Seven acts, two spots in the final and two more for andra chansen. In just a couple of hours, the Swedish public will decide the winners of the third show of Melodifestivalen 2017. Our readers, however, had the chance to vote for their favourites in the third semifinal of Melodifestivalen 2017 already. With 1,559 votes cast, your winner is Finnish star and Eurovision fan favourite Krista Siegfrids.

After first being the act you were most excited to see from the third semifinal, she is now the act you most want to win the third semifinal in Växjö. Last year Krista failed to qualify with “Faller”, but this year she is ready to spin our world with “Snurra min jord”. Y’all are clearly still supporting Krista, as she took 463 votes — just under 30% of the total cast!

Unfortunately Krista finished last in the audience poll following Friday’s show. But we’re bottling up all of our good wishes and sending them to her, as she’s one of the nicest residents of Planet Eurovision and we love her to bits.

In second place is another Melodifestivalen returnee, but one with Melfest final experience. After finishing fifth with “Constellation Prize”, Robin Bengtsson returns with “I Can’t Go On”. It looks like y’all want Robin to keep going though! He received 343 votes, 22% of all the votes.

Jasmine Kara debuts at the contest this year but has already made a huge impact on some of our readers. Only six votes separated her and Robin from second and third place.

The last act you would save and want to see in the race to become Sweden’s Eurovision representative is FO&O. Even though the group had to change their name, the fooers are still supporting their boys. Felix, Oscar and Omar got 143 votes.

Bella & Filippa and Anton Hagman — who both got discovered through YouTube and are both playing guitar on stage — finished fifth and sixth. The oldest Melodifestivalen contestant ever, Owe Thörnqvist, finished last with just 48 votes.

Now it’s up to the Swedish public to decide which acts they want to put through. The fun in Växjö starts at 20:00 CET and you can follow the show live on SVT Play.

Poll results: Who should win semi-final 3 in Växjö?

  1. Krista Siegfrids — “Snurra min jord”: 29.7% (463 votes)
  2. Robin Bengtsson — “I Can’t Go On”: 22.0% (343 votes)
  3. Jasmine Kara — “Gravity”: 21.62% (337 votes)
  4. FO&O — “Gotta Thing About You”: 9.17% (143 votes)
  5. Bella & Filippa — “Crucified”: 7.89% (123 votes)
  6. Anton Hagman — “Kiss You Goodbye”: 6.54% (102 votes)
  7. Owe Thornqvist — “Boogieman Blues”: 3.08% (48 votes)

Total Votes Cast: 1,559

Melodifestivalen 2017: semi-final 3 preview

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Photo: Stina Stjernkvist/SVT

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Leo M

YES! Owe is into the final


Owe Thörnqvist, you are welcome europe :*


Rip Krista… here’s to hoping Robin at least gets through. His live performance really impressed me.

Also sad about Jasmine. The other songs are okay but I quite like Owe Thornqvist so I hope he makes final since his style is so unique. Here come the results…


Sweden dont like Krista, she is not popular at all here tbh.. shame cause I like her a lot


Deserved last place for Krista.

This song is nothing.


@AngieP: Exactly, people only vote for familiar name. There’s no way anyone would want Krista Siegfrids to win any musical competition based on her singing abilities (she sounds absolutely awful live).


I have changed my mind about FO&O. They were charming. I hope they will make to the final. And then Robin or Jasmine can follow them.

Purple Mask

Yeah okay, fair play: FO&O should win this heat – they were quite good actually. Them and Robin for direkt till final. Andra Chansen will be trickier – Owe did really well, so did Anton and Jasmine. Hmmm

Purple Mask

This has been quite a good show so far! I don’t know what the fans have been complaining about! 🙂
Robin and Owe are the best so far. Anton and Jasmine were okay.
Krista was off key. Bella & Filipa are not that good. 🙁


Awful song. Idk how she qualified back in 2013 with that trash, and this is even worse. This is the weakest semi-final, so Idk

ESC 4ever

Anton deserves the final! Like c’mon guys clean your ears… Krista is mediacore!

(J)ESC Fanatic

I can’t see her doing that well, but I hope so.


I think she will finish last in the semi


Krista Siegfrids won’t get through. I’m sorry fans. Her song is the weakest of tonight.
Owe has fun song. He has a long career behind him.
Robin has modern song and fan-basis. So does FO&O.
Anton is a cute teen boy, he will charm teenage girls with his guitar.
Bella & Filippa has pure country song, it stands out.
Jasmine has a strong voice and different song compared to other acts.

Krista feels bit grey in this semi..Her song isn’t special or unique.


According to the poll, Krista should win the semi. Question: she should win based on the song or based on the fact that she’s familiar to ESC fans (as she represented Finland in 2013)?
Because this song can’t win the semi. It may qualify, who knows? But win the semi? I don’t think so.


Haha, on this bloggs some singers and countries are always overrated by poll.