Although we’re officially into the Eurovision 2022 season, it will still be some time before we hear any national final and Eurovision songs. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of past Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers and performers associated with both Eurovision itself and the various national selections are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2021 | Week 40

KEiiNO – “End of Time (Taste of Heaven)”

Now that we’re into spook-tober, KEiiNO are getting into the Halloween spirit with the new single “End of Time (Taste of Heaven)”. Norway’s Eurovision 2019 trio mix glam-rock, techno and pop to create a theatrical track that still has the quintessential KEiiNO sound. Alexandra Rotan leads the way on the vocals, with Tom Hugo joining in with harmonies and Fred Buljo adding his usual Sámi flair. Lyrically, the song is set at the end of the world, and the group advise on the best way to make it to heaven: “Do you want to dance in heaven / Count your sins and pray for seven / All the queers go straight to heaven / Please dear God just show me heaven”.

Francesca Michielin – “Nei tuoi occhi”

Francesca Michielin’s new single has been created for the Italian film Marilyn ha gli occhi neri (Marilyn has black eyes). “Nei tuoi occhi” (“Into your eyes”) layers the Eurovision 2016 star’s light and airy vocals over an almost ethereal production that makes it feel as if the listener is floating. Francesca sings of the power her lover gives her to speak up: “You give me a voice everyday / So I can scream them all / Like a flare that bursts in my heart / You give me the voice to say / That all is to be done”.

Benjamin Ingrosso – “Not Anybody’s Fault”

“We were good / We were bad / We gave everything we had / But s*** happens / It’s not anybody’s fault”. Benjamin Ingrosso understands life is a bit of a rollercoaster and that you don’t always need to play the blame game when going through the low moments. A steady mid-tempo pop song, Sweden’s Eurovision 2018 star first played  “Not Anybody’s Fault” on his last tour before the Covid pandemic. While the situation delayed the English-language album that he had ready, Benjamin has now released the song as a little gift for his fans.

Emmelie de Forest – “Typical Love Song”

It’s been three years since we last had a new music release from Eurovision 2013 winner Emmelie de Forest. And for her triumphant return she’s delivering a “Typical Love Song”. That being said, Emmelie brings a slightly fresh dynamic to the genre of love songs. Things start off slow with the Danish star’s voice being edited to sound like she’s singing into an old-school microphone. The beat then comes in and we’re left with a catchy and charming song – Emmelie’s personality comes out more here than perhaps in any of her previous songs. As you might expect in the lyrics, the Eurovision winner declares her love for the person that’s found her way into her life: “The way you opened my eyes / So wide / Brought in some colour to my life / There was a time / I didn’t know that the answer was you”.

Zlata Ognevich – “Клинок”

Zlata Ognevich hopes the voice of her heart will cut through the noise like a “Клинок” (“Blade”). And the Ukrainian singer’s vocals certainly cut through with precision after the second chorus of her new single. Here, the song quickly ramps up to give a psuedo-rock feel. Explaining the meaning of the song in the music video’s description, the Eurovision 2013 star noted:

“The song ‘Клинок’ is my personal manifesto. In the modern world, relationships have become popcorn, people have ceased to appreciate the sincerity, closeness and importance of their partner. So often I hear about one-night stands, broken hearts and empty hopes. I continue to believe that we are able to hear the voice of our person’s heart and answer their call. That is why my manifesto, my ‘Клинок’, is the voice of the heart for everyone who knows how to hear and feel!”

Laura Tesoro – “Instagram”

This week, Laura Tesoro appeared on Belgian TV show The Best Of. The programme surprises musical icons from the country with their own private concert, where other homegrown Belgian artists perform covers of their songs. Laura took part in the concert for brothers and acclaimed DJ duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. The Eurovision 2016 alum performed “Instagram”. The original version had a summer party feel to it with a danceable beat. But Laura’s rendition keeps things more in the mid-tempo realm and utilises drum-machine beats.

