The Eurovision 2022 season is slowly beginning to heat up. Over the course of the next few months, we will all fall in and out of love with scores of new national final and Eurovision entries. But that doesn’t mean we forget about the artists from past contests.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2022 | Week 4

Manizha – “See-Line Woman”

Manizha has teamed up with the streaming giant to release her own Spotify Single – the first Russian act to do so. For the project, Manizha decided to cover “See-Line Woman”, originally sung by Nina Simone. The Eurovision 2021 star updates the production and adds her own flair into the song. The result is an excellent example of Manizha’s musical craft. In a post on Instagram, Manizha notes: “My love, Nina Simon! For me, she is a goddess. And it’s impossible to sing better than goddess. But closing my eyes, I imagined that she was standing next to me and we were singing together. I really miss her. And there was a feeling that it was she who was driving this song, not me.”

The B-side is an acoustic version of her other recent song “Now Or Never”.

TIX – “Bli Hos Meg”

After a week off, TIX was back for the latest episode of Hver gang vi møtes – where artists perform new versions of each other’s songs. This episode focused on Norwegian singer Jarle Bernhoft. Eurovision 2021 star TIX took Jarle’s song “Stay With Me” and transformed it into a “Bli Hos Meg”, a Norwegian-language pop song.

Jeangu Macrooy – “Worship”

Jeangu Macrooy knows that his body is a temple and he’s making sure the people he connects with “Worship” it, singing: “So now I’ve let you in / Show your devotion / This is holy ground / And if you’re looking for a blessing / I need you to worship my body”. The Netherlands’s Eurovision 2021 star delivers a stirring soul song that also has a bluesy touch thanks to a trumpet solo. Speaking further about the message of the song, the Surinamese singer noted:

“It’s a song about honouring and celebrating your body, and the joy that is celebrating your body with someone else. I’m so happy that this tune is finally yours!! I hope it makes you want to sing, dance and appreciate the skin you’re in.”

Edsilia Rombley & Berget Lewis – “Hoelang Nog?”

Two-time Eurovision act and host Edsilia Rombley has released the new pop song “Hoelang Nog?” (“How Long?). She’s done so alongside Berget Lewis – both singers are members of the Dutch supergroup Ladies of Soul. In the song, Edsilia and Berget try to advise their friend about their toxic relationship and encourage them to put an end to it. The music video’s description explains further:

“‘Hoelang Nog?’ is a message to all those people who are in an unhealthy relationship, which also affects family and friends. The two singers hope to send a signal with this song and empower people to get out of a toxic relationship, even if they think there is no way out.”

AISEL – “Get”

Eurovision 2018 alumna AISEL has released “Get”. The song lets the Azeri star showcase her jazzy style and it concludes with a solo from a traditional instrument. 

Katerine Duska – “Of Time”

Katerine Duska’s latest single is “Of Time”. Greece’s Eurovision 2019 singer poses a question to her lover about whether their relationship is coming to its natural conclusion: “Are we out of time / How we gonna make it better / If we’re gonna lie together”. It’s a standout track and it comes with a well-produced music video, both of which build to a stimulating conclusion.

Manel Navarro & J. Cruz – “Lo Que Hay”

Manel Navarro has teamed up with J. Cruz for the new single “Lo Que Hay” (“What there is”). It’s a punk-pop offering that progresses at a relatively steady pace. Spain’s Eurovision 2017 star joins J. Cruz in the music video, where they alternate in arguing with the same woman.

Lordi – Abusement Park (Lordiversity)

Lordi are now halfway through their Lordiversity series, digitally releasing album number four of seven. This one is Abusement Park and it’s filled with hard rock tracks that are not too far away from the Finnish band’s usual releases. Featuring 11 songs, it includes their recent Christmas single “Merry Blah Blah Blah”.

The Eurovision 2006 champions have also teased another of the upcoming Lordiversity LPs. Lordi dropped the single “Spear of the Romans” on Friday, which comes from the seventh album Masterbeast From The Moon.

Julia Samoylova – “Yeah”

“Do not look for complex, confusing meanings (we will leave them for my other tracks) … Live in the present – this is the only way to be happy, because everything that happens is just there”. Julia Samoylova doesn’t want people to analyse her new single too much, but rather just enjoy the music and the vibe. “Yeah” is a synth-pop track with nice peaks and troughs between the chorus and verses. Russia’s Eurovision 2018 star sings about living in the moment: “Yeah / This music is inside you / Hold on tight to your hand / Everything that happens is just life / Everything that happens just is”.

Luka – “FOMO”

Luka has a serious case of “FOMO” – that’s fear of missing out. The Eurovision 2020 singer and former Hooverphonic member details this in her new pop track, but she also notes it’s something she wants to move on from: “I get scared / That something’s happening and I am not there / It’s a feeling that I can’t seem to ever deny / Yeah, I’ll be alright / Won’t be there”. In the accompanying music video, Luka gets a text about a party and quickly makes her way there. Though at the end we see an alternative timeline play out.

