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Norway has decided and they confidently send Gåte to represent them in this year’s Eurovision with the song “Ulveham.”

The song is a seamless fusion of rock music and powerful vocals, with lyrics that unfold like a captivating folk tale. It narrates the story of a girl transformed into a wolf by her malevolent stepmother.

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Norway at Eurovision 2024: Gåte with “Ulveham”

Gåte is a band hailing from Trøndelag, Norway. They seamlessly blend Norwegian folk music with elements of metal and electronica, crafting a unique style often described as progressive folk-rock. Their journey began with the release of their first EP, Gåte EP, in 2000. However, it was their debut album, Jygri, released the same year, that catapulted them to commercial success, earning acclaim both locally and internationally, particularly in Scandinavia and Germany. Led by the distinctive vocals of Gunnhild Sundli, the band garnered significant media attention, with speculation arising about her potential departure to pursue a solo career.

Following the release of their second album, Iselilja, in 2004, Gåte announced a hiatus, citing various reasons including Gunnhild’s desire to explore other ventures. Despite this, they treated fans to a live album in 2006, recorded at the Rockefeller Music Hall with bonus materials. The band made a triumphant return in 2017 with the EP Attersyn.

Throughout their career, Gåte have graced stages across Norway and beyond, captivating audiences at numerous music festivals and earning accolades for their electrifying performances.

What do the “Ulveham” lyrics mean?

“Ulveham” emerges as a quintessential Norwegian folk tale steeped in tradition. Within its narrative, traditional fairy tale elements intertwine seamlessly: a captivating beautiful heroine, an envious and evil stepmother, and the presence of black magic. The story exudes a medieval essence, weaving a tale of a maiden who, having lost her mother, now contends with a malevolent stepmother. Driven by jealousy toward the maiden’s beauty and the attention she commands, the stepmother resorts to dark magic, casting a spell that transforms the maiden into a wolf.

The spell takes effect, condemning the maiden to life as a wolf, forever wandering the woods. The only means of breaking the curse lies in drinking her brother’s blood, a task the stepmother knows she could never bring herself to do. Thus, the maiden remains trapped in her lupine form, caught in a cruel twist of fate orchestrated by the stepmother’s envy and malice.

In an interview with wiwibloggs, Gåte revealed that they had to condense the song for MGP, as the original version stretched to six minutes in length. Although not present in the current lyrics, the story continues as follows: the wolf girl, consumed by her animal instincts, ultimately attacks her stepmother, inadvertently killing her, without knowing her stepmother was pregnant with her half-brother. This tragic turn of events leads to the wolf girl inadvertently drinking her brother’s blood, thereby breaking the spell that had bound her to her lupine form.

The song’s lyrics can be interpreted as a poignant plea for liberation from the shackles of oppression.

“Ulveham” lyrics — Gåte (Norway Eurovision 2024)

Songwriters: Gunnhild Sundli, Jon Even Schärer, Magnus Børmark, Marit Jensen Lillebuen, Ronny Graff Janssen, Sveinung Eklo Sundli

Original text

Eg var meg så ven og fager ei møy
Med stimoder vond, mi moder ho døy
Ho skapte meg om til eit svær og ei nål
Og sende meg av ti kongens gård
Og vreida mi stimoder kjende mest
Når alle dei gillaste lika meg best


Ho gav meg ein ham som ulve grå
Ho svor meg til einsam i skogjen gå
Og аldri blir eg heil og god
Før eg fær drukkje min broderѕ blod

English translation

I was a very fine and beautiful maiden
With an evil stepmother. My mother had died
She transformed me into a sword and a needle
And sent me off to the King’s estate
The wrath of my stepmother grew
When all the fine people loved me most


She gave me the hide of a grey wolf
And forced me to go into the woods alone
And I would never be whole and good
Before I hаd drunk of my brother’ѕ blood

What do you think of the lyrics for “Ulveham” by Gåte ? Will Norway secure a spot in the grand final? Tell us in the comments below!

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1 month ago

This powerful and haunting song is vying for my top spot, but it’s a crowded space. What a year! Sailing through to the final (I hope!)

Vjera Brdar
Vjera Brdar
1 month ago

Good luck tonight, dear! Wee need the third witch for the coven to be complete this Saturday.

Keiino as mustard
Keiino as mustard
1 month ago

I’m still really surprised that this is not one of the favourites. It’s an epic song full of drama and passion. All in Gate are performing with spirit and gusto. Maybe it’s a strange conspiracy – call it Gategate.

(If it’s not top 10 then the Norwegian public should be begging forgiveness and giving a pass to Keiino for the final in 2025!)

1 month ago

I think that many Norwegians are getting pretty tired of seeing Keiino at mgp. They’re not really that relevant and popular here outside of the Eurovision bubble…

1 month ago

Intense, raw and original! Kudos to Norway for sending Gåte to Eurovision!