Eurovision 2024 may have come to a conclusion, but the music will always continue. A number of Eurovision artists are thankfully still producing new music for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of the songs released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2024 | Week 21 part 2

With so many new songs this week, we’ve split the roundup into two smaller articles. You can find part 1 here.

iolanda – “CALMA”

iolanda represented Portugal this year. Her new song “CALMA” has a unique and catchy tune. The lyrics speak about the journey she undertook to become the amazing artist she is today: “I deserve it too and none of this is inappropriate / Sick of feeling the guilt when I fight in my own name / I was born from hard work, I didn’t grow up in the light of glory / I cleaned a lot of dirty dishes, today I clean my hands of memories.” The music video uses footage from iolanda’s time in Malmö, giving us an exclusive glimpse backstage. You will see iolanda and her team backstage, as well as some memories from the Turquoise Carpet and even from our Wiwi Lounge. She also uses this song and the music video to accentuate the message she tried to express during Eurovision as well — a message of peace and unity. And of course, some of this year’s artists feature in her music video too. At the end of the music video, iolanda wrote:

“Since I can remember, all I ever dreamed of was singing. This song is about everything I’ve had to work through to build that dream. Eurovision was the combination of years of hard work. I’m filled with gratitude and I want to thank you all for the love and support.

“Special thanks to Bambie Tugh, Ladaniva, Marina Satti, Nemo, Raiven, Sarah Bohnici, Windows95man, Henri and Olly Alexander for being part of this beautiful memory. 

“My love for music will always stand above all else. 

“Stay united, for peace.”

Ruslana – “Буйна”

Ruslana, the legendary Ukrainian artist who won Eurovision in 2004, is back to prove she is still a wild dancer with a powerful double release. She has released the same song in two versions: one in Ukrainian and one in English (English version: “Iron Beat”). Besides her involvement in composing and writing the song, this time Ruslana also directed and edited the music video. The entire beat was created from original metal sounds, using real, heavy chains and braids. The music video was filmed in Ukraine, in Ruslana’s home studio, a special metal room designed according to her original idea to create an authentic metal beat. Clips from this music video will feature in Ruslana’s upcoming show, Wild Heart.

The song draws inspiration from myths and legends, particularly the mystical practices of the Sich Cossacks. These legends speak of our ancestors’ superhuman abilities, portraying the mythical Cossack as a man who could single-handedly face an entire army, empowering his comrades to endure days without food or rest and overcome the deserted steppe to engage in battle. These characters could communicate with stones and make metal speak, and their battle cries — emitted through sabres, chains, and other devices — terrified opponents. Contrary to popular belief, women were also among these legendary figures. In the time of Kyivan Rus, women known as “polianytsia” served as the mysterious Amazonian bodyguards of Grand Duke Sviatoslav the Brave. These women, known as characters of the “glade,” were equal to men in military prowess and possessed knowledge beyond the reach of ordinary warriors of ancient Russia.

Brunette – “Superstar Illness”

Brunette brings sensitivity while showcasing her flawless rap skills once again. She represented Armenia last year, and now she’s back better than ever. Her new song features a very cinematic music video that delves into the superstar life, hidden emotions, dedication, and constant hard work. The song begins with a monologue: “Could you leave everything behind and start life all over again? Choose one thing only to be faithful to it. Make it the reason for your existence. The only thing that contains everything because your dedication to it makes it infinite. Could you?” This monologue is delivered in front of cameras, emphasising her perpetual spotlight. Much of the music video is filmed in a studio to better express the constant pressures she feels. The lyrics convey her struggles: “When I want to be alone / I start counting my fingers / ‘Cause my head is blowing hard / Like the snow in winters / Run away from bodyguards / Showing middle fingers / That’s not me don’t be dumb / That’s superstar illness.”