Nathan Trent – “Late Night Friends”

If you follow Nathan Trent on any form of social media, then you’ve probably known this single has been coming for a while now. Austria’s Eurovision 2017 singer has done a lot of teasing for “Late Night Friends”, but now the song is finally out. It’s a groovy pop track that quickly get the listener tapping and dancing along. Lyrically, the song deals with a situation where Nathan doesn’t want to be trapped in a serious relationship, but the person he’s been seeing on the down-lo would like to make things more official: “We’re more than late night friends / But I can’t help myself / We’ve got our differences / And I can’t quite describe the way I feel about it / So I ain’t making promises / We’re good at being late night friends”.

Eliot – “Sad (run)”

Eliot isn’t just running, he’s running sadly. Belgium’s Eurovision 2019 participant has released “Sad (run)”, in which he sings about the madness he’s currently going through: “Running my head / Is spinning round and I can’t help / Running for help / Just running from my parents”. Musically, the song has two distinct halves. The first sees Eliot mainly accompanied by a piano. After the first chorus, a more dynamic drum machine beat comes in and continues through the second half.

VAL – “Калыханка з месячыкам”

VAL have an announcement for us: “We are happy to share with you our love and happiness. We are incredibly grateful that our family will soon be doubled.” Indeed, Belarus’s Eurovision 2020 duo are expecting twins. In tandem with the announcement, VAL have also released the new song “Калыханка з месячыкам” (“Lullaby with the moon”). As the title suggests, it’s a soft and dreamy song to help your own little ones drift off to sleep.

Demy, JiMBo & Chris Karr – “Apothimena”

Demy’s latest single is “Apothimena” (“Repulsed”), which is a collaboration with singer JiMBo and produced by Chris Karr. Thankfully, we’re not repulsed by the song, and it delivers a catchy Greek-pop sound that listeners can bop along with.

Justyna Steczkowska & Arek Kłusowski – “Uciekinierzy”

Justyna Steczkowska represented Poland at Eurovision in 1995. Her new single is “Uciekinierzy” (“Fugitives”), performed alongside fellow Polish singer Arek Kłusowski. After a relatively quiet intro, a driving drum beat sonn comes in for the rest of the song. The music video premieres on Monday.

Boggie & Krisztián Grecsó – “Messziről jött ember”

Hungary’s Boggie has teamed up with Krisztián Grecsó for the new single “Messziről jött ember” (“They came from afar”). It starts off softly, with the pair accompanied by acoustic guitar. Further percussion and string instruments then steadily come into play to help the song build. The Eurovision 2015 star sings about coming to a new place with ambitions: “A person came from afar, whatever they may say / Desires come from afar, they are about you / They live in you”. It’s a message that Boggie hopes many will connect to:

“The characters, locations, amplitudes change, but humanity has something in common. That’s why everyone is a person from afar from their own point of view. I hope many will be able to identify with what the song has to say.”

Lenny Kuhr – Lenny Kuhr

Eurovision 1969 winner Lenny Kuhr has released her new album – handily titled Lenny Kuhr in case you didn’t know her name. The LP features 11 songs, including recent singles “Nog Steeds Een Troubadour” and “In Mijn Boek”. The rest of the album is filled with other percussion-driven songs, which are generally slower to mid-tempo in nature.

Tanxugueiras & Rayden – “Averno”

And finally, as a little bonus, here’s a new song from two of the finalists of Spain’s Benidorm Fest 2022. Tanxugueiras have collaborated with rapper Rayden for “Averno” (“Hell”). The trio deliver another single infused with their Galician folk sound, this time taking aim at someone who has done them wrong: “You hurt me so much / There’s nothing left to do / Now you’ll pay for it, that’s gonna be my pleasure / Get out of here, you can already leave / ‘Cause I won’t talk to you ever again”.

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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2 years ago

Correction – Demy’s “Apothimena” means “Inhibitions” or “Repressed feelings”
Google translate did not do a good job there.

2 years ago

Off-topic, but today was an interview with Lolita Zero and she gave some explanations of symbolism in her performance. A star was born, but people were saying she is a Satanist:

2 years ago

Katerine Duska makes such cool pop music. i also love her song Athenian Skies

2 years ago

Jeangu Macrooy – “Worship” is fantastic. i like all of his songs, but this one left me really speechless. With some Prince-vibes, musically so strong, and with wonderful lyrics. wow.

2 years ago

Justyna Steczkowska i love you.

2 years ago

Thank Eurovision for introducing us to Tanxugueiras & Rayden and Katerine Duska.

2 years ago

Averno is great! Tanxus and Rayden slay!

2 years ago

I like Edsilia‘s new song and its Schlager beat to it. Also Aisel is pretty cool…

Chemtrails otcc
Chemtrails otcc
2 years ago

Katerine Duska really served with this! Amazing song an video clip too!