The Eurovision 2022 season is in full swing. Over the course of the next few months, we will all fall in and out of love with scores of new national final and Eurovision entries. But that doesn’t mean we forget about the artists from past contests.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2022 | Week 8

Tina Karol – “Спи собі сама”

Tina Karol’s contribution to the film Я, “Побєда” і Берлін (Me, “Victory” and Berlin) was released on Friday. The movie is a visual adaption of the debut novel from Andriy “Kuzma” Kuzmenko, who led the rock band Skryabin. Ukraine’s Eurovision 2006 singer chose to interpret Skryabin’s “Спи собі сама”.

Blind Channel – “Bad Idea”

Blind Channel opened UMK 2022 on Saturday with the first live performance of their new single “Bad Idea”. Finland’s Eurovision 2021 band serve up another slice of violent pop, fuelled with plenty of guitars and drums. Lyrically, the group tell their lover not to get too attached to them: “I’m never gonna let you in / Don’t hold on so tight / Baby I’m a bad idea”.

Anxhela Peristeri – “Lozonjare”

Anxhela Peristeri’s latest music video is for “Lozonjare” (“Playful”), which comes from her recent EP n’Tirane. A simple affair, Albania’s Eurovision 2021 representative stands behind a microphone and performs the song whilst looking stunning in a red dress. In the lyrics, Anxhela tells her partner that she won’t be tamed and still plans on being playful around other people an “You want me behind the cage / But I do not kill the mind at all”.

TIX – Enten Går Det Bra…

TIX is releasing his new album in two parts. The first section is Enten Går Det Bra… (Either It Goes Well…). There are four songs in this group, including the recent single “Hvis Jeg Forlot Verden”. The other three are a varied bunch. “Mitt Hjerte I Dine Hender” (“My Heart In Your Hands”) is a pop ballad akin to TIX’s Eurovision 2021 entry “Fallen Angel”. Meanwhile, “Himmelen Og Helvete” (“Heaven And Hell”) and “Dør For Deg” (“Die For You”) have a bit more grit to them and feature an additional R&B/hip-hop influence.

Shiri Maimon – “גן עדן”

“Corona, the loss of John, loss of identity, joy and sadness, longing for the stage, for the hands, happiness with the children and a great pit of questions” – these are all the things that inspired Shiri Maimon’s new single “גן עדן” (“Heaven”). They come together to form a soulful song that Israel’s Eurovision 2005 alumna delivers emotively: “Happiness will not knock on the door / I’ll scream until it opens / If it’s heaven / So how is he forgotten so quickly”.

Justyna Steczkowska – Szamanka

After several weeks of build-up, Justyna Steczkowska has now released her new album Szamanka (Shaman). There are 13 tracks on the album, including the recent singles “Uciekinierzy”, “Ra Ma Da Sa”“Nie mój sen” and “Szamanka”.

In tandem with the album release, Poland’s Eurovision 1995 star has also uploaded the music video for “Między nami” (“Between us”), another of the songs from the LP. Justyna performs the song alongside Beata Kozidrak.

Montaigne & David Byrne – “Always Be You”

Montaigne officially passed on her Australia Decides crown on Saturday. Just one day prior, she also released the new single “Always Be You”. It’s a collaboration with Scottish-American singer-songwriter David Byrne. He features on a TV screen during the music video, but the Eurovision 2021 singer’s main co-star for the video is Montaigne’s actual boyfriend – Patrick Morrow. This adds an extra layer to the song, which sees Montaigne singing about her one true love: “It’ll always be you / You might not always come through / But I know you’re trying to”.

IVAN – “Океанами”

IVAN is broadening his musical repertoire with the new song “Океанами” (“Oceans”). It sees Belarus’s Eurovision 2016 star venture a bit more into the world of pop. IVAN delivers a catchy track with a recurring staccato beat that’s reminiscent of Ed Sheeran’s hit “Bad Habits”.

