On Saturday we all stayed up to watch the fireworks. And by that we mean the reactions and celebrations to Spain’s Chanel knocking Loreen off the top spot of the ESC 250 for the first time in history.

As we wipe down our floors and drink a very strong coffee, we’re also reflecting on what was an incredible year and turning the page to look toward Liverpool. And as we do we’re thinking of all the amazing readers, viewers and followers who have given us so much joy as we all exchanged views and shared our love of the contest.

So, filled with goodwill and merriment and a few extra pounds from all that holiday eating, we’re hitting play on our annual New Year’s video. Below 40 stars from Eurovisions past, present and maybe future send all of you some love. 

Thank you to our video editor Cinan for piecing this together! Happy New Year!

01:04 Ronela Hajati

01:37 Mia Dimsic

01:43 LUM!X

02:05 Pia Maria

02:45 Nadir Rusamli

03:00 Systur

03:28 Andrea

03:46 Amanda Tenfjord

03:49 Sheldon Riley

04:14 Citi Zeni

04:29 Rosa Linn

04:35 Kalush Orchestra

04:42 Anxhela Peristeri

04:55 Efendi

05:04 Go_A’s Kateryna

05:18 Roxen

05:29 Stefania

05:40 THE ROOP

05:55 Ulrikke

06:07 Senhit

06:35 Conan Osiris

06:46 KEiiNO

07:10 Vincenzo Cantiello

07:23 Lara, Jovan and Irina

07:32 Amir 07:39 Dami Im

07:58 Hera Björk

08:27 Alvan

08:40 Luna and her amazing dancers

08:51 Alma

09:05 Sara Jo

09:16 Eleni Foureira

09:26 Siderland

09:36 E’Femme

09:44 Meler

09:54 Jose Otero

10:04 Joker Out

10:16 Andrew Lambrou

10:32 Noa Kirel

10:48 Jamala

11:16 Konstrakta 

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2 months ago

After seeing Rylan on the Eurovision party show on bbc1 on New Year’s Day, I do hope he’s not going to be part of Eurovision 2023 tv presentation.

Benito Camelo
Benito Camelo
2 months ago

This is such a lovely detail from the Wiwi Team and I wish you all (both artists and Wiwi Team) a happy new year! 😀

2 months ago

This was such a nice surprise and great way to ring in the new year. Thanks for all the work putting it together!!

2 months ago

I’m surprised Efendi being involved here, when we all saw her opinnions and posts about war and innocent people being killed in 2020.

Peace on earth and war lovers gone, thank you.

Esc addict
Esc addict
2 months ago

What a nice initiative! Great to see past esc winners, past iconic esc competitors, jesc participants and future esc participants all together in one vid!
Alma Requiem since 2017 is my favorite french entry and I’m happy to see her again here, and I don’t know why but I have the intuition that Amir will come back very soon.

Esc addict
Esc addict
2 months ago
Reply to  Esc addict

Of course more would be even better but it’s already cool, this random mix pleases me a lot.

2 months ago
Reply to  Esc addict

I’m not complaining, but 20th century performers exist too. They’re still around!

2 months ago

I’ve listened to Perinita mea like 7 times today. It’s so good!