Aram MP3 responds to booing in Amsterdam: I am not a homophobe!

Aram Mp3 turned 30 today. But when he took to the stage in Amsterdam, he wasn’t greeted with a “Happy birthday”, but instead with booing.

Right as Aram got on the stage of Eurovision in Concert to perform his entry “Not Alone”, the crowed started to hiss and boo. Apparently, the Eurofans did not hear – or chose not to believe – that Aram apologized for his alleged homophobic remarks and that he is now friends with Conchita Wurst.

The Armenian singer was stunned by the audience reaction. The hosts tried to hush the crowd, telling them, “He was misquoted! Really!”

Aram then performed the song (almost flawlessly, we should add). But, at the end, the largely Dutch audience booed him again. The singer was visibly shocked, and it was at this point that the hosts came back and asked him to explain himself.

We were quite shocked by the audience’s behavior and pulled out our iPhone and captured the incident in the following video:

What do you think about the audience reaction in Amsterdam? What about Aram’s explanation? Do you think this incident might hurt the chances of the bookies’ favourite?

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