Eurovision 2024 may have come to a conclusion, but the music will always continue. A number of Eurovision artists are thankfully still producing new music for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of the songs released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2024 | Week 21 part 1

With so many new songs this week, we’ve split the roundup into two smaller articles. You can find part 2 here.

Angelina Mango – “melodrama”

Following a successful seventh-place finish at Eurovision 2024, Angelina Mango is gearing up to drop her new album next week. As a teaser, the Italian star has shared the song “melodrama.” The track builds upon the urban pop style that she showcased with “La noia,” delivering a great tune for the summer ahead. Lyrically, Angelina recounts her childhood and the dreams she had of escaping from her trivial life and living life to the fullest, even if thinds don’t always go to plan “I want / A melodramatic life / A gypsy life / After making mistakes, learn first.”

Eleni Foureira – “Aeroplano”

After flying to Sweden to perform at Eurovision 2024, Eleni Foureira is now jetting off across the rest of the globe: “Come together above the clouds, I arrive / Dance for you on the plane / From Mexico – Rio and from Morocco – Milano.” It’s fitting that Cyprus’ Eurovision 2018 runner-up mentions Rio in the lyrics, as the song draws on influences of Brazilian Carnival to create a big party atmosphere. This attempt to infuse ‘world music’ into a pop offering means “Aeroplano” (“Plane”) has an overall late-2000s/early-2010s feel to it, when the likes of Shakira were leading the way with such styles.

Hadise – “Hayat Oyunu”

For Hadise, “Hayat Oyunu” (“Game of Life”) marks the end of a four-year journey to find herself again following hardship. Türkiye’s Eurovision 2009 star delivers an emotional ballad in which she releases herself from the shackles that had been holding her back: “What did you endure in this war? / How many nights and how many times did you wake up wounded? / You can get over this too, you can tell your child about it / There is never a winner in the game of life.”

In a post on Instagram, Hadise went into more detail about how this song fits into both her musical and personal journey:

“I feel like I have completed some unfinished journeys within myself. I think the arrow from the glass that has been in the middle of my heart for a long time is no longer there because I understand so well that there is no winner in this game of life. Actually the winner is the loser. I could write long articles separately for each sentence in the song, but I remember every time I listen to #HayatOyunu, that whatever we go through, we shouldn’t look at tomorrow and that every night has a morning. I draw strength from this song. I hope this song touches your heart and in your life too. ‘Hayat Oyunu’ is the final song for me of an emotional process that started with my song ‘Küçük Bir Yol.’ Of course, we will sing emotional songs again, but this song is both a finale and a beginning of a new musical journey.”

Alessandra – “Supposed To Be”

“I hope this song will make you feel strong, proud and free. Don’t be scared to show the world who you are. Embrace it, shout it, free your true self. #queersounds”

Norway’s Alessandra is giving us a true anthem to live our lives by. The Eurovision 2023 star serves up an effervescent pop song with a chorus that any crowd could easily sing along with. Openly bisexual, Alessandra draws on her own experiences for the lyrics and is now ready to stand firm in her own identity: “Yeah, I’ll be dancing in the clouds / Even when rain is pouring down / I will be singing my heart out / Can’t you see this is who I’m, supposed to be.”

Jamala – “Люблю”

“I love / Together every moment / There is life where you are.” Jamala is celebrating the force that connects us with each other. “Люблю” (“I love”) is a mid-tempo piece in which the Ukrainian singer’s vocals float effortlessly over the production. The Eurovision 2016 champion spoke more about this latest direction of her artistry and the message behind the song in a post on social media:

“This song is addressed to all those who believe in love in all its manifestations: the love that inspires. Everyone has their own inspiration, their own love. And where there is this love, there is life.”

VICTORIA – “sad girl summer (not again)”

“Just Don’t forget to block his number / Then Don’t forget to dance him off ya / Cuz remember all the sleepless nights and tears gone down the drain, it’s all the same / Listen, not again, not a sad girl summer.” VICTORIA is preparing for the summer season, and she’s ensuring it will be full of joy instead of sadness. Through the catchy pop track, Bulgaria’s Eurovision 2021 star tells a friend (or even herself) that they need to forget and move on. Talking about the inspiration for the song and the writing process, VICOTIRA noted on Instagram:

“Just three days before I hit up the studio in Stockholm, I was dealing with something that came to an end. It knocked me down hard, and I was in no state to even think about writing. But then, bam, the first chords of the song hit me, and suddenly I was buzzing with inspiration. Me and my crew churned out the whole song in just four hours. I took all that hurt and turned it into something beautiful, expressing myself through my art. And let me tell you, it’s my jam right now because it speaks straight to my soul.”

Luke Black – Chainsaws In Paradise

After ten years of working on his craft, Serbian star Luke Black has now premiered his debut studio album. Titled Chainsaws In Paradise, the LP features 11 songs — including his Eurovision 2023 entry and other singles released in the months since. The title mixes themes of sharp destruction (chainsaws) with soft comfort (paradise), and this acts as a great representation of Luke’s artistry that combines experimental pop with hardcore metal elements. In a post on social media upon announcing the album, Luke commented on the journey he’s been on to reach this point:

“It is with much excitement as well as anxiety that I present to you my debut album titled Chainsaws In Paradise coming in the most blossoming month of the year. I have been struggling for the past couple of years to find my place both externally and internally – leaving my home & family to study music in London & finding a new family of musicians and inspiration in one of the most exciting but loneliest cities in the world. It took me 5 years to be courageous to step on a stage, and with much surprise I was supported by Serbian audience to come back home, reset myself and set off into the world again. Having a debut album is a daunting challenge for a small artist that I was always afraid to undertake especially because of the industry’s weapons of streaming numbers, but finally finding the right tools & home in my fans who gave me a meteorite of inspiration and the album was born.”

