This year’s Melodifestivalen finalists—Ace Wilder, Alcazar, Anton Ewald, Ellen Benedicktson, Helena Paparizou,Oscar Zia, Linus Svenning, Panetoz, Sanna Nielsen, and YOHIO—have already survived their semi-finals and the Andra Chansen. But now they face an even greater challenge: surviving the Wiwi Jury.

All this week our in-house panel of music unprofessionals offered its frank opinion of each of the songs. They assigned them a score from zero to ten, and then the scores were averaged for the Wiwi Jury verdict. Our jury consists of an American, an Australian, an Austrian, several Brits, a Finn and an Irishman—so we are totally international, y’all.

Want to express your opinion and support your favourite? Be sure to comment on each individual post and don’t forget to vote in our Melodifestivalen 2014 poll.

You’ve already sat through five weeks of Melodifestivalen. Now it’s time to sit through a sixth. But when this one ends we’ll finally have a winner—and Sweden’s Eurovision 2014 singer!

Reviews and Current rankings

1. Helena Paparizou — “Survivor” (8.48)

2. Sanna Nielsen — “Undo” (8.2)

3. Linus Svenning — “Bröder” (Brothers) (6.65)

4. Ace Wilder — “Busy Doing Nothin'” (6.5)

5. YOHIO — “To the End” (5.40)

6. Alcazar — “Blame it on the Disco” (5.3)

7. Panetoz — Efter Solsken (5.25)

8. Oscar Zia — “Yes We Can” (4.85)

9. Anton Ewald — “Natural” (4.75)

10. Ellen Benedicktson — “Songbird” (4.40)

Contestants and Songs left to Review

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9 years ago


Zachary Thomas
9 years ago

I wouldn’t say all of us dislike Ellen, I gave her a 7, she has a really pretty voice! 🙂

But seeing Linus higher than Ace isn’t what I want to see unfortunately.

9 years ago

I love how Anton’s ‘song’ is ahead of Ellen, and Linus is ahead of Ace… I am perhaps giving up on my dream of songbird in spite of the fact that it is very very lovely, betting my ballad chips on Silent storm, which for some reason yall at wiwi also hate…and assuming a two horse race between Sanna and Ace

9 years ago

I love Blame it on the Disco :p

9 years ago

Linus is ahead of Ace? BAHAHAHAHA!!!

9 years ago

I think this is what’s going to happen on Saturday:

1) Sanna;
2) Ace;
3) Helena;
4) Anton.

The rest is open to debate. Good luck everybody, and a big THANK YOU to Shirley, Manda, EKO, Josef and Outrigger.