Armenia: AMPTV teases Artsvik’s “Fly With Me” two days ahead of release

On March 18 she’ll become the final Eurovision 2017 act to reveal her song. And on Thursday Armenia’s Artsvik whet our appetites by releasing a 25-second snippet of her number “Fly With Me”.

The clip features some very dreamy verses that include piano and Artsvik’s delightful vocals, which have a jazzy feel in this serene and pure opening. But given that the clip ends with an electro flourish and the sound of a door closing, we suspect the song will go in a totally different direction as it progresses. That would surely fit with composer Lilith Navasardyan’s past work, including “LoveWave”, which featured sudden and daring shifts in mood.

Artsvik — whose name means “Eagle” in Armenian — seems poised to take flight in the betting odds with the release of her song and video. She’s already sitting in seventh position at the time of writing this article and her song hasn’t even been released.

In the clip she looks stunning, wearing what appears to be an oversized hair plait with a giant hole in the middle. And in that hole we see a series of strong figures who look ready to do battle as they pose among platforms billowing with smoke. Serving ancient warrior, futuristic space explorer and super hero all at once, they suggest something very dramatic is on the horizon. (Or maybe it’s just the Depi Evratesil judges during a coffee break).

Whilst AMPTV received over 300 submissions from around the world, they’ve gone with a safe pair of hands in the end. Its composers Lilith and Levon Navasardyan were behind both Aram MP3’s “Not Alone” and Iveta Mukuchyan’s “LoveWave“.

AMPTV say the song will feature “folk and traditional rhythms and elements not only from Armenia, but also from Europe, Africa and even Asia”. The song seems to speak to this year’s slogan of “Celebrate Diversity” — and sounds like it’s going to go a little Genealogy on us too with its strong sense of international flair.

Speaking about “Fly With Me”, Artsvik says:

“My song tells a story of a girl, who is the metaphorical symbol of love. She embodies the colors, the stories and the voices that make us who we are. ‘Fly with me’ encourages everyone to come with me on this girl’s journey of championing the diverse and beautiful human nature. I think nowadays it is especially important to embrace our heritage and our traditions.

We, the people – our colors, our stories and our voices make up this world. We must never forget that this girl’s light and love is one for all of us.”

Are you excited for the reveal? Are you pleased that AMPTV have updated Artsvik’s look and sound for 2017? Do you think that she has a shot of winning? Let us know in the comments box below.

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