At Eurovision 1990 they delivered one of Spain’s most memorable performances ever, dropping a genuine flamenco feel…and some unfortunate sound problems.

And on Sunday — 26 years after they secured fifth place at Eurovision — Azúcar Moreno said they are ready to come back to Eurovision.

We don’t know if they want to take vengeance against the sound technicians or just improve their stellar result, but speaking to Eurovision fan site, the Salazar sisters made it clear are ready to participate and ready to slay.

Azúcar Moreno – “Bandido”

Toñi and Encarna join the growing list of artists who have said that they would love to participate at Eurovision should RTVE extend the opportunity.

Among the others throwing their well-fitted hats into the ring so far are Ruth Lorenzo, María Villalón, Lorena, Mirela, and Las Bistecs.

It’s been a while since they stepped on to the Eurovision stage, so we just have to find out what they’ve been up to…

Break-ups, reunions, Azúcar Moreno through the years

Eurovision catapulted Azúcar Moreno to fame in Spain. Building on their new-found stardom, the duo, who were known as the sisters of family act ‘Los Chunguitos’, decided to ditch their brothers and relish in the spotlight by themselves.

For years Azúcar Moreno dropped hit after hit like “Devórame otra vez” and “Sólo se vive una vez”, proving that Eurovision was just the beginning.

Azúcar Moreno – “Sólo se vive una vez”

The act were so popular that rumours eventually emerged that they had been internally picked for Eurovision 2006 with their song “Clávame”.

But in their interview with Viva Eurovision they deny the claim, reiterating instead that they are ready now, for Eurovision 2017.

Azúcar Moreno – “Clávame”

Sisters share everything — including drama.

In 2007 they actually split while Encarna was battling breast cancer. They were reportedly not on speaking terms again until 2014, when their brothers, Los Chunguitos, had to impersonate them on Tu Cara Me Suena (the Spanish version of Your Face Sounds Familiar). At the end of the act, Toñi and Encarna appeared as a surprise for their brothers.

Their touching reunion takes place at 4:52 in the video below.

During this sad period, the sisters continued their careers independently.

In 2010, Toñi tried to represent Spain on her own, when she entered the song “La Caña de España” to TVE’s internet selection.

Unfortunately (or not, to be honest) the author had released the song two years earlier and she was disqualified.

Toñi Salazar – “La caña de España”

Azúcar Moreno reunited in 2014. Could Eurovision be the next step in their career — together? Would you like them to participate? How much did you like “Bandido”? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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7 years ago

I think Spain would rather forget what happened in 1990. #turnthemusicup #restart

7 years ago

I want a Las Ketchup redux. Asereje all the way! 🙂