Summer is always the quiet period for Eurovision fans as we wait for national finals to start once again. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2022 | Week 29 part 1

With so many songs to cover this week, we’ve split this roundup into two bitesize halves. You can find part two by clicking here.

Ronela Hajati – “Valle”

Ronela Hajati is ready to “Valle” (“Dance”). The Eurovision 2022 star wants to keep the party going with her new single and delivers a solid Albanian pop track. There are elements of modern and traditional in the production, with the latter also being showcased in the music video thanks to some traditional dancing. This dancing takes place at Ronela’s wedding reception, where she’s able to let loose. In the lyrics, Ronela also wants to take the party to another establishment: “Go to the club, go dancing / Come on, honey, kneel down”.

SIMA feat. Ben Cristovao – “V oblakoch”

Czech artist Ben Cristovao features on “V oblakoch” (“In the clouds”), the new single by Slovakian singer SIMA. The Eurovision 2021 star contributes the second verse alone before going back and forth with SIMA for the third. An R&B-pop song, Ben and SIMA discuss the love they’ve found with each other: “My head is in the clouds and I’m still waiting for a miracle / I want to go somewhere far into the unknown with you / The sky above us is spinning and I admit it / That the way you know me, no one else knows me”.

Emma Muscat feat. Blas Cantó – “La stessa lingua”

Spain and Malta collide in this collaboration between two Eurovision stars. Emma Muscat and Blas Cantó may be from completely different countries, but they both sing “La stessa lingua” (“The same language”) of music. Emma and Blas serve up a catchy Mediterranean pop track where this message of togetherness is front and centre: “Two different cities / A thousand miles away / But you and I talk / The same language”. The pair perform the song in a mixture of Italian and Spanish.

MÉLOVIN – “мені не дзвони”

MÉLOVIN has released the new single “мені не дзвони” (“do not call me”). With a mixture of strings and percussion, it’s a steady track that Ukraine’s Eurovision 2018 star delivers with an emotional undertone to his vocals. In the lyrics, MÉLOVIN tells his partner it’s time to go their separate ways as he’s not receiving the commitment he needs: “Do not write to me, do not call me / I don’t want to yell at you anymore / When I feel something, I don’t fly anymore / Because these damn waves are boring me”.

Arash & Navid Zardi – “BOMBE”

Arash has long been creating some bomb-ass music and this is shown more literally through the new single “BOMBE”. Azerbaijan’s Eurovision 2009 star, who has Iranian heritage, has collaborated with Kurdish singer Navid Zardi for the track. Bringing their cultures together, the song is sung in a mix of Persian and Kurdish.

VICTORIA – “How to Ruin a Life”

We know VICTORIA best for delivering emotional ballads. But Bulgaria’s Eurovision 2021 singer has turned the BPM up a touch for her latest single “How to Ruin a Life”. VICTORIA taps into the punk pop style and gives us something grittier. She’s able to let out her frustrations about someone who toyed with her heart: “And here’s to your second chances / And all of your twisted lies / Tell ’em all how’d you do it, how to ruin a life”.

Şanışer feat. Sertab Erener – “Peşimde Kara Geceler”

Turkish rapper Şanışer first released “Peşimde Kara Geceler” (“Dark Nights Are After Me”) in 2021. Now he’s recorded a new version featuring Eurovision 2003 champion Sertab Erener. This rendition strips some of the production out and tries to give more of a ‘live’ feeling, though there definitely still seems to be some post-recording production involved. The pair sing “I’ll leave with all my burdens / Dark nights are after me / Good times do not know about my paying prices / Nights win again”.

Alfred García – “2001”

Spain’s Alfred García is taking us back to the start of the century. In 2001, the Eurovision 2018 alum was four years old and enjoying a carefree life. This new single pays tribute to the summer of 2001 and Alfred’s childhood in general: “A travel in time / Like it’s 2001 / The radio plays and changes the world / We dance”. The nostalgia is brought to the forefront in the accompanying music video, which contains old camcorder clips of Alfred recorded by his father.

OG3NE – “Love Letter”

OG3NE appeared on the latest episode of I Want Your Song. It’s a Dutch TV show where songwriters pitch their songs to established singers, with the artist then choosing one to officially record and release as a single. The Eurovision 2017 trio ultimately selected “Love Letter”, which was pitched on the programme by songwriter Misha Angèle. A gentle guitar-driven track, OG3NE sing in harmony about how they’re catching feelings for a special individual: “I’d wait forever and a day / Writing this letter just to say / I think I’m falling in love / I’m gonna make it up / Till I get to be with you”.

