Ahead of Eurovision 2021, she took us on a Freaky Road Trip to Rotterdam. And in 2024 Italian singer and Eurovision icon Senhit is hitting the road again — and this time she’s snaking through Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Cologne, Belgrade, Stockholm, Vienna, Amsterdam and New York.

Senhit’s “I Am What I Am” tour kicks off in Madrid on January 17 and finishes in New York on February 17. Along the way she’ll be performing with some of her favourite artists.

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General admission tickets and meet-and-greet tickets are both available. 

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Senhit & Friends: I Am What I Am 2024 Tour

17 January Madrid, Sala But

18 January Barcelona, Sala Safari

20 January Paris, Badaboum

25 January Cologne, Yuca

26 January Belgrade, Drugstore

28 January Stockholm, Hamburger Börs

2 February Vienna, Wuk

4 February Amsterdam, Chicago Boom

17 February New York, 3 Dollar Bill

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3 months ago

I’ll go see her in Paris probably…

Anna Karenina
Anna Karenina
3 months ago

I love Senhit! I is what I is too!

Anna Karenina
Anna Karenina
3 months ago

I love Senhit! I is what is too!

3 months ago
Reply to  Anna Karenina

Seriously … what’s wrong with people for someone to downvote a comment like this?