Summer is always the quiet period for Eurovision fans as we wait for national finals to start once again. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2022 | Week 27

S10 & BLØF – “Laat Me Los”

S10 is following up her appearance at Eurovision 2022 with the new single “Laat Me Los” (“Let Me Go”). It see the Dutch star teaming up with the band BLØF. A steady ballad for the majority of its duration, the song grows to a more rousing conclusion in the final minute. In the lyrics, S10 and BLØF tell their lover that, whilst they’ll always have a connection, the time will also come where they have to take separate paths: “If you’re looking for me, my love / Look at the sky / Look at the sea / Then I’m always with you / But let me go / Let me go someday”.

Amaia & Rigoberta Bandini – “Así Bailaba”

Eurovision 2018 star Amaia combines forces with Benidorm Fest 2022 contestant Rigoberta Bandini for the new single “Así Bailaba” (“That’s How I Danced”). The two Spanish singers are also joined by a children’s choir, who perform the chorus sampled from “Los días de la semana” (“The days of the week”) by Spanish clown Miliki. This was the grounding of the song, from which Amaia and Rigoberta Bandini added verses about the ability to dance our sorrows away: “And it seems like a lie / That it costs us all our lives / But suddenly there is a day / When you shout: ‘Damn what joy!'”.

Blind Channel – Lifestyles of the Sick & Dangerous

Lifestyles of the Sick & Dangerous is Blind Channel’s fourth studio album. It features 10 tracks (and an interlude), including their Eurovision 2021 entry “Dark Side” plus recent singles “Balboa”, “Bad Idea”, “We Are No Saints” and “Don’t Fix Me”. The Finnish band bring their violent pop and post-hardcore style throughout the remaining songs as well to serve up an LP with plenty of headbanging opportunity.

Manizha – “Тонкий лён”

Manizha celebrated her birthday on 8 July. To mark the occasion, Russia’s Eurovision 2021 star released the new single “Тонкий лён” (“Fine linen”). A pop-rock song with a driving beat, Manizha also encourages us to drive forward in life rather than feeling sorry for ourselves: “Fragile shoulders, but a strong back, you are not alone, you are not alone”. The cover art for the song uses a photo of Manizha and her sister. Meanwhile, the Eurovision alumna’s nephews make up the voices at the very end of the song, making it a true family affair.

TIX & Hagle – “Gatebil”

Hagle are a Norwegian country-rap duo from Indre Østfold. They’ve brought Eurovision 2021 star TIX in for the new single “Gatebil”, which is a car festival chain in Scandinavia. The song is a summery track that captures the feeling of driving through the countryside with the top down. In the lyrics, TIX and Hagle are smitten for someone they saw at the petrol station. They then hope to meet this special someone at the car show: “At Gatebil / I’ll meet you this summer / Down at Gatebil / And in both hands I have beer”.

Tusse – “Brevet från Lillan”

Tusse is an ambassador of Sverige för UNHCR, the UN refugee agency, and hopes we will all be able to show our support for refugees across the world. Sweden’s Eurovision 2021 act has covered “Brevet från Lillan” (“The letter from Lillan”) as an advert for the agency. The song was first recorded by Evert Taube in 1936 but its message can still resonate with many people today, as Tusse notes:

“When I was five years old, armed men entered our village in Congo. Everyone fled, and in the tumult I separated from my parents. Mum is no longer alive and I have not met Dad since. So every time I sing ‘Daddy came home, because we long for you…’ I think of him, and of all the children on the run who come from their parents. That’s why this song means so much to me.”

Montaigne – “die b4 u”

“There won’t be no dying / Unless it is me first / I don’t know what I’d do / If I didn’t have you / So I’m gonna have to / Bubble wrap you, baby”. Montaigne is not ready to say goodbye to her loved one and plans to “die b4 u” in order to avoid such a situation. This latest release from Australia’s Eurovision 2021 star is another hyperpop offering and the sound effects mixed in give it a video game quality. With the release of “die b4u”, Montaigne has also announced her new album will be arriving at the start of September.

Senhit feat. Tory Lanez – “Follow Me”

After bringing Flo Rida on board for her Eurovision 2021 participation, Senhit has now coordinated another transatlantic collaboration. Canadian artist Tory Lanez features on “Follow Me”, providing a short second verse and some adlibs. Senhit contributes the rest of the song, singing to her ex-partner: “I’m like a hurricane / I’ll make you go insane […] You want to come back / I’ll take you back / Follow me”.

Uzari – “Армагеддон”

Fire, brimstone and endless screams – no doubt just some of the things we can expect upon the arrival of the “Армагеддон” (“Armageddon”). Uzari’s ode to the destruction of the Earth is indeed dramatic and blazing. But thankfully, Belarus’s Eurovision 2015 act packages it all in a captive musical soundscape.

Agnete Saba – “Pusterom”

Now going by the stage name Agnete Saba, Norway’s Eurovision 2016 representative has released “Pusterom” (“Breathing”). It starts off as a gentle ballad with Agnete accompanied by piano chords. Things gradually build before finishing on a bolder final chorus.

