Wiwi: Oh, oh, uh, oh, oh — it’s Miss Valentina Monetta! The “Social Network” singer took to the stage in Baku this morning for her first rehearsal, and things are really coming together. Unlike many of the other contestants, her LED background is highly relevant to her song. She blasts us with images of her friends on Facebook, and the words “oh” and “uh” flash in time with her lyrics. It’s kind of awesome. It may seem cheesy to some, but I absolutely love that she is dancing around a computer and that she taps on the keyboard during her act. This is the first song at Eurovision to focus so heavily on the Internet and Facebook, and that could go down really well with young people. It’s important to remember that the average age of Eurovision voters is dropping every single year. This number is my guilty pleasure and I really hope Valentina can advance from the semi-final. In a contest full of very big egos, she is a breath of fresh air. “I’m very happy with the rehearsal and with my backing singers,” she said at her press conference today. “I love you all and want to kiss you all!”

Deban: Poptastic! Valentina Monetta understands more than just Facebook. She knows, understands and values the impact of visual imagery, sound and stage production. “The Social Network” came together for me in this first rehearsal. The visual harmony was elevated to the point that the song didn’t really feature in my rating anymore. You’ve got to give it to this girl! She knows what she’s doing, and she does it well. This performance was a real surprise, and one that’s made me smile 😉 The joke isn’t on San Marino anymore. I want MORE!



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11 years ago

It’s nice to see a short and shapely girl shaking it for a change, and she’s a fine little mover.
Shame the song doesn’t give her much chance to show off vocally, but watching her dance as well is some consolation.