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This is what we call epic! Back on February 27, we asked you who your favourite Eurovision 2017 act was so far in our latest poll. Y’all voted en masse, with 14,263 votes cast in total. We’ve been hard at work adding up those numbers and the results are in.

It’s Moldova’s SunStroke Project who y’all have as your number one right now with “Hey Mamma”! Get those dance moves and saxophones on stand by!

The band will return to Kyiv after their last outing at Oslo in 2010. There’s a lot of good will on their side too from their last appearance — after all, that was the birth of Epic Sax Guy — which they’re building on further.

We’ll be seeing a lot more of SunStroke Project in the next week, as their promo tour takes them to the Romanian, Greek and Lithuanian finals! That’s good news for their fans who voted them to first place, with 2,108 votes or 14.78% of the overall total!

Second place in our poll goes to last week’s poll winner, Alma. The French songstress is set to reveal the Eurovision version of her song “Requiem” this week.

We already know there’ll be un peu d’Anglais in there, but will there by any other changes? Regardless, what we’ve heard so far was enough for 1,992 votes from y’all.

Also slipping back one place to third is Italy’s Francesco Gabbani. He’s still dominating with the bookmakers and remains just as popular with y’all who are keeping him well at the top of our polls. Francesco received just under 12% of the overall vote, with 1,699 votes.

Fourth and fifth respectively are the UK’s Lucie Jones and Poland’s Kasia Mos. Both are well in the top five yet again and look like they have plenty of fans too.

After SunStroke Project, the next highest new entry to the poll is Denmark’s Anja Nissen, who places 7th with “Where I Am”. 910 votes put her well clear of Latvia’s Triana Park in 8th. Is it a good sign for Denmark’s hopes of being in the final for the first time since 2014?

In last place again was Germany’s Levina . “Perfect Life” just doesn’t seem to be motivating much support, whilst the plagiarism claims rumble on around the song. With just over 1% of the vote, it might take a serious revamp for her to move up the order.

Poll Results: Who is your favourite Eurovision 2017 act so far (February 27)

  1. Moldova: SunStroke Project, “Hey Mamma!” — 14.78% (2,108 votes)
  2. France: Alma, “Requiem” — 13.48% (1,992 votes)
  3. Italy: Francesco Gabbani, “Occidentali’s Karma” — 11.91% (1,699 votes)
  4. United Kingdom: Lucie Jones, “Never Give Up on You” — 7.24% (1,033 votes)
  5. Poland: Kasia Mos, “Flashlight” 6.877% — (980 votes)
  6. Switzerland: Timebelle, “Apollo” — 6.54% (933 votes)
  7. Denmark: Anja Nissen, “Where I Am” — 6.38% (910 votes)
  8. Latvia: Triana Park, “Line” — 5.29% (754 votes)
  9. Finland: Norma John, “Blackbird” — 4.37% (623 votes)
  10. Georgia: Tako Gachechiladze, “Keep the Faith” — 3.79% (541 votes)
  11. Hungary: Joci Papai, “Origo” — 3.4% (485 votes)
  12. Belarus: NAVIBAND, “Historyja majho zyccia” — 3.03% (432 votes)
  13. Albania: Lindita, “Botë” (World) — 2.94% (419 votes)
  14. Austria: Nathan Trent, “Running on Air” — 2.36% (336 votes)
  15. Ukraine: O.Torvald, “Time” — 1.91% (273 votes)
  16. Spain: Manel Navarro, “Do It For Your Lover” — 1.56% (222 votes)
  17. Malta: Claudia Faniello, “Breathlessly” — 1.54% (220 votes)
  18. Slovenia: Omar Naber, “On My Way” — 1.49% (213 votes)
  19. Germany: Levina, “Perfect Life” — 1.12% (160 votes)

Total votes: 14,263

Our next poll will open tomorrow evening, following Greece’s national selection. They’ll be joined in our poll by other acts who have revealed their song in the last week, including Romania, The Netherlands and Estonia!

Are SunStroke Project your favourite act so far? Do you think another act should be on top? Shout out your thoughts on the wiwibloggs app, or let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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I really feel bad for Germany. Jamie Lee last year was really likeable and the song was pretty decent too. I never understood the major dislike for it. Germany overall seems to be looking for their next Lena. A quirky girl, period. Eurovision has musically improved in the past couple of years, I don’t understand why some of the more experienced and famous musicians won’t give it a try? (Xavier Naidoo, *cry* what a waste of a possible fantastic act) Anyway, my favorite is Kasia Mos (especially LIVE!!) so far. I’m really happy that I can finally cheer for Poland… Read more »
Tatiana Botnaru

Moldova all judgments from me, good luck ! Meritati din plin succesul.

puppy love

Actually I’m surprised that this poll seems not – rigged.
Moldova is very good and is also new entry.
Until May many things will change, don’t crown a winner yet.


I love to see that Switzerland is winning hearts!!!! My favourite so far!!


Moldova at first place? Embarrassing! Something is rotten in Denmark!


Blackbird, Charles ?


@Expressor: And there is ONE stunning masterpiece among the 23 selected entries … but I’ll give you the time and growth to find out which song I’m referring too … and wanting Eurovision to come down where the weather is stereotypically warmers and sunnier … is just … reductive …. look it up!


@fikri: As if you wouldn’t be throwing your glorious shade if a ballad was on top … come on … you wanted that sax song from the get go … desperation was written all over everybody’s faces …


The uptempo number fans wanted so much is now leading this poll … this was worthy of a psychology and sociology study to understand what leads a person to seek cheap and low when it comes to music … is everything alright with everybody’s lives or … is there a hidden issue? If a sax dance song can cure those issues … although this is Eurovision a SONG contest and not a Psycho therapy centre …


Lol every year a different country “hacks” these polls, Ireland last year, Georgia before that, etc. I will give Moldova some credit in that this is one of their best entries ever.


you guys are taking this poll so seriously.

