#OpenUp with Deban: Instagram LIVE lineup 12 May

What does #OpenUp mean to you? Well, if you’re following wiwibloggs on Instagram, you might have heard that question a lot recently. Our Deban Aderemi has been chatting with Eurovision stars past and present over on Instagram LIVE to get their thoughts and feelings about Eurovision 2021.

Guests so far have included Eurovision 2021 stars Jendrik, Barbara Pravi and Gjon’s Tears — the latter of which joined us live from the bath!

And tonight, the party continues. Tonight’s #OpenUp with Deban livestream kicks off at 20:00 CEST.

#OpenUp: Wiwibloggs Instagram LIVE lineup (12 May)

Tonight, Deban will be joined by the following Eurovision stars:

  • 🇷🇸 Bojana Stamenov (Serbia 2015)
  • 🇲🇰  Jana Burčeska (North Macedonia 2017)
  • 🇸🇲 Valentina Monetta (San Marino 2012, 2013, 2014, 2017)
  • 🇵🇹 Rui Andrade
  • 🇩🇰 Tim Schou (Denmark 2011)
  • 🇪🇪 Uku Suviste (Estonia 2020, 2021)
  • 🇬🇧 Angie Brown
  • 🇬🇪 Lizi Pop (Georgia Junior Eurovision 2014)
  • 🇪🇪 Laura Põldvere (Estonia 2005, 2017)
  • 🇨🇾 Minus One (Cyprus 2016)
  • 🇸🇲 Ariana Ulivi (San Marino Junior Eurovision 2014)
  • 🇲🇹 Christabelle (Malta 2018)
  • 🇵🇹 Conan Osíris (Portugal 2019)
  • 🇵🇹 João Reis Moreira (Portugal 2019)
  • 🇦🇿 Samra (Azerbaijan 2016)
  • 🇲🇩 Anna Odobescu (Moldova 2019)

Some of our resident wiwibloggers will also be joining in. And perhaps we’ll have some surprises along the way! You’ll also have a chance to ask your favourite Eurovision stars some questions, so get thinking.


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Wiwibloggs Instagram LIVE Guests

Thus far, we’ve had guest appearances from more than 50 Eurovision stars, including Eurovision 2011 champion Eldar Gasimov, Eurovision 2021 fan favourite Barbara Pravi and international man of mystery Philipp Kirkorov!

Guests so far:

  • Tamara Todevska
  • Ash Haynes
  • Tijana Dapcevic
  • Balkanika
  • Lesley Roy
  • Roko
  • Imri Ziv
  • Rambo Amadeus
  • Eldar Gasimov
  • Ana Rucner
  • Lindsay Dracass
  • Efendi
  • Anna Sahlene
  • Kurt Calleja
  • Stefania
  • Darude
  • Krista Siegfrieds
  • Rafal
  • EyeCue
  • Ester Peony
  • Greta Salóme
  • Litesound
  • Franka
  • Jacques Houdek
  • Jimmie Wilson
  • Jendrik
  • Gjon’s Tears
  • Deen
  • Oliver Poole
  • Ira Losco
  • Moran Mazor
  • Destiny
  • Vincent Bueno
  • Cesár Sampson
  • Elena Tsagrinou
  • Barbara Pravi
  • Juliette Moraine
  • Philipp Kirkorov
  • Natalia Gordienko
  • Ani Lorak
  • Lidia Isac
  • Senhit
  • Luca Tommassini
  • Serhat
  • Eneda Tarifa
  • Anxhela Peristeri
  • Ardit Cuni
  • Vanja Radovanovic
  • Aksel
  • Tijana Bogicevic
  • Hera Björk
  • Timebelle
  • Soundland
  • Judah Gavra
  • Sunstroke Project
  • Lindita

Over the course of Eurovision week, we’ll be joined by a star-studded lineup of guests from the world of the song contest and beyond. Stay tuned and be sure to follow us on Instagram!

Who are you most excited to hear from? Which Eurovision stars would you like to see appear on #OpenUp with Deban? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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2 years ago

I love it that finally some rarely mentioned Eurovision stars are involved, especially those who did not do so well in their years, because I always feel that some singers do not want to recall their Eurovision experiences. But their being here means they are still happy about Eurovision.

2 years ago

omg i missed the kirkorov one, must have been awkward asking him what it means ópen up to him!

I am still waiting for Tamta and Katerine Duska to be invited, Deban interviewed both of them and he seemed to have fun with them.

gurki loko
gurki loko
2 years ago

It would bu funny if Laura asked Deban what he thought about her song as he couldn’t even sit through it.

2 years ago