A strong woman often has a strong man behind her. Romania’s Elena Ionescu is lucky enough to have several. The men of Mandinga—that’s Alex, Chupi, Bazooka, and Florin Zach—help Elena shape the group’s distinctive Romanian-Cuban sound, and also its hot, hot look. In this video filmed exclusively for WiwiBloggs.Com, the Mandinga boys give us a taste of their daily workout routine. They show off their bulging biceps and chiseled bodies, and demonstrate that looking good requires a lot of hard work. Then they deliver a special message for their supporters on WiwiBloggs.Com. “Stay close!” they say in unison. “We are training hard for Eurovision!” It’s totally worth it. These gym bunnies look amazing, and have earned Wiwi’s 12 points. We imagine they have won a few European hearts, too.

You can watch their video below. Then check out footage from their colorful first rehearsal. If you love the Men of Mandinga, you can support them in our search for Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model 2012.


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[…] collected her award at a ceremony in Bucharest on Wednesday evening. The Men of Mandinga, who worked out like Olympic athletes ahead of Eurovision 2012, attended the party to support their front-woman. As you can see in this […]


[…] Romania’s Men of Mandinga currently sit in third position with 11% of the vote. If you watch the workout video they filmed exclusively for WiwiBloggs.Com, you may want to take a bite. Turkey’s Can […]


[…] filmed a special greeting for Wiwi’s readers, and the men of Mandinga have filmed themselves working out in honor of their fans on WiwiBloggs.Com. So it’s only appropriate that Mandinga and Wiwi […]


I really like the picture… it is so clear and powerful! They had a great first rehearsal (probably the best so far from all contenders) and those who were in doubt regarding Elena’s voice and beauty hopefully changed their opinion. Looking forward to see a second great performance of Romania…Good luck guys!


Wiwi, I have to correct you about something. The guys are a total of 6 and they are: Alex, Chupi, Zach, Omar, El Nino and Tony. Bazooka and Florin are ex-members, no longer in the band. The wikipedia page is not updated. Thanks for supporting Mandinga and Romania 😀