Spain: LeKlein, Fruela and Javián rehearse on the Eurocasting stage

Fruela, Javián and LeKlein will battle it out on Thursday in the final of Eurocasting, Spain’s preliminary selection phase. Only one of the three will get to the final show, which is scheduled for later in February, so the pressure is at maximum level.

But before the show starts, RTVE’s Eurovision Twitter account teased the fans. They have filled our early evening with photos of the rehearsals; backstage with the show hosts, Irene Mahía and Paloma G. Quirós; and the first reactions of the three artists. Want to take a look? Let’s do this!

First things first, we have to say that we are impressed with the staging. No giant Eurovision logos, clear cubic lines reminiscent of Copenhagen 2014 and — most importantly — good acoustics. According to the artists, RTVE has overcome their past flaws and they’ll gift us tomorrow with an amazing show.

LeKlein – “Ouch!!”

LeKlein’s performance is filled with white lights à la Margaret Berger and red lines. Those are some fierce colours for the “Ouch!!” performer, which will allow her to showcase all the drama of her song. They’ll also make a great contrast with her black coat and her leather black pants. What’s more, she is the only act to perform alone on stage.

After her rehearsal, LeKlein was astonished with the stage. She praised the sound and anticipated a fantastic show tomorrow. Here’s what she commented:

Javián – “No somos héroes”

Javián surprisingly hit the stage with neither his guitar, nor his band. Instead, he’s joined by three male backing vocalists. Yellow, blue and white lights fill Javián’s stage, similar to those of Marco Mengoni or Magdi Ruzsa. As for his look, the Sevillan singer will be wearing a casual grey coat, dark jeans and a maroon shirt.

On his first impressions, Javián was amazed with the amount of public that there will be in the concert. He says he was fearing it was just a studio without people, and now he’s relieved that it’s actually going to be a concert.

Fruela – “Live It Up”

As for Fruela, he’s turning up the party with his backing dancers. He’ll be wearing a whole black outfit with short sleeves to show some muscle and his stage will be filled with smoke. There are white and blue lights throughout his performance.

Fruela was so happy after his first rehearsal and thought the camera work was impressive:

All about Eurocasting’s final concert

The show will take place tomorrow, and you’ll be able to watch and vote on it on RTVE’s website at 20.00 CET. The rest of artists of the national selection will also be revealed. Amongst the other acts, there will be a performance by Spain’s 1990 act, Azúcar Moreno. They’ll sing “Bandido”, of course…

But there might be more to it than that. The sisters have recorded a video in which they literally say: “We hope that this year happens…what has to happen, because if not we’ll go to Eurovision and we’ll get crazy, because we can’t stand anymore the injustice”. Obviously, they are talking about the Eurovision final and the artist who will eventually represent Spain. Could they have more in mind, though?

Our usual hosts, Irene Mahía and Paloma G. Quirós are also getting ready for the show. They gave us a glimpse of what the Eurocasting script will be like and revealed their outfits:

Who’s your favourite act in Spain’s Eurocasting ahead of tomorrow’s final? Who do you want to advance to the final? Tell us in the comment section below!