Elena & Mandinga – “Asa, cum esti tu”

A melancholic collaboration comes from Romania. The song, titled “The Way You Are” in English, is a perfect summer hit that will make you dance, but for Romanians, it brings a certain melancholy. Elena Gheorghe, who competed in Eurovision in 2009 as a solo artist, reunites with Mandinga, a band that competed later in 2012 with Elena Ionescu as the main vocalist. Mandinga features both Romanian and Spanish singers, and their current main vocalist, Barbara Isasi, appears in their new music video. However, at their origins, the Eurovision’s Balkan Girl Elena Gheorghe was their very first vocalist, and she is back to sing with her band after 19 years. Since Mandinga achieved huge success during the days when Elena Gheorghe was their vocalist, everyone is delighted to see them collaborating again. The song is a perfect summer anthem with strong Latino influences, speaking about love and being in love with your significant other just the way they are.

Blanka – “If U Want Me”

The ultimate Eurovision Bejba, who represented Poland last year, is back with a pop banger that will surely make you go crazy. In the song, she is very categorical about not settling for less: “If you want me / You should’ve tried a little more.” The song is powerful, with Blanka channeling her independence and acknowledging that the guy she was madly in love with was actually just a mistake: “You were nothing but a little runaway / Big mistake, good first date / Pretty face, such a waste / Now you’re comin’ back to me, please.”

Levante feat. Francesca Michielin – “Farfalle”

Francesca Michielin, who represented Italy in Eurovision 2016, and Levante, a regular participant in the Sanremo Music Festival, have come together for a beautiful collaboration. Levante recently released her 10-year anniversary album, celebrating her career, and this collaboration with Francesca was born from their close friendship. The song, “Butterfly,” is a touching ballad that seems perfectly crafted for their voices, creating a heavenly harmony. Levante’s album features numerous collaborations, and you can check it out if you want to hear even more popular voices from Sanremo.

Soraya – “Earthquake”

Soraya, who represented Spain in 2009, is ready to bring some Spanish heat and make you dance with her new song. The track features a modern electronic club sound that is hard to resist. The music video, shot in Slo Mo(tion), enhances the visual appeal with some captivating 3D effects. The song talks about being overwhelmed by a love that knocks you off your feet: “Heat wave / Oh you shook me like an earthquake / Break my heart and body again / I’m your slave right now.” You won’t want to miss this exciting and visually stunning music video!

Blue – “My City”

Blue is back! You might remember them for representing the United Kingdom in 2011. Now, they’re bringing retro pop vibes with their new song. And to sweeten the deal, a music video is on the way. The lyrics evoke nostalgia, as they speak about walking down memory lane and returning to your city after a long journey: “This used to be my city / Where we had no limits / Where the night-time stole the day / And it felt like a minute / This used to be my city / The life that I was living / And when I find myself back in it I remember.”

Gušti feat. AnovA & Joker Out – “Tudi Jaz”

Get ready for some addictive rock from Slovenia! Joker Out proudly represented their country last year, and now they’re joining forces with AnovA and Gušti, a well-known Slovenian guitarist and rock music composer. Their collaboration, “Me Too,” is a rock masterpiece, with Bojan’s voice shining as clear as ever, perfectly embracing the song. Get ready for an energetic track that you’re sure to love!

Ochman – “Mamo”

Ochman made Poland proud back in 2022, and now his newest song is dedicated to his mother — a beautiful anthem praising the infinite love mothers offer. The touching ballad summarises all the reasons why mothers deserve our appreciation. For Ochman, his mother is a gift from God, a guardian angel here on earth to look after him: “Our world is too busy / Dinners alone don’t taste good / I know God couldn’t be everywhere / That’s why he invented you for me / Because he knew you would always be.” On his Instagram, Ochman wrote a heartfelt message for his mother along with the release of the song.

“Mom, we often argue, but you are always there to protect me. We don’t always agree, but I know you want the best for me. I love you mom. I dedicate this song to you and all mothers. I am grateful for your hard work, sacrifice and selfless love!”

Miro – “Любов като небе”

If you’re in love right now, this is the perfect song for you. “Love Like Heaven” by Miro, who represented Bulgaria in 2010, is a joyful pop track with dance influences, filled with good vibes and a summer atmosphere. Alongside Miro’s angelic voice and incredible energy, the song features a sax solo that elevates it to even greater heights, making it an absolute banger.

