it’s hard not to take your eyes off Samra in the accompanying music video. The Eurovision 2016 singer werks almost every part of her body and serves a full-on hip-hop diva experience.

Anna Sahlene – “Filmen om vårt liv”

Swedish singer Anna Sahlene built bridges by representing Estonia at Eurovision 2002. But now, the singer has focused her talents on a truly Swedish new single. “Filmen om vårt liv” (The film about our lives) is a classic schlager track with an upbeat and danceable melody. However, the song itself was actually created as a parody of schlager music. The tune has been used in adverts by Swedish broadcaster SVT to promote its online streaming service SVT Play along with the line, “Tired of Mello? Choose from over 1,000 other programmes”.

Ben Cristovao – “Ledová”

Ahead of the release of his Eurovision 2021 song, Ben Cristovao also dropped the new Czech-language single “Ledová” (Ice). This other song is a calmer affair that serves up a chilled hip-hop/pop sound. Lyrically, the Czech star sings about his feelings for his partner: “He doesn’t know that you and I have something behind us / My baby, can’t do without you/ If it’s ever bad, you know I’ll come see you”. Meanwhile, the music video features Ben and some friends going out on a motorcycle ride.

Fabrizio Moro – “Voglio Stare Con Te”

Towards the end of 2020, Fabrizio Moro released his new album Canzoni d’amore nascoste (Hidden love songs). The LP featured two previously unreleased songs and nine re-arrangements of Moro’s older singles. Italy’s Eurovision 2018 star has now shared the music video for one of the album’s two new tracks – “Voglio Stare Con Te” (I Want To Be With You). The MV features a boy and girl who live next door to each other. The boy finds a hole in the wall that allows him to watch the girl practicing her ballet dancing, and he naturally falls in love. This concept goes along with the lyrics of the passionate ballad, which see Moro wanting to spend his eternity with the one he loves: “I want to love you for my whole life / And to take you to America / I want to be with you / Without it making any sense / And to wake you up everyday / But as if it were a Sunday”.

Sevak – “Du es im hogin”

Armenia’s Sevak is once again showcasing his skills of delivering the raw emotion of a song. The Eurovision 2018 star has released the ballad “Du es im hogin”, which is a cover of the song originally performed by Chioma in 2013. For his version, Sevak adds to the production but keeps all the emotion that was present in the original. The music video features the relationship between a couple portrayed through puppets.

Chingiz Mustafayev – “Gülzar istərəm”

Sometimes travelling to a new location can help spark musical inspiration. That recently happened for Chingiz Mustafayev. When in the Oghuz District of Azerbaijan, the singer wrote his new song “Gülzar istərəm” (I want a flower). The lyrics of the track were inspired by the work of Azerbaijani poet Mahammad Fuzuli, who himself hailed from the Oghuz District. Musically, the Eurovision 2019 star mixes traditional instrumentation with contemporary beats.

Lea Sirk – “Shame”

At Eurovision 2018, Lea Sirk exclaimed “Hvala, ne!” to those who said she couldn’t live her life the way she wants. And now the Slovenian star believes it’s a “Shame” that she won’t be able to spend that life with a certain individual. Her latest single is a slow guitar-driven ballad. While Lea understands that she’s better off without this person, she still knows that her heart will always be entwined with her ex-partner’s: “I’m falling day by day / To find a new way / Not to tell the world this is a big shame”. The music video features alternating clips of Lea sat in the car while rain runs down the windows, and her walking past inanimate objects in nature.

Konstantinos Christoforou – “S’ Ena Tetarto”

Three-time Eurovision contestant Konstantinos Christoforou is on the search for his loved one in his new single “S’ Ena Tetarto” (In Fifteen Minutes). An ethno-pop song, the track features a multitude of traditional Greek and Cypriot instruments. Konstantinos sings about how he doesn’t want to go the night without seeing his lover: “I will die, my baby, if I don’t see you tonight / I will come wherever you want in fifteen minutes / In my hands I don’t hold control anymore”. In the music video, which is shot in black and white, the Cypriot-Greek singer heads out on a long journey just so that he can see his loved one again.

AMAYA – “Sleep Alone”

Slovenia’s AMAYA (previously known as Maja Keuc) is showcasing her wonderful vocal talent through her latest single “Sleep Alone”. It’s a beautiful ballad that’s simultaneously raw and smooth. Lyrically, the Eurovision 2011 star deals with the aftermath of a break-up: “Looking up / To the sky / Praying / You’ll be alright / Need to heal / Here on my own / Now I sleep alone”. The accompanying music video is shot in one take and features AMAYA wandering around the apartment she now lives in alone while reminiscing about the failed relationship.

Loukas Yorkas – “Μου Έλειψες Πολύ”

Loukas Yorkas is in need of a plumber in his latest music video. The clip sees the star sat in his living room, but when water starts to drip from above, the whole room ends up flooded. This is no doubt meant to symbolise the emotions that Loukas is feeling through his latest ballad “Μου Έλειψες Πολύ” (I missed you so much). Greece’s Eurovision 2011 singer discusses how he regrets not giving his all to a relationship and now wishes the other person hadn’t left him: “I missed you so much / It does not have more / Because you are in my life / The biggest upset / I missed you so much / And if I had a choice / I would love you from the beginning”.

Rui Bandeira – “Mãe há só uma”

Rui Bandeira’s latest single is dedicated to his mother. Portugal’s Eurovision 1999 star declares “Mãe há só uma” (Mother there is only one) and he thanks her for the care she has given him over the years: “Oh … My Mother … / I thank you for taking such good care of me / Even if someday someone takes you away from here / My heart will be needy / My mom”. Sonically, it’s a steady ballad with a 90s feel to it.

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Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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AISEL only

Lollipopmonster ESC
Lollipopmonster ESC
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You forgot to name Melani Garcia (JESC 2019) feat. Aubrey Miller “Singing Alone” … a very good song.

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My favorite in this are the songs by Aisel and Loboda. Thanks for putting this together every week, it is highly appreciated by me! I always find new tunes for my playlist here…

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Please write about Sanja Ilic of Serbia 2018, passing away today due to covid-19 🙁 🙁 🙁

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OMG ! Madame Monsieur’s song is such a bop, a masterpiece ! I wouldn’t have expected this kind of song from them ! The video on this page doesn’t work but check it out on youtube, you definitely need it on your playlist 😉

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