benidorm fest 2023

¡Vámonos! The tickets for Benidorm Fest 2023 will go on sale from November 1. The three shows — that’s two semi-finals and one final — run from January 30 to February 4. So if you fancy a winter break by the Mediterranean, read on…

Further details will be published in the coming weeks, but this is a major step up from last year’s ticket chaos. Spain really wants to make mo, mo, mo out of their national selection.

It was previously reported that tickets will cost 20 euros per show, with a 60 euro pack for both semi-finals and the final. No other information has been given thus far about the prices, so please wait for final and official confirmation before you set your budget. 

Benidorm Fest 2023 is expected to have a much bigger audience than the 2022 edition, with plans to expand the Palau de l’Illa to reach a capacity of up to 3,000 people. 

The 2023 edition promises to be big. The regional government want a bigger audience and more events during the festival week, spreading the love across more of the city.

This year’s edition was extremely profitable, and they want to ride that wave. With almost half a million hotel rooms in Benidorm alone, this could really blow up.

Carlos Higes will represent Spain at JESC

RTVE broke the news about Benidorm Fest earlier on Tuesday, during a press conference where they announced Carlos Higes as the country’s representative at Junior Eurovision 2022.

Here’s a curious fact for our readers from the JESC 2022 host country, Armenia. You’ll be thrilled to know that Spain’s representative is in love with your country. And he means it.

Carlos sang the Armenian 2019 JESC entry “Colours of Your Dream” at The Voice Kids and has even started learning the language. What a way to say barev!

Will you be travelling to Benidorm in 2023? Who do you want to see at the contest? Can Spain improve Chanel’s placing at Eurovision 2022? What do you think about Carlos? Let us know in the comment section below!

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drift boss
1 year ago

It’s about time! You may be the only one who speaks your language, but you are certainly not alone.

This is a fantastic sentence. It’s like a kick in the pants

1 year ago

I waiting for this. Anyway, “you alone are speaking your language but you are not alone”

This sentence is great. It’s like a motivator

1 year ago

The language is unique so it would be nice for foreigners to celebrate it and say something like “you alone are speaking your language but you are not alone”.
I like this

1 year ago

it would have been great if they could host the festival in a big arena… imagine Eurovision national final in Barcelona!

1 year ago
Reply to  Pauly

Valencia, capital city of the region where Benidorm is, is building a new big arena. It is also the third biggest city in Spain and it is also by the sea. Plus, that region is financing a big part of Benidorm fest.