Malik Harris – “Promise”

Malik, who represented Germany in 2022, is back with a new pop song infused with ’70s retro influences, seeking a promise. His radio-friendly track comes with a cinematographic music video, showcasing aspects of a love story filmed in Los Angeles. The lyrics delve into the dynamics of a relationship, with Malik expressing the need for assurance due to past experiences: “Can you promise to stay / And that you’ll always be here with me / Yeah can you promise to hold / And that I’ll never have to see you leave.” Through his song, Malik reminds us that some love stories do have a happy ending.

Arvingarna – “Rytmen av ett regn”

The successful Swedish band, who represented their country in Eurovision back in 1993, are back with their newest release, “The Rhythm of a Rain.” This track brings a retro dance sound that feels like a ray of sunshine on a rainy day, instantly boosting your mood. Interestingly, it’s a cover of a song originally by Millas Mirakel, released in 1987. Described by the band as “a perfect song for all the summer parties,” it retains the authentic sound of the ’80s but with a modern twist.

Team Karacho feat. ela. – “Bunte Socken”

The next song will take you straight back to your childhood memories. Under the name Elaiza, ela. represented Germany in 2014. Now, she brings us a joyful song, titled “Colorful Socks,” accompanied by an animated music video. Join the journey of two little aliens as they search for colourful socks on Earth. Once you give this song a listen, you’ll find it more addictive than you expect.

Team Karacho represents an innovative approach to early childhood education, using music as a key tool for language learning and intercultural education. This project aims to inspire educational organisations and institutions to integrate the importance of multilingualism and cultural diversity into the learning process.

Moreover, the song is not only in German, as ela. reveals in an Instagram post:

“My dears, I was able to contribute a children’s song to the Team Karacho and I’m so happy to finally be able to share it with you. It’s about colorful socks, but also about my roots; Because in this song not only the German language but also the Polish and Ukrainian language are represented. The video for this turned out great – so be sure to watch it; Have fun and #happyweekend. Ps: Thanks to everyone who worked so hard on this.”

Luka & Aquariyaz – “Habibi”

Luka, who was Hooverphonic’s vocalist in 2020 when the band was stated to represent Belgium in Eurovision (before the contest’s cancellation due to the pandemic), has released a sweet collaboration with Aquariyaz. Together, they’ve crafted a deep and powerful ballad that demands attention on your playlist. The song delves into the theme of being unable to forget a loved one, with lyrics like: “Habibi, light is burning / As I am burning / Habibi, light is burning / As I am yearning.” Interestingly, it’s a cover of a song originally by Tamino, released in 2018.

Stig Van Eijk – “Bare meg”

We conclude this week’s round-up with Stig, who represented Norway in 1999. Being half Colombian, you can hear authentic influences in his track. Titled “Just Me,” this song promises to be your new summer hit! The lyrics reflect on Stig’s life journey: “Half my life has now passed. / I’m taking it easy, but I should feel the pressure. / I feel stones when my feet are on the grass. / Move carefully while I let go of the stress.” It’s a poignant reflection on the path Stig has taken to reach where he is today.

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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14 days ago

Malik’s song is very radio friendly. Suits his voice.

14 days ago

In love with iolanda’s “Calma” , the beat is great and the video clip translates beautifully her Eurovision journey.

18 days ago

Great song of Iolanda

18 days ago

Adorei a nova música Calma da Iolanda. É um bop bem giro

Nick Name
Nick Name
19 days ago

Fun fact: Gušti, the guitarist Joker Out collaborated with, is actually Joker Out guitarist Kris’ dad

Dr Fergal Sherlock
Dr Fergal Sherlock
19 days ago

Iolanda summarising the good and the great… My favourite memories of ESC24 were those little clips online of the performers having each other’s backs.

Great track, sweet video. ‘Calma’ everyone:)

19 days ago


20 days ago

Brunette < 3

21 days ago

Iolanda’s music video is the memory of Eurovision 2024 we should all cherish and remember. So beautiful. <3