Chicken Kyiv?

Hooray for Moldova.

Italy is so over rated hopefully this year’s fan flop as well as France


Germany!!! Germany!!!!

Levina is so gorgeous ????

she will do fine in Kiev

Polegend Godgarina

Wut? I didn’t expect it at all haha at least France is 2nd <3


why is Germany last ???????

its my absoulte favourite

Levina go for Gold ????


Germany to win <3


Germany is my favourite <3

Levina youll do fine 🙂 go for Top 10

Thimo Qwalle

Honestly its pathetic that we are last place even for the fact that everyone last Place is Spain


@Amelia, I forget about that, lol. Off topic, best Moldova entry of all time for me is 2005., bank like RHCP, yeah!


Wedding dress was in Moldova 2006 too, so what?


Come on guys, Italy is the best! Btw, girls in wedding dresses in Moldova entry we saw also in Bosnia entry 2008, haha!


A 30 second snippet of Imri’s song from Israel appeared on YouTube from his music video shoot.


If Moldova shared the link, why last year Lidia Isac never won any poll.

Racal : ”allow people to vote only once”

This is what happens, people can vote only once.


I guess the whole of Moldova is voting in this poll because this is a joke being number one, this is a terrible song.


France should win ESC this year, it’s song is something new that we never heard before, and Alma seems to be a great and talented singer !

I don’t find Moldova’s song extraordinary. Okay there is an appreciable chorus, but whatever, in my opinion there is nothing spectacular.


LOL Moldova in 1 place ? Ok . I agree , in first unqualified place in SF1.


Well I wouldn’t say these polls are pointless, but still you can’t compare a country with like 50 million population(France, Spain, Italy, UK…) and a country with under 5 million population(Malta, Latvia, Estonia,Slovenia etc..). Imagine if a country could vote for its song in Eurovision, of course only big countries would win. Same is with this poll, but it’s not down just for population, as well how popular wiwibloggs is in certain countries, how many people shared the poll in which countries etc. But I still like polls, so it’s OK.

@Eaftomou Krymmeno: “Moldova, overrated? What about Italy being so? Just because the herd blindly follows the frenzy created around its song by the mass-media, it doesn’t mean that it’s actually that great.” I seriously wonder where you have seen an “Italian frenzy created by the mass media”? The only reason I know about Occidentali’s Karma is because I read Wiwibloggs, otherwise I wouldn’t even know it exists (just like most of the audience who will only discover the song on the day of the final). I’m Swiss and live in the UK, there has been absolutely no mention of Francesco… Read more »
Roelof Meesters

The Netherlands, Hungary, France, Italy and Cyprus are my top 5 (random order)

I actually like Moldova a lot, I think it will qualify, as it appeals with the younger audiences. HOWEVER. 2017 WAS about to be one of the best ESC’s, but SOOOOOOOOOO many countries made the wrong choice, I am SO sad. (ESPECIALLY Loreen)


All the guys at Wiwibloggs, you really need to do something about these polls… Track the IP addresses to allow people to vote only once, or require them to register first (that would even allow you to segment the voting per country). But right now, these polls are just absurd… I’ve been following this blog since ESC 2015 and a couple of countries are systematically hacking the polls (Georgia, Moldova, Romania, …).

This doesn’t mean anything anymore. You probably don’t care as long as people vote in your polls and generate traffic, but these are my 2 cents. 🙂


Moldova shared the link?
When half of Europe is in love with ‘Ocidentali’s Karma’, the fact that a small country like Moldova is 1 st (even sharing the link) still means that Francesco Gabbani is going down.
And Alma is second, so Europe cooled down about Italy


Eaftomou are you okay? Did I mention Italy? I think Italy is overrated as well. But not too overrated because this years songs are really bad.

Eaftomou Krymmeno

Seriously, Matt? Moldova, overrated? What about Italy being so? Just because the herd blindly follows the frenzy created around its song by the mass-media, it doesn’t mean that it’s actually that great. Of course, it’s a good and funny song, but nothing more. And, Expressor, if those like you have already chosen their winner, because it’s allegedly that “obvious”, what for the contest anymore? Let nobody go to Ukraine anymore, save some money and give it to the poor …


Has this top ever been objective? This is not an indicator of who will do well at the contest.


Well obviously a lot of Moldovans shared the poll and asked people to vote for Hey Mamma, for whatever reason (maybe patriotism). It’s as though they think this poll will influence the outcome in the contest lol
Same happened with the Georgian entry few weeks ago.


Half the words in this article are ‘y’all’ bants. My favourite is Italy and France but Moldova is also good- surprised it won overall though.
I also think it’s a bad line up so far; i don’t like any really except Italy, France, UK, Moldova and Austria. Hopefully Sweden (go on Wiktoria), Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria and Greece will give some proper bangers. Fingers crossed it won’t be a complete car crash with not many tunes.


Well, my Top 4 countries tops the list here, I see. lol I’d rank them like this tho.
1. UK
2. Italy
3. Moldova
4. France


LOL, this is hilarious. Obviously, people have no taste.
Italy will probably win, and it will be well-deserved, unless some country manages to surprise with outstanding song.


Well…. Wasn’t expecting that not gonna lie. Moldova has a good song, but is it this good???
Was expecting France or Italy to take the top position here.
Also pretty surprised that the UK is up that high, above countries like: Poland, Denmark, Switzerland and Latvia.
Would have liked to see Hungary a bit higher up the list as well and I really don’t get what is wrong with Malta’s song to be honest, I like it.


Honestly Modova is overrated. It will be like 15-26 in final.