Although we’re officially into the Eurovision 2024 season, it will still be some time before we hear any national final and Eurovision songs. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2023 | Week 42 part 1

With so many new songs this week, we’ve split the roundup into two smaller parts. You can find part 2 here.

“If you want to get somewhere fast / You can make the journey yourself / But if you want to get far / You’ll have to do it together.” The opening English spoken word of TVORCHI’s new single sets out the theme of unity and comradery that the duo want to share with the song. The rest of “Разом” (“Together”) is sung in Ukrainian and comes with catchy electro-R&B production. In a post on social media, the Eurovision 2023 stars explained how the song came about:

“We wrote this song after the first part of our All-Ukrainian tour. We gave concerts in 11 cities of Ukraine and in every city where we were, in every hall saw people who want one – peace and victory. Thousands of people united by one desire. This unity is the driving force that sometimes under the burden of circumstances we forget and at the same time become very vulnerable.”

Alicja feat. Chloe Martini – “Zaczekam”

“The song is my personal conversation with myself accompanied by modern, sensual R&B.” Alicja has worked with music producer Chloe Martini for the new single “Zaczekam” (“I’ll Wait”). Poland’s Eurovision 2020 entrant captivates with her seductive vocals as she sings about the desire to be with a certain individual: “Deep down I still believe that this day will finally come / We’ll stop running, we’ll find meaning / I dream of running away, not crying, having you for a moment / Will I experience a sense of relief at least once?”

Pastora Soler & Funambulista – “Sigo”

Spanish singer Funambulista has brought onboard Eurovision 2012 star Pastora Soler for the new song “Sigo” (“I Follow”). Whist is starts off as a soft track with 80’s/90’s synth accompaniment, it eventually develops into power ballad with a guitar solo in the bridge. It was an easy decision for Pastora Soler on whether to join the collaboration or not, as she notes:

“I fell in love with this song from the first listening. There are stories that move you and reach you in a special way as is the case with Sigo… that what we hold on to follow in our professions, when passion, heart and vocation overcome the adversities of the way that are many!!!!!!”

Aminata – Savvaļas pusē

Aminata is unleashing her Savvaļas pusē (Wild side), and she also has a new album. There are ten songs on the LP, five of which were originally released as part of Aminata’s 2022 EP of the same title. The five other songs bring a mixture of ballads and pop tracks. One from the latter camp is opening track “Mums pieder šī nakts” (“We own this night”), which Latvia’s Eurovision 2015 star has recorded a music video for.

PIA MARIA – “Reckless Heart”

“Look what you made me do.” Taking a little inspiration from Taylor Swift’s Reputation era, PIA MARIA is standing up for herself and escaping from a toxic situation. Austria’s Eurovision 2022 star isn’t scared to set things ablaze in order to sever the ties with her partner: “Oh my heart is reckless / I’ll be the kerosene of all our memories / Now I’m burning bridges / Don’t want you close to me / You made it hard to breathe”. The punk-pop production matches the lyrics perfectly to provide a strong affirmation of the message.

“Unuduram” features a trio of Azeri talent. Eurovision 2022 act Nadir Rustamli opens proceedings, with singer Yana Mary and rapper Aslixan contributing subsequent sections. The result is a mid-tempo R&B track with multiple changes in dynamics as each artist comes to the forefront.

“And if you think you know how to change my kind / I’ve got a couple hundred reasons why / You can try but you’re wasting your time / ‘Cuz I’m only gonna make you cry”. Kállay Saunders is beginning to think that he and his partner are not completely compatible, and the relationship could end in tears if things don’t end now. “MAKE YOU CRY” sees Hungary’s Eurovision 2014 star teaming up with anatu, who provides the second verse. The duo deliver a breezy pop-rock track with great pace and drive.

Jala Brat – “Randevu”

Jala brat brings us a two-minute track with a rap verse sandwiched in between two vocoded choruses. Bosnia’s Eurovision 2016 rapper is hoping for a “Randevu” with his lover. As soon as he’s got their address, he’ll be hightailing it over: “Hello, hello, no, I ain’t mad / Send the addy, there in a bit / You’re all classy, sexy and sassy / Both day and night for rendezvous.”