Aminata – Savvaļas pusē

Aminata is letting out her Savvaļas pusē (Wild side). The Latvian star’s new EP features five tracks, including recent single “Kur saule”, which opens proceedings. Tracks two to four retain some danceable elements to them, though each with their own unique flavour. However, the title song closes things on a slightly different note and even incorporates a rap verse from the Eurovision 2015 singer.

Zelta Mikrofons Zvaigžņu koris – “Kāpēc man dziedāt svešu dziesmu”

You can also hear Aminata in another song released this week. “Kāpēc man dziedāt svešu dziesmu” (“Why should I sing a foreign song”) is the theme song of Latvia’s Zelta Mikrofons Awards (Golden Microphone Awards). Ahead of this year’s event, a number of Latvian singers have recorded an updated rendition of the song. This includes Aminata, as well as other Eurovision alumni Intars Busulis (2009), Agnese Rakovska (2017, Triana Park), Lauris Reiniks (2003, F.L.Y.), Aija Andrejeva (2010) and Jānis Pētersons (2022, Citi Zēni). Previous national final contestants Dons, Normunds Rutulis and Olga Rajecka are also involved.

Michael Rice & Misha Angèle – “In Love”

Dutch singer-songwriter Misha Angèle released her debut single “In Love” this week. Rather than jumping in with solo material, Misha decided to bring Eurovision 2019 alum Michael Rice on board for a duet. The pair deliver a chilled R&B track in which they declare their devotion to someone they’ve only just met: “And I don’t even know you, know you / If you gimme me till the morning / I’ll make sure that you will be falling / Cos baby I’m in love, love with you”.

The astute among you may recognise the name Misha Angèle. She was the songwriter who successfully pitched “Love Letter” to OG3NE in I Want Your Song.

Gianni Morandi – “LA OLA”

After a rousing appearance at Sanremo 2022, Gianni Morandi is now ready to enjoy the summer with the new single “LA OLA”. Italy’s Eurovision 1970 star sings about the rhythms of his love – Bachata, Latin and Romagnola – and how heavenly beings dance along: “And I feel my heart in my mouth / We are one you and me / If our love flies / You hear them, the angels are waving”. These rhythms come through in the music as well, and Gianni has opportunity to showcase his dancing skills in the music video.

Skrapneshi feat. Ralfs Eilands – “Smejot”

Latvian DJ duo Skrapneshi have brought Eurovision 2013 alum Ralfs Eilands on board for the new single “Smejot” (“Laughing”). It also comes with an English-language version titled “Feel That”. Eilands contributed the lyrics himself, which discuss inner and outer freedom: “We’re cruising down the street and, yes, feel that / Express your freedom, go to sleep, then repeat”. The Eurovision alum spoke more about the lyrics in today’s wider context:

“The lyrics and melody came easily. The topic of freedom is relevant, in my opinion, more than ever. How far, and if at all, we are ready to draw the limits of our own freedom, it already depends on us.”

Gerard Joling – “Wat Zie Jij Er Lekker Uit”

Remember that TV show OG3NE were on this week? Well they weren’t the first Eurovision act to appear on I Want Your Song. Gerard Joling, who represented the Netherlands at Eurovision 1988, was the guest artist two weeks ago and he chose the song “Wat Zie Jij Er Lekker Uit” (“You Look So Good”). With influences of old-school disco and schlager, it’s a fun and upbeat track that sees Gerard falling head over heels for a person he’s seen: “Hey, you look so good / I’m so in love with you / I knew that second / By that single look”.

Tinkara Kovač & Anika Horvat – “Do roba in še čez”

Eurovision 2014 star Tinkara Kovač recently competed in Melodij morja in sonca 2022. Performing as a duet with EMA alumna Anika Horvat, the Slovenian pair sang “Do roba in še čez” (“To the edge and beyond”) and ultimately came out on top. Their winning song is a cheery folk number with a lot of charm to it. This is the third time Tinkara has won Melodij morja in sonca (Melody of sea and sun), after previously lifting the trophy in 2013 and 2019.

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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1 year ago

Clearly my favorite in this list is Alfred García – “2001”. I love the 80s inspired beat to it.

1 year ago
Reply to  usain1

He’s doing great songs.

1 year ago

”How to Ruin a Life” – This is a BOP! Good job, VICTORIA!