Jānis Šipkēvics (feat. Aminata) – “Tavi viļņi”

Following her second-place finish at Supernova 2022, Aminata has now released the new song “Tavi viļņi” (“Your waves”) alongside Jānis Šipkēvics. The pair are accompanied by drums, guitar, piano and a string quartet. Adding Jānis and Eurovision 2015 alum Aminata on top of this, it does sometimes feel like different elements are battling for the spotlight.

Connect-R & Mario Fresh – “Umbre”

Connect-R’s latest collaboration is with Mario Fresh. The pair come together for “Umbre” (“Shadows”). It’s an R&B-pop ballad that Moldova’s Eurovision 2006 rapper contributes the second verse to. Mario sings of two people who have feelings for one another, but who are too scared to show them: “You on your way, I on my way / I know you thought, I thought so too / We would love each other, but we are too cowardly / We would try, but we don’t have the courage”.

Kállay Saunders & Gabriel – “don’t love her any more”

Hungary’s Kállay Saunders partners with regular collaborator Gabriel for the new song “don’t love her any more”. While we get a lot of songs from the perspective of someone who worries their partner no longer loves them as much, this song takes us to the other side of the scenario: “She can tell I don’t love her any more / It’s been a long time coming / She’s packing up and running out the door”. Gabriel opens the track, with Eurovision 2014 singer Kállay Saunders contributing the second chorus and verse.

Katerine Duska – “Muse”

“Show me, where the sparks just fly / Silence never helped my mind”. Katerine Duska has closed out her Call Me Nyx era by releasing the song “Muse”. A gradually building piano ballad, Greece’s Eurovision 2019 star puts a lot of emotion into the single. Katerine outlined the feelings behind the song on social media:

“This song is the most personal song I’ve ever written. Mental health, sleep deprivation, writer’s block, it’s all in there. It started as a delicate lullaby, a conversation between Nyx and her muse and it escalated into this incredible release while I started to sing it. When it was over, it felt like a cycle had just closed. Like I could bring the light in and survive that too. Nyx got me through it, she healed me. All I pray for today is peace and a world healed of violence and cruelty. I stand with every victim. We shall not be silent.”

The Starlings – “Jericho”

The Starlings have released “Jericho”, the next single from their upcoming album. It’s an indie-pop track about going to visit someone special in your life: “On our way to you / Place beneath the sun / We don’t need anyone / You are my home”. In a post on Instagram, Kato, who sings in the duo alongside Belgium’s Eurovision 2010 star Tom Dice, revealed that the song was inspired by her grandma:

“The writing started as a memory. A trip every time, the most beautiful day every time. On my way to my grandmother, one of the most important women in my life. Back in the car, can’t wait to get there. She’s gone, two years now. But she is also there, every step of the way.”

Sunstroke Project & Vladimir Fotescu – “Champagne”

Two-time Eurovision entrants Sunstroke Project are pouring themselves a glass of bubbly. The Moldovan duo have teamed up with Vladimir Fotescu for “Champagne”. It’s a fun pop track that naturally features a saxophone solo – though you’ve got to wait for two thirds of the song before you get it. The lyrics are about not needing an excuse to pop a bottle open: “I play to move their bodies / I live to entertain […] I’m not doing this for fame / So give me just a glass of champagne”>

PAENDA – “Upset”

PAENDA is treading on eggshells around her partner. Austria’s Eurovision 2019 star is confused as to why they’re so angry and just wants them to cool down: “We go down in furious fights, screaming at night / I try to be kind but I’m losing my mind slowly […] You go nuts I go la, la, la… / I’m upset when you la, la, la…”. Musically, “Upset” leans closer to pop compared to some of the electro songs PAENDA has previously favoured.