Sergio Dalma suggests you close your eyes whilst listening to his new song. Spain’s Eurovision 1991 contestant serves up a soft-rock offering about nostalgia and missing a special person. The accompanying lyric video for “He cerrado los ojos para verte” (“I have closed my eyes to see you”) features a dreamlike journey of a protagonist who travels through the memories of love that he feels and misses.

Rebeka Dremelj – “Nekoč daleč nekje”

Rebeka Dremelj’s new single is “Nekoč daleč nekje” (“Somewhere far away”). It’s an emotional ballad with piano and percussion accompaniment in which the Slovenian singer waits for the moment she’ll be able to embrace a loved one again who she recently lost: “Once upon a time, somewhere far away / We will hug and laugh / But until then / Until then / I just say thank you.” Speaking about the single on Instagram, the Eurovision 2008 alumna noted:

“It’s hard to describe the feelings and emotions that accompanied me while creating this song. This is definitely my most emotional song ever, a song I barely recorded because I felt a kiss in my throat every time I sang it. I gave her my soul, my deepest feelings and I hope she will touch your hearts too. Today I share it with you, because I believe that a song is not just words and music, but it can become a source of strength and comfort. If you ever find yourself in difficult times, I want you to draw strength from it. Remember – you are not alone.”

Svala & Lexi Picasso – “Tendency”

Lexi Picasso is an Icelandic trap artist. For the new single “Tendency”, he’s collaborated with Eurovision 2017 star Svala. The pair deliver intertwining vocal lines that ebb and flow throughout the song. These lyrics see Svala and Lexi wanting to get more intimate with one another: “‘Cuz I don’t want to stress you / I just want to sex you.”

Tulia & Pectus – “Ćmy”

“Ćmy” sees two Polish groups joining forces. Eurovision 2019 alumni Tulia add their folk instrumentation and harmonies, while pop-rock band Pectus bring a grittier flavour with guitars and drums. The union works well and results in a spirited blend of musical styles.

Tim Schou – “Heartbreak Hotel”

The third song from Tim Schou’s upcoming EP is “Heartbreak Hotel”. It’s a solid pop track that mixes a bright production line with slightly darker lyrical content. Referencing his recent divorce, Denmark’s Eurovision 2011 singer discusses how his partner was slipping away from him: “Feels like Heaven but I know / It’s just a fantasy / Wish she could stay a bit longer / I need her every night / I love the way she lying / But look behind my eyes and see the truth / Inside my heartbreak hotel”.

Sinplus – “Don’t Come Any Closer”

Swiss brother duo Sinplus bring us another slice of their alternative rock styling with “Don’t Come Any Closer”. The Eurovision 2012 act sing to someone they want to leave behind in the past and who they don’t want to be involved with anymore: “I’m so in / You’re so out / We’ve got nothing left to talk about / I don’t want to hear your sound / Just stop being around.” The cover art of the single features a stereogram, which Sinplus said on social media was used to “reflect our belief in looking beyond the surface, encouraging people to delve deeper and discover hidden meanings.”

Johnny Manuel – Blue

Johnny Manuel is feeling a little Blue. Bulgaria’s Eurovision 2018 singer has dropped his new five-track EP. This includes the recent singles “End of the Night” and “Molotov”. The other three songs are slightly slower in nature, offering up more raw emotions. Johnny has also shared a music video for closing track “What Am I”, a piano ballad about struggling to find yourself after loosing a loved one from your life.

Rambo Amadeus feat. Noyz – “Baulinho Courinho”

Rambo Amadeus may be from Montenegro, but his latest single is looking towards South America. The music is flavoured with salsa and samba rhythms and a funky trumpet line. Meanwhile, the Eurovision 2012 entrant references some iconic football players from the continent in the chorus: “Just give it to the lion and the hummingbird / Baulinho Coorinho, Baulinho Coorinho / We are as full as Messi and Ronaldinho.” Amadeus is joined by rapper Noyz, who provides his own verse.

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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