Harel Skaat – “בא לי”

Some artists use their music to tell you all about what/who they want. But Harel Skaat has instead used his new song to say what he doesn’t want. “בא לי” (“I feel like”) is aimed at a potential suitor, with the Israeli star shutting them down: “I do not want, I do not want, I do not want / With you it feels banal to me / Everything is already costing me and bitter to me”. With a strong driving beat running throughout, Harel is firm in his stance, and this is something he hopes his daughter will also be able to  be when dealing with similar situations in the future. In a post on Instagram, the Eurovision 2010 alum commented:

“To tell the truth, as a man and a father to a daughter, I would like to live in a world where women live an easier, more egalitarian and secure reality, to say and do only what comes to them!”

Dami Im – “Pray”

Hallelujah! There has never been any doubt that Dami Im is a powerhouse when it comes to vocal ability. Now her skills are showcased once again with the new single “Pray”. It’s a soulful ballad that builds with the addition of a gospel choir, but Dami’s heartfelt delivery remains the focal point. In the lyrics, Australia’s Eurovision 2016 star discusses the fact that we all need to take a moment to rest and reflect every now and again: “Can we stop and take a breath? / Maybe we just need to pray / Hallelujah, hallelujah / When it’s more than we can take / It’s time for us to pray”.

Brendan Murray – “Little Island”

Eurovision 2017 singer Brendan Murray is sailing away to a “Little Island”. But in this case, the island in question is another person. In his new single, the Irish star sings of a person he met on a boat trip to Mexico city. While he had hoped to go the distance with a relationship, they ended up going to different destinations: “You were my little island / How I loved to explore your body / In the rough, you’re a diamond / I was lost on the night you found me”. Brendan always has acoustic guitars at the centre of his songs, and “Little Island” utilises them alongside other elements to deliver a really nice pop track.

Brainstorm (feat. Sasha Petrov) – “Моя Луна”

Brainstorm aren’t just releasing an album at the end of October, they’re also releasing a full concert movie to go along with it. The latest teaser of both comes in the form of the new single “Моя Луна” (“My Moon”). It’s a slow indie-rock song in which frontman Renārs Kaupers sings: “My moon / You are crying / Because tonight you shine in the rain”. There’s also a spoken word section courtesy of Russian actor Sasha Petrov. The accompanying video from the concert movie features Latvia’s Eurovision 2000 band performing whilst a few dancers intermingle with them – oh, and a woman rocks up on a horse.

Ott Lepland – “Mina veel sind ei tea”

Whilst dating apps are all well and good, sometimes it just comes down to fate to bring two people together at just the right moment. That’s what Ott Lepland is counting on in the lyrics of his new single “Mina veel sind ei tea” (“I don’t know you yet”). Estonia’s Eurovision 2012 star hopes that his destiny will lead him to the right person: “I was hoping that fate would take my steps somewhere / Where there is someone waiting who seems right […] I don’t know you yet, you don’t know me yet / And I don’t know you yet and I don’t even know your name”. Musically, the song is a groovy pop number with some nice underlying base and synth additions.

Vanna – “Pjesma o tebi”

Vanna’s new single is “Pjesma o tebi” (“A song about you”). Croatia’s Eurovision 2001 singer delivers a striving and dynamic ballad that really builds in the chorus. Vanna sings about moving on from someone, despite the fact that this person still inspires her music: “Sadness that catches me / Hands of gold / I’m afraid he wouldn’t find out / That all my songs are about you”.

Ash Haynes (The Mamas) – “Say So”

As part of The Mamas’ upcoming EP, each of Ash, Dinah and Loulou will also have their own solo songs. Ahead of the full EP, Ash Haynes has released her solo single now. “Say So” is a fun track that’s driven by a funky guitar rhythm before blending into a softer bridge. The song allows Sweden’s Eurovision 2020 entrant to showcase her bubbly personality. Lyrically, Ash wants the person she has feelings for to hurry up and say what they really feel: “Been taking your time / Just to tell me what you want / Why don’t you just say so / That you want me so close”.

Vanilla Ninja – Encore

Over a decade since their last album, Switzerland’s Eurovision 2005 band Vanilla Ninja have now completed their comeback with the release of their new LP Encore. It features 12 songs, including recent singles “Gotta Get It Right”, “No Regrets”, “The Reason Is You” and “Incredible”. The first of these, which opens up the album, is definitely the heaviest hitting track. Following on from this, the Estonian band generally serve-up a mixture of soft-rock offerings. Though the album’s title song, “Encore”, also brings in a retro electronic dance beat.