KEiiNO – “On A Night Like This”

Eurovision 2019 televote winners KEiiNO performed as guests at Eurovision – Australia Decides 2022. TO honour their hosts, the Norwegian trio sang a cover of “On A Night Like This” by Australian superstar Kylie Minogue. KEiiNO add their contemporary electro-pop style to the mix, and of course feature a Sámi joik courtesy of Fred Buljo.

Riskykidd – “Countin up”

Riskykidd’s new single is “Countin up”. Greece’s Eurovision 2014 rapper discusses the notes he’s currently counting. But he advises that there’s a lot you need to go through if you want to do the same: “If you want to be what I am / You gotta first be what I was”.

Aleksander Walmann (feat. Maren Emilie) – “Hva Gjør Vi”

Aleksander Walmann has released the new song “Hva Gjør Vi” (“What Are We Doing”). It’s a pop ballad that also features the vocals of Maren Emilie. Speaking about the timing of the release, Norway’s Eurovision 2017 singer noted:

“Because of everything that has happened in the last few hours, that title suddenly hits a little harder than when I wrote it a year ago […] New music in times like these may be the little bright spot that someone out there needs. I hope the new song can be that for those who listen.”

Dilara Kazimova & Ulviyya – “Кораблик”

Azerbaijan’s Eurovision 2014 star Dilara Kazimova sings alongside Ulviyya on the new song “Кораблик” (“Boat”). The Russian lyrics are relatively simple, with just one main repeated chorus: “I see a boat floating in the sky / Boat, boat, take me to the cloud”. The music video clarifies that the “boat” Dilara sings of is actually an airship.

Albina – “Noću”

Albina was THE star of Dora 2022. As well as performing past Dora hits with Franka, Albina premiered her latest single “Noću” (“At Night”). “Noću” is a sultry urban number with an almost-psychedelic ending that shows the best of Albina as a live performer. Dressed in a baggy pantsuit with striking nose piece, Albina sang of her love for a taken man whilst a series of yellow, blue and orange LED triangles displayed in background. (Mario)

Timebelle – “You Got This”

Sometimes it feels like all your work isn’t amounting to anything. But Timebelle are here to say “You Got This”. Lead vocalist Miruna says she sees the effort and will be there to support her loved one: “Give yourself a chance / You work so hard and you forget / How much you’ve done / All you need is some time / You got this”. Switzerland’s Eurovision 2017 group deliver a soft R&B ballad to encompass the message of the song.

Mandinga – “Creo en Amor”

Mandinga continue to bring their blend of Romanian, Spanish and Cuban music. The Eurovision 2012 group’s latest single is “Creo en Amor” (“I believe in love”). It’s slightly more subdued than some of their previous tracks, but there’s still plenty of rhythm running through it to get people dancing along.

Magdalena Tul – “If loving you is all I ever do”

Magdalena Tul has teamed up with the songwriters of Céline Dion, Stevie Wonder and Cher for the new song “If loving you is all I ever do”. And it definitely feels like it could have been written for one of them several decades ago, rather than being a contemporary hit, giving it a slight nostalgic pull. Lyrically, Poland’s Eurovision 2011 star says that being with her lover is her only target to achieving life satisfaction: “If loving you is all I ever do / It’s enough for me”.

MELYZ – “Look At Me Now”

Switzerland’s MELYZ (known as Mélanie René at Eurovision 2015) released the song “Look At Me Now” earlier in February. The verses take on a dark pop sound, with the post-chorus then adding in an electronic dance beat. MELYZ sings about battling through difficulties thrown her way by a particular person. But our Eurovision star comes out victorious: “You buried me deep underground / Thought I would give in / But look at me now….”.

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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2 years ago

PAENDA is such a good artist. Continually hard working – much respect!

NO ONE SHOULD EVER COVER A KYLIE TRACK – Sorry Keiino this was a bad choice.

2 years ago

Funny enough, my favorites this week are from two acts from which I really didn’t like their Eurovision entry: Katerine Duska and Timebelle. Also, Kallay Saunders‘ track sounds really nice and chilled…