Last week Spain revealed the ten lucky artists who survived the first Eurocasting cull — determined by an online vote. And while the celebrations have been on for several days, only three of them will make the webcasting final, and only one of them will eventually make it to the final of Objetivo Eurovision 2017 — Spain’s national selection for Eurovision.

Once there the wildcard winner will have to do battle with a series of acts handpicked by RTVE. Spanish Eurovision web site eurovision-spain recently reported that RTVE is eyeing four candidates for the final: Mirela, Paula, Rafa and Mario Jefferson. It’s time to dig into their back catalogue and see who, if anyone, is bringing the heat.


Hailing from Aranjuez, Mirela has always had Eurovision on her mind. When she was only 14 years old she attempted to sing for Spain at Junior Eurovision 2004 with her song “Conocí el amor” (I met love). She lost to María Isabel and Blas Cantó in the pre-selection. Undeterred, she entered “Misión Eurovisión” — Spain’s Eurovision 2007 selection — with “La Reina de la Noche” (The Queen of the Night), ultimately finishing second. In 2008 she entered again with “Stronger”, which actually proved to be weaker. She didn’t make the final.

But in 2009, the last time she tried to represent the Iberian Nation, she started her upward climb once more, coming fourth with her stunning ballad “Nada es comparable a tí” (No One Compares to You). Spain selected her song for the OGAE Second Chance contest that year and she finished third.

Currently slaying in The Lion King musical — and with a song composed by Tony Sánchez-Ohlsson, the man behind “I Love You Mi Vida (2007)”, Quédate conmigo (Stay with me) (2012)” and Amanecer (2015) — she wants to take Eurovision by storm. Is it her time? Will 2017 finally produced a first-place finish?


Paula took part in the first season of The Voice Spain in 2012, ultimately reaching the live shows. She (and her ukelele) gained huge popularity and a star was born!

A huge fan of country-pop, she smashed the charts with her first single “Sólo Tú” (Only You). She reached #1 on iTunes Spain and spent twenty weeks on the Most Downloaded Songs chart. Can she leverage that momentum again in 2017?


Rafa is all about rock ‘n roll power. He bested Paula Roja to win The Voice Spain, which kickstarted his career and resulted in his first single “Hijo de la Luna” (Son of the Moon).

He later participated with The Voice compatriot Maika Barberó in the “Levántate All Stars” music show, cementing his place in Spanish popular culture.

As eurovision-spain also reports, Rafa will be supported by Swedish and British composers for Objetivo Eurovision.


Mario is one of the freshest and most promising names in Spanish Latino pop.

Coming from Fuengirola (Málaga), he took part in the last season of Operación Triunfo, ultimately finishing third. That led him to collaborate with Zahara and Efecto Mariposa on his first album “The Night I Forgot Your Name.”

Well, baby: People remember yours! And given that he has reportedly collaborated with Chris Wahle — a composer who moves between London and Stockholm — plenty more people may know it soon.

These are some of the names reportedly in the mix for Objetivo Eurovision. Do any of them have you saying yay? Who’s your favourite so far? And how do they compare to fan favourites Brequette, LeKlein, Javián, Nieves Hidalgo and Nicky Triphook? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Its time for Mirela…amazing singer and performer


Raul Gómez should be in Objetivo Eurovision!


I want Antonio Jose to compete!

Paul D.

Mirela has a strong team behind her, sounds very promising…