Dian Solo – BG Ethno House

Over the past year or so, Dian Solo has been releasing a number of songs that combine electronic house music with traditional Bulgarian folklore. This has now culminated in the new album BG Ethno House. Some of the songs are alongside Deep Zone Project, who Dian is a member of and with whom he represented Bulgaria at Eurovision 2008. Others are solo work and collaborations with other singers.

Aurela Gaçe & Stine & Dr Flori – “SFL”

Eurovision 2011 alum Aurela Gaçe has recently released “SFL”. The Albanian star has collaborated with Stine and Dr Flori for the song, and the title is short for their names – Stine, Flori and Lela. This is the same order in which you hear the three artists on the track. Stine kicks things off with the first verse and chorus, Dr Flori contributes the middle section and then Aurela brings things home. Only Aurela and Stine could make it for the recording of the music video, with the two of them performing around a giant boombox on a basketball court.

Connect-R & BRUJA – “To The Max”

Connect-R is getting into the gaming life with his latest single. Moldova’s Eurovision 2006 rapper has teamed up with BRUJA for “To The Max”. The song has been created in partnership with the battle royale mobile game Garena Free Fire Max. The lyrics include references to the game, as Connect-R and BRUJA boast about coming out on top: “You know I’m not leaving, I have no choice / I have a strategy that does not disappoint / Because I do everything for her / I shoot everything / You know no one replaces me”. In the music video, both rappers get an alter ego that’s animated in style of the game.

Magdolna Rúzsa – “Karma”

Magdolna Rúzsa was even keener than KEiiNO to get into spooky season. As soon as the calendar flipped over to 1 October, the Hungarian star released a new frightening music video for her song “Karma” – the title track of her latest album. Magdolna hosts a party in a mansion surrounded by bats. Whilst the guests initially enjoy their time dancing, they’re later given a poisoned drink and begin to collapse. Meanwhile, the hosts end the night with a plethora of bodies to suffice their blood-sucking needs.

Claudia Faniello – “When Is It”

Claudia Faniello is getting a bit breathless after repeatedly asking her lover to give her the attention she deserves. Malta’s Eurovision 2017 star questions “When Is It” her time to be in focus: “All I ever wanted, babe, was your attention / All you ever gave me was the hardest time / But when is it?”. A disco-inspired pop track, this latest song lets Claudia bring out her sassier side compared to the ballad she went to Eurovision with.

MARUV – “Rich B*tch”

MARUV has developed a rather provocative musical style and some people might complain that it’s too vulgar. However, in her new single “Rich B*tch”, the Vidbir 2019 winner says she’s going to stay true to herself and remain on this path as long as it keeps paying her bills: “You’re moaning? Go and call your ma / Cause all you do is blah blah blah / A leather collar round my neck / Is gonna pay my check check check […] At least you see me as I am / I’m not behind some glitz and glam / You can tell me nothin’, b*tch / I’m beautiful, dirty and rich”. Sonically, this new song is a catchy electro-dance offering with lengthy instrumental sections that allow MARUV to showcase more of her seductive dance moves.


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Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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1 year ago

I love the Keiino song!

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Bird Lover
1 year ago

so claudia looks 29 here but chose to look 60 at eurovision?

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Jesper Hjellnes
1 year ago

Has anyone noticed how KEiiNO’s Instagram is hacked? There are six pictures of the same woman, and is said to be some kind of a Turkish yoga page 🙁 Hope KEiiNO gets their Insta back soon

1 year ago

bio is Turkish and i think the woman in the picture is fake 🙁 Seems like a yoga teacher wanted to advertise and hacked their acc

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Yh i noticed that hopefully they get their account back soon

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the turkish hackers (they are also ESC fans) have stolen the pic of that poor woman. I’ve also noticed that the hackers are connected with a couple of other homophobic ESC fans on twitter (their past tweets are all against LGBT)