Which Eurovision 2012 Song Are You Still Listening To? Vote Now!

It’s been one month since the stars shined and the confetti fell at Eurovision 2012. The team at WiwiBloggs.Com can’t get Loreen’s “Euphoria” out of our heads. Unless we put on Mandinga’s “Zaleilah” or Valentina Monetta’s “The Social Network” (that frequently results in cybersex).

That we would compulsively listen to songs that failed to crack the Top 10 isn’t surprising. Eurovision acts frequently fall flat on the big night because of bad staging or dodgy vocals, while digitally re-mastered versions of those same songs go on to prove timeless. Remember Britain’s Gina G. from the 1996 contest? Her dance number “Ooo Ah….Just A Little Bit” only placed 8th, but it’s now a staple on dance floors from Hanover to Hanoi (big shout out to Wiwi’s readers in Vietnam: We’re gonna make AsiaVision happen).

So Wiwi wants to know: Which Eurovision 2012 song are you still listening to? Take a look at your iPod’s most played list, review all of this year’s entries on our Contestants Page, and then cast your vote below! You can vote for as many songs as you want, but you can only vote one time, so be sure to click the box by ALL of the songs you are still listening to before pressing submit. Polls close on July 26.