She’s got, got, got us on “Loop”, and now she’s ready for Malmö. We are of course talking about Malta’s fierce queen, Sarah Bonnici! She’s been serving unique and gravity-defying dance moves through pre-season, and it’s almost time for her to take to the stage.

Between strange fears, interesting pets and an past history with Eurovision, there’s a lot to learn about her. So let’s dive straight into our 10 Facts about Sarah Bonnici!

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10 Facts about Sarah Bonnici

1. Sarah is from Gozo

Gozo is the second biggest island in the Maltese archipelago, and the birthplace of Sarah Bonnici! The smaller island just north of the main Malta island is slightly more rural, but known for it’s beauty. Another Eurovision alumni from recent times from Gozo is 2019’s Michaela Pace.

2. She is from a musical family

Sarah comes from a very muscial family. She told Wiwibloggs that her mother sings and plays guitar, her dad plays piano, her sister sings, and almost all her aunts, uncles and cousins play an instrument or sing. It’s no surprise then to see Sarah thriving, and headed to Eurovision!

3. She is a certified accountant

It’s no secret that Sarah is fiercely intelligent, but did you know she is a certified accountant? She got her masters degree in Accounting, and has been practising in the profession until earlier this year when she decided to put all her focus on her music career. Well, it;s certainly going well so far!

4. An animal lover

Sarah is a lover of all animals. She has several pets now, including a cat, a dog and a bird. However, she has has less typically domestic animals as her pets before. She actually had ducks at one point in her life, as well as tortoise, fish and many cats!

5. A clumsy queen

Sarah has told Wiwibloggs she is extremely clumsy. You wouldn’t know it from watching her stage show though, some of that choreography is super skilled. We hope she isn;t having a clumsy moment during THAT blindfolded flip!

6. She is a perfectionist

Speaking of intrictae dance moves, you’d have to be a perfectionist to pull them off every single time! And luckily, Sarah has told us she indeed is one. She says she overthinks everything she’s putting out there, and it shows in the technicality in her performances and also her music video. The video is slick, polished and incredibly exciting, in fitting with her entry “Loop”.

7. Strange body tricks

Sarah says she is able to crack and click weird parts of her body such as ankles and wrists. Maybe she’ll showcase this strange ‘talent’ at the Wiwibloggs x Emporia Rooftop Lounge?!

8. And an even stranger fear

Many people are scared of things like spiders, storms, clowns or deep water. Not Sarah. Sarah has told Wiwibloggs that her biggest fear is…cheese?! A lot fo Maltese traditional food doesn’t invovle cheese, such as Lampuki pie (a fish pie), Kapunata (similar to a ratatouille). However, let’s hope noone presents her with some Gbejniet – a Maltese traditional cheese made of sheep’s or goat’s milk. 

9. She tried to go to Eurovision competitions a few times before

Sarah particpated in Malta’s national seletion for Junior Eurovision twice before, once in 2009 and again in 2010. The first time her song was called “The Mambo Song” and she placed third. In 2010, her song “Kitty Kitty Cat” came 7th. Whilst this second attempt might not have gone as well, she did get to go to the contest still, as a backing dancer for Nicole Azzopardi.

In 2022, she joined forces with a song written by Maltese national final legend Aidan. Her song “Heaven” placed twelth. However, this of course worked out much better two years later, and now she gets to have her moment at the contest in Malmö.

10. Sarah has performed internationally

Sarah Bonnici has had various opportunities to perform in various other countries than her homeland Malta. She has been able to showcase her talent at the Trixie Festival in Bulgaria, and came first in her category at the Ti Amo Festival in Romania.

Has Sarah Bonnici got you on loop? What do you want to see from “Loop” now we’re in Malmö? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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23 days ago

Sarah deserved to qualify, 10/10 choreo she didn’t qualify from their semi final because they have no friends and VOTE FOR MALTA!!! (I’m not Maltese)

1 month ago

A friend of mine is Sarah’s makeup artist for Eurovision! It’s fun watching their journey to Eurovision!

1 month ago

I can’t understand why Malta is last in the odds, their staging in Malmö is amazing ans they deserve to qualify for the final

1 month ago

Loop more like poop, NQ.

1 month ago

i always like Malta in the contest, my mom had 2009 What If We by Chiara as her favourite that year

i myself still am a proud Emma Muscat fan

Sarah seems nice, must be a cool dad, the ceo of football team Hamrun Spartans (yes they been in champions league qualifying rounds couple times too, early exits but still) and Mercury Towers is one of malta’s tallest buildings located in St Julians

1 month ago

Cheese?! Sorry Sarah, we can’t be friends… (only joking :))

1 month ago

When I saw her on Eurovision TikTok I legit wondered who she was. It’s probably due to my forgetfulness but also it’s one of the most easily forgotten entries imo. Say what you will about Malta’s quirky past, but entries like Vodka or 7th Wonder were at least not forgettable.