Wiwi Jury: Montenegro’s Who See with “Igranka”

This afternoon the Wiwi Jury—our in-house panel of music unprofessionals—caught a plane, a bus, a boat and mule to Podgorica. After dusting ourselves off we set to reviewing Who See’s Eurovision 2013 song “Igranka” (Party). Did we throw down with Nina Zizic and her boys Deddah and Noyz? Or was the noise simply too much to handle? Read on to find out…

HK Dick: Obviously it was impossible to make a worse song than “Euro Neuro” but Montenegro have done a good job in trying. A horrible mish-mash of musical styles that is only slightly bearable when the second half of each rap section is underpinned with a reasonable dance beat. The songs were selected internally – someone in Montenegro has a lot of influence if this really was the best they could find.

Score: 2/10

Who See Montenegro 4Vebooboo: I’m about as torn about this song as a virgin after meeting a 12-inch dildo. I know that this general rap/party genre has not fared well in ESC-land. Finland’s Waldo’s People only made it to the Final thanks to the jury’s pity, and Trackshittaz’s crazy neon outfits, sexy staging and sweet dispositions couldn’t save them in Baku. But somehow this feels different. If Nina Zizic can deliver, this could be truly memorable, not least because it follows a string of female ballads in the first semi-final (Russia, Ukraine, Netherlands). People will either love or hate this, and the staging has the potential to really seal the deal. I kind of love this song for testing the boundaries of what Eurovision is traditionally known for. So for all of you who say our jury is super genre-biased, take a look at my score below. Bam!

Score: 8/10

Bogdan: I can’t decide if Who See’s performing in the first semi-final after the Netherland’s Anouk is the best or worst thing that will ever happen to them, because I don’t know how the public will react to a loud, daring, rapturous dance track after “Birds”. However, I think they will see the merits in both songs and that “Igranka” will continue the Eurovision party in the Final. It is a flawless song – I haven’t seen it performed live, but with Nina Zizic in good form I doubt it will disappoint. (No, this is not Trackshittaz reloaded, people. Prepare to be blown away.)

Score: 9/10

Deban: Who See have a lazy approach to music. They collated all the unnecessary effects on dozens of chart hits and embellished theirs with it. Despite turning the volume down to the lowest dial, it still sounded noisy. Igranka means party. No doubt, a party of tears when this fails to advance to Saturday`s show.

Score: 2/10

Mr Häggkvist: There’s nothing I like about this song. Ukraine tried rap, didn’t work… and I don’t think this will work. The videoclip is really stupid. I just don’t get the blonde chick with huge boobs!!!

Score: 1.5/10

Who See Montenegro 2Alexander: Just like Wiwi, I thought Montenegro was going to send another joke entry after selecting Who See as their representatives. Luckily, we were wrong! “Igranka” is a surprisingly good entry, and it delivers a much-needed breath of fresh air from all the ballads plaguing Eurovision this year. It’s up-tempo, very modern, and powerful. These guys are probably the best rappers to appear in Eurovision (much better than Trackshittaz, Stereo Mike, and PeR at least). Nina Zizic is also a great singer, albeit a little screechy.

Score: 7.5/10

Wiwi: At first I thought Montenegro were playing a joke when they announced they’d be sending a hip-hop act to Eurovision. After Rambo Amadeus, could we really stand another act with rap in Montenegrin? Surprisingly we can. Nina Zizic—the female singer who breaks up all the monotony of the rapping—gives it to use Loleatta Holloway-style (she’s the lady who sang “Love Sensation”). This song is catchy, and if I were a raver or baller I could totally relate to the lyrics: “When day comes we are always here, it’s never a waste/ No sweat just gotta get on with it/ The beat and the bass are so catchy, no one gonna leave now/ Tomorrow we will hang out, with my people no one thinks about money.” Charming as that is, the song does start to grate on my nerves after a minute, and whenever Nina is out of earshot. I don’t see this moving past the semis.

Score: 3/10

The Wiwi Jury Verdict: 4.71/10

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