Laura Põldvere & Tabloited – “Zeitgeist”

Punk band Tabloited have brought in Laura Põldvere to front their new single. The Estonian artists are hoping to tap into the “Zeitgeist” and win over listeners. The music video is an eclectic mix of footage from both Laura and Tabloited that is layered on top of each other.

ela., Jerry Heil & alyona alyona – “KUPALA”

Ukrainian folk meets German pop in this new collaboration. Eurovision 2014 star ela. has teamed up with Ukrainian artists Jerry Heil (Vidbir 2020) and alyona alyona for “KUPALA”. The song was released for the Ivana Kupala holiday and the music video includes clips from the Ukrainian film Vechir na Ivana Kupala (The Eve of Ivana Kupala). With her German verse, ela. celebrates girl power and the resilience of the Ukrainian people. The Eurovision alumna commented on social media about what it meant to be part of this project:

“To me, this songwriting session was very special and emotional as it connected me to my Ukrainian roots and I’m very thankful to have had the opportunity to meet and work with these fantastic women.”

Sarah McTernan & JustG – “Let You In”

Sarah McTernan is here to get us dancing through the summer. Ireland’s Eurovision 2019 act has collaborated with music producer JustG for the upbeat song “Let You In”. Lyrically, Sarah regrets allowing a person to come into her life only for them to leave her soon after: “I’ve been up all night, runnin’ round / I’ve been up all night, comin’ down / Wondering why I let you in / Let you in my life”.

Aram Mp3 – “Qnel Chka”

Move over Subwoolfer, there’s a new masked wolf in town. The music video for Aram Mp3’s new single, “Qnel Chka” (“No sleep”), features a secretive individual who’s day only begins once the sun has set. Donned in a mirror-ball jacket, they then head out and let loose on the town. Armenia’s Eurovision 2014 star hopes the new single will also allow us to “create vivid memories” over the coming summer.

Hatari – “Dansið eða Deyið”

As Hatari embark on their Dance Or Die tour, the group have released the new single “Dansið eða Deyið” to go along with it. The Eurovision 2019 alum bring their techno and industrial sound to the forefront once again, blending the dark and light of Matthías and Klemens’ vocals. Hatari encourage us to overthrow the patriarchy and make the most of life before we all inevitably pass on: “Dethrone the slave-driver and give him a taste of his own medicine! / Put him under the yoke! / We will all die, can I die with you? / Before I die, I will dance with you”.

Sara Jo – “Zar ne”

Festival Skale 2022 saw a plethora of Eurovision alumni take to the stage with new music. This includes Eurovision 2013 star Sara Jo, who sang “Zar ne” (“Is it”). An R&B ballad, it lets us see a different side to the Serbian singer after her dynamic performance at Pesma za Evroviziju 22​ earlier this year.

Jelena Tomašević – “Ne žalim”

Eurovision 2008 star Jelena Tomašević was also a participant of Festival Skale 2022. The Serbian singer delivered the ballad “Ne žalim” (“I don’t regret it”). It’s a beautiful showcase of Jelena’s rich vocals and emotion, with the star hoping to win her ex-partner back: “If you want, hurt my soul / If you care about it / Just tell me what else I can give / And I will give everything I have”.

Nevena Božović – “Kraj”

Nevena Božović was yet another Eurovision alum who premiered her latest single at Festival Skale 2022. “Kraj” (“Over”) is an emotional ballad, with the two-time Eurovision star accompanied by piano and strings. In the lyrics, Nevena is yet to come to terms with the fact her lover wants to part ways: “Are you pretending when you say ‘It’s over with us’ or do you really not love me? / Is it over, are you acting again? / If you shoot, let that hit the heart”.

Danijela Martinović – “Fortunata”

“Fortunata… it is happiness that is not fleeting… happiness as a hidden secret code in every moment in which we live.” Danijela Martinović is feeling fortunate for the love she has in her life. “Fortunata” is an orchestral ballad that the two-time Eurovision star shared at the recent Split festival. Danijela sings about how the presence of her loved one makes life’s journey seem easier: “Aaaa, it’s sailing smoothly / Aaaa, nowhere without you / Aaaa, yes, this is what they told me / Aaaa, it would be hard to see”.

Lozano – “Me Nerviras”

North Macedonia’s Eurovision 2013 representative Lozano has released “Me Nerviras” (“You annoy me”). The singer is annoyed about how much he’s thinking about a certain individual: “You’re annoying me again / That I lose my mind as soon as I see you / Annoying / That I am addicted to your energy”. Lozano spends some time with this woman at Skopje’s Hotel Mirror in the music video, capturing the summery vibes of the pop offering (apart from the shower they get caught in).

Anastasia Prikhodko – “Степом”

Anastasia Prikhodko first performed the Ukrainian folk song “Степом” (“Step”) at the age of 15 whilst at the Kyiv Academy of Music. Now, the Eurovision 2009 alumna has decided to return to the song and officially release her rendition. It’s an anti-war song that discusses the destruction such crusades can bring: “Step by step, people harvest the rye / Step by step, distance waves it’s wing / A mother, mother waits for her soldier / But the soldier sleeps, an eternal sleep”.

wrs & Adromache – “If You Were Alone / Sta matia sou”

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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1 year ago

Barbara Pravi (France 2021) is releasing new music soon too :). Who is EXCITED?

1 year ago

s10 song is amazing (not as great as esc song which is my second place). you can hear at 0:33 that’s she is sticking to those “oehhhh ahhhhh” like in her esc song lol

1 year ago

In this week’s collection my heart beats fully with the all ballads here. The best one by far in my opinion is the one by S10

1 year ago
Reply to  usain1

Not everything is either a bop or a ballad. Laat Me Los is not a ballad. Ne zalim is even though the beat kicks in in the second verse.
Brevet fran Lillan is a ballad, same as Kraj, Fortunata and Stepom.
Pusterom and Zar ne are right on the line.
Haven’t listened to Manizha’s and Uzari’s songs for obvious reasons.