Pedro Guerra feat. Alfred García – “Sólo Cosas Menudas”

Spanish singer-songwriter Pedro Guerra has recently dropped volume two of his Parceiros series. Track #10 of the album features Eurovision 2018 performer Alfred García. “Sólo Cosas Menudas” (“Only Small Things”) is a stripped-back song, with the duo singing on top of a soft percussion accompaniment.

Dami Im – “A New Era”

Dami Im is entering “A New Era” — and it’s one that involves musical theatre. Australia’s Eurovision 2016 silver medallist won’t be getting up on the stage herself. Instead, she’s recorded this song for the online soundtrack of new musical Black Box. The show tells the story of David Warren, the Australian inventor who created the black box flight recorder that is now used on every plane around the globe.

Tom Ball feat. Lucie Jones – “Goodbye”

Tom Ball is a talent show veteran, having risen to fame on the 2022 season of Britain’s Got Talent, then later taking part in America’s Got Talent: All Stars and Got Talent España: All-Stars. Now the British singer has released his debut album, titled Curtain Call. On track #7 of the LP, Tom is joined by Eurovision 2017 alumna Lucie Jones. The pair combine their powerful vocals together for “Goodbye,” a song that sounds as if it’s come straight from the West End stage.

Frans – “Don’t Miss The Beat”

Frans is diving into summer with the new single “Don’t Miss The Beat.” It’s a fun pop offering with a cheery combination of percussion and trumpet accompaniment. In the lyrics, Sweden’s Eurovision 2016 representative sings to a person he hopes will join him on the journey of life: “I’ve been told, it’s been said / You live alone, it’s like living dead / So let’s be bold and escape right now / Hey, where do we go, what do you say? […] Baby, don’t miss the beat.”

Damir Kedžo – “Tajna Mojih Pobjeda”

“The secret of my victories / You stay forever / And when my strength betrays me / You are the wind at my back / I love you baby, I miss you baby.” Behind every great man is a great woman. Damir Kedžo is paying homage to the woman whose love has powered him forward, and who is truly “Tajna Mojih Pobjeda” (“The Secret of My Victories”). Croatia’s Eurovision 2020 entrant infuses the mid-tempo track with Balkan rhythms and instruments, though also decides to sing the post-chorus in English to provide an international touch.

Mia Dimšić – “Sto Puta Ne”

The 16th edition of Croatia’s CMC Festival is set to be held in Vodice on 7 and 8 June. All the participating songs of this year’s event have now been released, and the line-up includes Eurovision 2022 alumna Mia Dimšić. She’ll be performing “Sto Puta Ne” (“A Hundred Times No”), which utilises orchestral instrumentation to add a sense of drama to the song.

Jendrik – “Parallel Dimension”

“Is donating the only power that I got? / Is posting empathy really gonna help? / I wish I could wake up with superpowers / So I could save the ones who suffer / Instead of feeling like this coward that I am / Sitting here dreaming about redemption / And my peaceful loving home / Like I’m in a parallel dimension.”

There are a lot of terrible things going on in the world at the moment, and it can feel overwhelming to think about it at the same time as moving forward with the good things in your own life. German singer Jendrik has been battling with these thoughts and channelled them into the song “Parallel Dimension.” Writing on Instagram, the Eurovision 2021 representative noted that he would be donating all proceedings from the track to charity:

“I didnt know what to do with these feelings I had repeatedly and just going on felt weird: With the Eurovision last saturday, the situation in Congo, the situation in Gaza (many hostages not released by H@mas, presumably over 30.000 civilians de@d, the borders closed for the refugees, the terrorist attack in oct), with the Met-Gala giving me hunger-game-vibes, with Ukrainian families still fleeing […] AND ON THE OTHER SIDE me being in the talks with a theater having my dream job, me having a beautiful apartment, beautiful family, me being able to live in a homosexual relationship me being happy in my personal life, me BEING HAPPY I ended up crying in the shower confused and lost in all those feelings. So i put them in song form and went to the studio and recorded them. I wrote this one when Russia invaded Ukraine and I decided to release it now and decided also, that all the money I make through the streams and revenues of this song I will be donating to the ‘doctors without borders’ foundation.”

Fyr og Flamme – Himmel Og Helvede

Fyr og Flamme have unveiled their sophomore studio album, with which the Danish duo bring their ’80s musical style to both Himmel Og Helvede (Heaven and Hell). There are ten songs on the LP, including recent singles “Kærlighed og Krig” and “Næste Lørdag.” The Eurovision 2021 alumni have produced the album with fans in mind, and aren’t too worried about what the ‘expert’ music reviewers think of it:

“The album is everything we think an album should be. The reviewers are going to hate it. We are really looking forward to releasing the songs and playing them for you during the summer and fall. This ones for you (And you know who you are).”

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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14 days ago

Dami Im is our Queen…

14 days ago

Dami Im shoud be an international star

17 days ago

Hadise song is a classic. LV it

17 days ago

Angelina’s song is a bop.

19 days ago

I love Luke Black’s new album. 🙂

20 days ago

I really like Angelina Mango’s new song, I’m so happy to have found her through Eurovision!

Francisco Bejar
Francisco Bejar
20 days ago

‘Sólo Cosas Menudas’ (Only Small Things) by Pedro Guerra and Alfred García is poetry at its best. The minute you start listening you automatically fall in love with it. Lyrics are sublime ??

21 days ago

Love VICTORIA and her song! Such a nice summer bop!